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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Wedding ?

Wedding Magician

Wedding Magician

A wedding is a time of joy and happiness. Your closest friends and family gather to see you and your partner become one, and vow to spend the rest of your lives together. Once the ceremony is all said and done, your wedding moves onto the wedding reception. The wedding reception is a time for everyone to congratulate you as a couple and wish you all the best in your future together. While the married couple should be and are the centre of attention, it’s important that there is entertainment available. You may choose to hire a band, or maybe even choose a comedian, but today we are going to discuss why hiring a magician should be among your top choices.



When you hire a magician, you don’t have to give them their own show. Perhaps you want to have a band playing at all times, and that is completely alright. You are able to hire a magician to walk around your reception and perform tricks for smaller groups of people, they don’t need a big stage to amaze. This allows for the magician to entertain on a more personal level, given that they would only be performing to a small group of people at a time. This can sometimes be more preferable to performing a big show.


Magicians can be as professional or as laid back as you like. Whether they do magic as a career or whether it’s simply a hobby that they have, how they perform is completely up to you. If you would like them to perform professionally and cut out their silly bits, they say that you want that. If you would like for them to be laid back, relaxed and have fun with their show and their audience, then say so. It’s your wedding so it’s entirely up to you!

Magicians Aren’t Incredibly Expensive

Hiring a band or hiring a comedian can rack up quite the bill, however magicians are often cheaper than other entertainers. Reiterating the same point as before, a lot of magicians do what they do for fun and therefore they tend to have lower fees than magicians who do their shows as a career. However, as with every entertainer the magician may ask that you cover their travel expenses.

They Don’t Have to be The Main Act

Magicians can work however you’d like them to. Just as before, they don’t have to be the main act. If you are debating between having a band and a magician, stop the debate and have both instead! Main acts are overrated and by allowing your band to perform while letting the magician do their own thing, you will be able to create an atmosphere with casual entertainment rather than forcing being into their place. Your wedding ceremony will already be run on a schedule, don’t let your wedding reception be the same!


A lot of magicians get involved with their audience rather than treating them as just another show. Magicians get a lot of show requests, and a lot of those aren’t weddings either. A wedding is a special event; therefore, you will have a customised show for your wedding. Not only this, but the magician will more than likely interact and get involved with your audience to ensure that their act is as entertaining as possible. Audience participation is the key to a great show.

Magicians are the perfect entertainment for a wedding, even if you decide for them not to be your main entertainment. If you choose a magician as one entertainment aspect, remember that you are able to request a specific style of show. It’s your day, make it a memorable one!

Duncan William has been a professional wedding magician and mind reader and has been for over 15 years – here Duncan discusses the benefits of booking a wedding magician for your event. For more information do not hesitate to contact him on 07934 856 696 or