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Wedding magician - Duncan William will help make your day unique, fun, memorable and that extra bit special.

Duncan William secures most of his adult magic performances through weddings. As a UK wedding magician – Duncan William’s act is fresh, original, exciting, but most of all, FUN - making your wedding day even more memorable.

Ideal times for Duncan to perform his magic, mind reading and other ‘feats of wonder’ are during the wedding reception, outside, whilst the photos are being taken, throughout the evening before the band or DJ arrives and he has in the past, even dispensed his magic and mind-reading on a double decker bus transporting the wedding party from the church the venue.

So what is it that Duncan can do?

Duncan is not your traditional magician that stares back at you from an 80’s Paul Daniels’ magic box. Nor does he perform magic tricks to show you how good he is.

Essentially, Duncan is an entertainer, with a devastating arsenal of magic effects, mind-reading and cabaret skills to unleash on your soon-to-be wowed guests. His young, original and fresh, exciting approach to magic has made him one of the busiest and most popular close-up or table wedding magicians in the UK today.

Duncan can mix and mingle between you and your friends and break the ice between groups of wedding guests who don’t know each other, using cards, coins, and Derren Brown (esque) mind-reading techniques. His act is light hearted, and full of fun, magic, mystery and laughter.

Please watch Duncan’s close up show-reel below for a taster of some of the fun you and your guests can be experiencing on your special day which offers a mix of close up magic and mind-reading.

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Duncan is also booked to perform his exciting, critically acclaimed cabaret act, to the wedding guests. Much like a scaled down stage show, Duncan can offer a fantastic and hilarious variety act that mixes comedy, ventriloquism, escapology, mind-reading and magic in his own unique and exciting way, and can be tailored to suit both an adult crowd and family audience. Forget about your traditional pre-conceptions of a cabaret act. There are no doves up the sleeves, card floruishes or rabbits out a hat, but something unique and contemporary to leave your guests laughing in amazement.

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“We booked Duncan to perform both cabaret and close up magic at our wedding for 2 hours. We wished we had booked him longer..... Our guests had an amazing time and it really made our day extra special! Thank you so much from us both. We will definitely be recommending him to our friends!”

Louise and Jon Richardson
Blaby, Leicestershire

Free magic and mind reading cup photo FREE MAGIC AND MIND-READING
Duncan William offers free, try before you buy, magic and mind reading demonstrations for prospective clients. If you are interested in meeting up to talk through options and have a little taster demonstration, please get in touch!

So why book Duncan?

Duncan performs at hundreds of wedding events each year, a lot of them through recommendations from guests who have seen him before. Duncan offers professionalism, punctuality and flexibility and can tailor his act to fit around your day. He is often booked as a magician in Leicester, a Sheffield magician , Lincoln, and magician Birmingham

It is YOUR day – Duncan wants to help make it even more memorable and special that will be remembered long into the future. At the risk of repeating what is widely mentioned on so many other bridal and wedding entertainment sites, there is one wedding entertainment fact which stand-out from others:

When asked in a survey conducted by St Louis Bride and Groom magazine in 2003, ‘81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment’.

Make your wedding day extra memorable. Make your wedding entertainment special.

Still unsure? Give him a call on 07934 856 696 or email on or simply fill out the contact form on his contact page. Alternatively, like his Facebook page for some great wedding ideas and recommendations and to keep up to date with other events where Duncan is showcasing his talents.