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Why Has Magic Become So Popular in the Last 15 Years?

The popularity of magic!

The popularity of magic!

It’s a good question, why is it that magic has grown in popularity in recent years? And believe it or not, the answer is simple and can be answered in one word. Amazement. What does that mean? To answer that, visualize yourself sitting in the audience of a live magic show. As you visualize that, think of the craziest and most fantastic trick that you can, it doesn’t even have to be a trick that you’ve seen before but rather one that you’d like to be seen. Imagine it being performed, and at that, performed successfully.

Now, you would enjoy that trick purely because it’s what you wanted to see, and you would love every single moment of it. So while you were visualizing yourself at that magic show, what is it that you felt? You felt amazement. The reason for magic growing is for that pure reason, the amazement that we have felt for magic has simply grown over those 15 years as magic has continued to develop.

How Magic Has Grown and Why

Over the last few decades as our world continued to modernize, magic continued in that direction along with it. More magic equipment became available for magicians to look into and incorporate into their acts. More resources became available for magicians and entertainers to use.

If we think back to one of the first magic acts, or in this case an illusion, we can take the “Sawing a Lady in Half” act for an example here. Centuries before that trick was first performed, the resources were not there for magicians to take advantage of and perform that trick. If we step into the present and think about tricks such as levitation and floating objects, the resources and equipment that are necessary for those types of acts were not around in the past. Once those resources became available, magicians were able to grasp it with both hands and use it in their act. This is one of the big reasons why these acts were not performed previously, and why magicians continue to amaze their audiences.

The Evolution of Magic and Why It’s Important

It’s important that magicians continue to evolve their acts and continuously come up with fresh ideas. It’s important for the magicians themselves, and the magic industry. If magicians continuously push out the same tricks over and over again, their act will get stale and the magic industry will slowly die off. However, by magicians constantly changing their acts and working on new magic aspects, they are able to keep their acts fresh, bring new light to the magic world, and continue the growth of the magic industry.

Amongst all this, is the audience. It’s important from an audience’s standpoint that magic keeps evolving. Audiences play an important part in the magic industry, and a bigger part than you’d think. Without an audience, there is no show. It’s important that magicians come up with new ideas to keep their different audiences entertained. While everyone loves a classic trick such as “Sawing a Lady in Half”, they are more amazed by tricks that they have never seen before.

To conclude, magic will continue to evolve into the next 15 years just as it has in the previous 15 years through the constant changes that magicians are incorporating into their acts. By magicians making these changes, keeping their acts up to date, and coming up with new and amazing tricks, they are able to keep the magic industry alive and continue amazing the hundreds of people in their audiences.

As said before, the reason for the magic industry continuing to grow as it has in the past is purely down to the amazement that it brings to the audiences.

Duncan William has been performing magic and mind reading for the last 15 years. Here he looks at why, magic, over that same period has been so popular. For more information or to enquire about booking Duncan, please do not hesitate to contact him on 07934 856 696 or email him on

Top 5 Magic Illusion Shows to See in Las Vegas – Reviewed

Magic show entertainment

Magic show entertainment

Las Vegas is known by many different names. Vegas, Sin City, The Gambling Capital of the World, The Marriage Capital. Although, today we will be focusing on the more relevant of its names, The Entertainment Capital of the World. While most people are aware of Las Vegas because of its casino strip, not as many people are aware of the entertainment which is available in Vegas. So, without further ado here are some of the best magic shows available in Vegas which if you have the opportunity, you should check out!

Penn and Teller

Penn and Teller are an entertainment duo which have been around since the 1970s. There are a few things that they are most known for. The first being how Teller has never been known to talk during an act. Throughout his career he has only been known to speak during live TV shows and rarely in interviews, and his lack of speech has proven to add to his entertainment! The second thing is the humour that Penn brings to the show. With the use of light profanity and joking about sensitive subjects, he appears as nothing more than a charm to his audience. Their acts consist of mostly humorous and on occasion inappropriate jokes, which livens the mood of the audience and enables them to enjoy the show even more. Outside of their magic careers, they are known for their public stance on atheism and have previously won the Richard Dawkins Award.

If you’re in Las Vegas and are interested in checking out their show, they perform at the Penn & Teller Theatre!

David Copperfield

David Copperfield is one of the big faces in the magic industry and is by far one of the best magicians in the world. If you’re in Vegas and you’re looking for premium entertainment, there is simply no excuse for not taking the opportunity to see David’s show. After starting his career as an illusionist in his teen years, Copperfield has been involved in magic for over 40 years. While his career begun on Broadway, Copperfield’s interest in magic developed in his performances and to this day he still travels across the world performing, although the heart of his magic is in Las Vegas. His achievements include performing on America’s Got Talent, in the White House, and also appeared in the magic movie Burt Wonderstone.

Mat Franco

Mat Franco is the only magician so far who has become the winner of the TV show America’s Got Talent. After getting himself interested in magic at a very young age, Mat has managed to not only win the show, but has managed to earn his place in Las Vegas. Since his first performance at the age of 15, Mat has been known for his mind blowing illusions which are usually performed up close, making his tricks even more mind blowing.

Gerry McCambridge

Gerry, otherwise known as ‘The Mentalist’, is known for his psychological deductions he makes through mind reading. He uses the skills he has studied using memory techniques, body language, hypnosis in order to amaze his crowds. While he specialises in mind tricks, he also performs a variety of magic tricks and incorporates them into his hypnosis acts.

Criss Angel

Last but not least, Criss Angel. His shows are slightly different compared to others in the sense that his show takes an acrobatic and musical approach rather than a comedic and interactive approach. He performs mostly illusions and he does so with the use of lighting and 3D effects. His career originally sparked in New York City until he moved it to Las Vegas. His first performance consisted of him appearing to make his mother float, and since that first performance he has managed to earn himself a place in the magic world.

There are many magicians in the world, although these are among those who stand out. In the next decade, these top magicians could change and the only question there is to answer is, are you going to be one of them?

Duncan William also performs occasional public shows which feature magic and mind reading and more information can be found by contacting him on 07934 856 696 or emailing him on for more information.

How Has Magic Changed in the Last Century

Contemporary Magician

Contemporary Magician

There is no doubting the fact that magic has changed over the last century, let alone the last couple of years. There has been evidence showing that magic has been around for centuries, which makes us wonder just how much it has changed. This same evidence suggested that it was the Egyptians who first used magic as a form of entertainment, similar to how we use it nowadays.

The History of Magic

As previously said, there is evidence that magic was used as far back as the Egyptian age. However, it is believed that up until the 1300’s magic wasn’t used like it is as we know it today. The history of magic is very vague, as very long ago any of those who were able to perform the slightest magic trick or anything out of the ordinary, were known as a witch. As we know, that wouldn’t end well.

How Has the Development of Magic Been Supported?

The support behind the development of magic is a very simple concept. As our society continues to develop, new discoveries are made, and the different industries continue to move forward, more and more resources are becoming available for magicians to use and take advantage of for their acts.

For example, levitation tricks would not have been possible many years ago, whereas nowadays they are a very common aspect of a magic act. Similarly, even further back, card tricks were not a common magic trick whereas nowadays, they are also a very common aspect of a magic act. Again, as the resources become more available, the more unique the acts that a magician produces are.

As we move away from the distant past, in the present we very rarely see someone who titles themselves as a magician, and why is that? It’s more common for them to be titled as an illusionist, and this is because a lot of acts are now taking advantage of mind tricks, including mind reading acts. Mind tricks have always been a fantastic part of a magic act. Not only does it require very few resources, but every time that the act is successful a positive responsive from the audience is guaranteed.

David Copperfield

The biggest change in magic over the last century has been the addition of one of the most amazing entertainers of all time, David Copperfield. Copperfield is known for his magic, the most popular being his Statue of Liberty disappearance and walking through the Great Wall of China. Due to his keen interest at such a young age, Copperfield has been a huge success in the magic industry and has influenced many acts.

The Magic Circle

Originally founded in 1905, The Magic Circle is an organisation which was founded with the sole focus of promoting magic as an art and advancing the industry so that new tricks are constantly being created, thus keeping the industry alive. However, although it is meant to the promote and advance the art of magic, the members of the club must be sworn to secrecy so that the tricks of the trade are not known by those who are not a magician themselves. On top of this, there is a subdivision of the organisations known as ‘The Young Magicians Club’ which is directed at those between the age of 10 and 18, and is meant to get encourage the youth age to get more involved in magic as well as potentially spark a future career.

The Magic Circle has played a huge part in growing magic as well as playing a huge part in how magic has developed over the last century. Without the circle, magic would not be as big as it is today.

For an example of modern, contemporary, fresh and exciting magic and mind-reading please do not hesitate to contact Duncan William on 07934 856 696 or email him on