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Top 5 tips on how to become a magician

Tips on becoming a magician

Tips on becoming a magician

Becoming a magician on a full time or part time basis takes a long time if you want to build a name for yourself for delivering fresh, exciting and contemporary magic.

The first tip I would give any magician-wannabe is to buy a magic set and some books. A google search will reveal some basic magic sets and beginner magic books to get you started. From then, you have to practice. And then practice some more. Too often, amateur magicians perform tricks without putting in sufficient practice to execute the required sleights of hand or sleights of mind if you are a mind-reader.

Once you have learnt some magic or have an understanding of magic, it is always worth having a look online, but better yet  join your local magic club. Here you will find a range of magicians from hobbyists, amateurs, full time pros and retired magicians too. This could be a great source of knowledge and get you some contacts in the magic business and in turn give you a great footing for your future career.

Look at building an act. Once you have studied magic for a while, you will realise that there are thousands of magic tricks out there and in all honestly – half of them are rubbish even if they are heralded as amazing. Do they fill a lot of pocket space but in return give a great effect?

So you have built an act. The next thing you need to do is promote yourself. I would encourage magicians just starting out to volunteer some free magic gigs. These could be at a local hospital or village charity event. Not only will this allow you to streamline your effects and get some great exposure but will give you some fantastic experience performing to people who won’t be ‘nice to you’ just because you are a family member or friend.

Not only will this volunteering be great for your own self-worth but will get your name out there and even introduce you to potential paying clients. Make sure you have got some business cards made up to with your details.

Next up is looking at other forms of advertising. Gone are the days of the yellow pages – people of course search for entertainers on the internet. Either pay someone to build your website or learn how to build your won. (This will of course, give you more control and flexibility over it)

So you have an act, you have a website. What’s next? Well, I would encourage you to learn how to get your website moved up the google rankings to increase your visibility and therefore get more bookings.

This should be the advertising to get your foot in the door. Your act should be your best infomercial. There is nothing better than a client experiencing your act first hand. If you have followed the suggestions I have mentioned earlier and you now have a great act – you are personable and great to do business with then these first booking should leading to recommendations, referrals and the best kind of booking – a repeat booking.

To find out more information on becoming either a professional or semi-professional magician then please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best to help you out. You can contact me on 07934 856 696 or email me on