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Top 3 attributes of a close up magician

Top 3 attributes of a magician

Top 3 attributes of a magician

Despite some people thinking that learning and performing a few tricks is an easy game to be in thinks again 😉 Some people believe that you can read a couple of books, print up some business cards and away you go. To be fair, You could do this, and in fact some do. Sadly their act will be poor and give the industry a bad name. If however, you are a full time professional and want to ensure you are booked again and again – you need to excel at a few things.

An eye for detail.

This eye should be cast far and wide from the types of effects you perform to the way you groom yourself and way you communicate with your clients. The eye for detail when choosing effects or tricks should be congruent with both your personality and audience you are poised to perform to.

This eye for detail on the tricks, should ensure the effects are high impact, commercial and fun.

The next eye for details should be cast upon your attire and grooming. Are you nails and hair trimmed smartly, suit clean, pressed and sharp and somewhat contemporary and fitting. Shoes highly polished? Has the eye for detail noticed that piece of fluff on your beard which will glow under the UV lights and just distract participants?

Communication – are you communication the correct details about your act, availability and ensuring that you understand the venue and clientele you will be working for so you don’t turn up in a bow tie when it is a casual get-together.

Professionalism / Punctuality

Professionalism, again covers a multitude of aspects of performing -0 from the way you interact with the client, to the way you interact with the guests or clients on the day. (There will always be awkward or rude people in any situation, and as a professional – keeping calm, and staying cool is key.) This professionalism extends to punctuality delivering what you said you would delivered. Too often I have heard of entertainers billing themselves as comedians – but sadly are not.

Able to deliver that WOW factor.

Let’s be honest – you need to be able to deliver the goods when it matters. I am often shocked to see magicians billing themselves as having the ability to perform amazing magic, but sadly leave the guests feeling a little short-changed. A magician has been booked over a band, characturist, balloon modeller, or comedian usually to lubricate conversations, and deliver that Wow factor to weddings, parties and events. As I promise on my website – it’s imperative to have the fun, originality and magic to be able to make the vent you have been booked for even more memorable than if you hadn’t been booked.

There are of course other very important factors to consider when booking a professional magician or entertainer for that matter – but for me, these 3 are essential for a close up or cabaret magician or mind-reader to have and deliver week after week.

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