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Magician Coventry for hire – Close Up Magician

Available for Corporate Events and Weddings - Duncan William

Local magician Coventry, Duncan William is often hired as a wedding magician in Coventry. Be it performing as a close up table magician or cabaret magician at weddings, private parties or corporate events, Duncan’s magic and mind-reading is unique!

Gone are the days of a bow-tie spinning, burly magician with annoying patter, imposing himself on you. Enter the new. The young. The fresh. The original. The Exciting. The fun. Duncan’s magic is similar to the style you may have seen on TV such as Dynamo or David Blaine but without the TV editing team ‘making some of the magic happen’.

Duncan’s signature effects include plucking a chosen thought out of your mind, changing a borrowed £5 note in £20, or using sleight of tongue to locate and switch a signed playing card. Still not convinced? Check out the trailer below for a taster.

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Duncan has been performing close up magic and ‘mind-reading’ as a Coventry magician and Birmimgham magician in and around the West Midlands area, for a number of years and some of his favourite wedding venues have included the St. Mary's Guildhall, Mercure Brandon Hall Hotel, The Chace Hotel and Novotel Coventry. With the ‘West Midlands Green Belt’ initiative from the government surrounding the city on all sides, supressing the expansion of the city, there remains someone wonderful rural retreats outside of the big city to get married in too.

But Duncan’s act is not just constrained to performing as a magician Coventry, close up magician or table magician; he is also an experienced and successful cabaret/stage performer and has performed at festivals, private parties, garden parties and of course weddings throughout the UK.

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Mixing magic, human ventriloquism, mind-reading, escapology and other feats of wonder, Duncan’s critically acclaimed cabaret performance offers a real variety-show performance with an emphasis on fun, comedy and laughter. It makes a fantastic interlude at a corporate event or as the main feature at a party or celebration. Booking a wedding magician offers something a bit more special than your traditional DJ, or band and is guaranteed to enhance your special day and leave your audience giggling and laughing in wonder.

Always consider whether the magician will be a good fit for your event. It may be that a caracturist, singer or DJ maybe a better fit for your event, but if you were considering something unique, commerical and away from those more standard options then a magician or mind reader might be the solution for you. If you wanted to find out if you would be better suited choosing a different form of entertainment, feel free to egt in touch with Duncan so he can explain what he can offer and see if that works with your ideas, thoughts and of course budget.

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“To be honest, we took a gamble on booking Duncan for a cabaret slot at our staff party as we didn’t want a DJ. His act was absolutely amazing and really great value for money! For 45 minutes he made us laugh hysterically, got us involved in some brilliant mind reading experiments and kept everyone talking about the things he did for the rest of the day. Hilarious and magical. Brilliant!!”

Dan Johnson - Coventry

Magician in Coventry photo FREE MAGIC FOR BRIDES IN COVENTRY!!
Okay - so it's not just for brides but for anybody considering booking Duncan for their wedding or private party or corporate events. If you are one of those people, then Duncan is happy to meet to talk about how he can make his act work for your event and discuss prices, availability and a free demo too...

If you wanted any more infomation, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and Duncan will return your call, email or contact form submission within an hour. To get in touch. please follow this link or the one at the top of the page.