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Award Ceremony Entertainment

Award Ceremony Entertainment

Award Ceremony Entertainment

It’s that time of year and you have been tasked with organizing this years award ceremony entertainment. The problem is, last year’s entertainment was amazing, your boss has high expectations of you and this is your first time organizing such an event. You need to impress but you can’t just copy last year but you want to make it amazing so what do you do? 

Well you’ve made a good first step by heading over to Google and searching for ‘Award Ceremony Entertainment’. There are perhaps 3 styles of entertainment you could consider. 1st is a mobile form of entertainment – one that mixes and mingles between the guests such as a caricaturist, vintage acrobats, comedians, look-alikes or shillouettists (someone who cuts small silhouette shapes of your guests) 

The second form of entertainment is a static piece of entertainment. These might be stilt walkers who greet the guests, casino tables, dancers with disco ball helmets on or other award ceremony entertainment ideas. 

The third form of award ceremony entertainment is the one piece that takes place either on, during or between the award ceremony. This is often a stage piece such as a band, comedian, or after dinner speaker. 

However, there is one act which fits, exceeds and meets all of the criteria and surpasses them. 


Well if you are looking for something highly memorable, unique, fun, interactive, and engaging that will leave you to be congratulated for a job well-done then you’ll have to leave the ideas above at the door as they all fall short at some point.

Introducing - Duncan William - Incredible Award Ceremony Entertainment

Before you scroll further – you’ve possibly realised now that Duncan is a professional magician. But wait.

Duncan is a million miles away from your pre-conceived ideas as to what a magician is. There’s no sleazy patter here, no bow ties, no doves or rabbits. In fact Duncan’s act isn’t even 100% magic. There is a healthy dose of mind-reading.

Have you ever hired a magician or mindreader as your award ceremony entertainment?

Despite what most people think, only a small fraction of the population have experienced close up magic live in front of them and an even smaller number have experienced a professional mind reader. 

This certainly ticks the box of something unique – but what about the other attributes a professional magician or mind reader can bring to your award ceremony or event?

Versatile, Interactive and Memorable Award Ceremony Entertainment

Duncan’s mind reading and magic will leave your guests laughing in amazement. What makes Duncan so versatile is he performs both close up and and as an after dinner entertainer. 

His close up is perfect for mixing and mingling between guests at your awards ceremony before they sit down to dinner and before the award ceremony starts. This is perfect for breaking the ice between guests and bringing guests together. His act is sophisticated, classy and lots of fun. This is perfect for over the drinks reception, over the awards ceremony meal, or later on in the evening after the awards have been presented.

You can watch a taster of some of Duncan’s award ceremony magic below.

Award Ceremony Entertainment Performance

Alongside close up magic and mind reading – Duncan is one of the UK’s leader after-dinner performers and his award ceremony entertainment act is perfect for after or before the awards to make your event extremely memorable and fun. This can last anywhere from his typical 40-45 minutes but can be tailored down into 5-minute blocks. 

The show is professionally produced, highly interactive and fun and not only that can be customized to your event too. His act can include your brand, mission statement or values and can involve certain participants or award winners too. 

With over 15 years performing around the world for a range of clients – you can be assured you will have a form of entertainment that is highly unique and fun to complement the sophistication, and class of your awards ceremony.

To get a taster of Duncan’s show, feel free to watch his showreel below. 

Tech Awards Entertainment

If you are hosting a tech awards ceremony then you may be looking for something to amaze those skeptical and analytical minds of your coders and programmers. 

For the past 10 years, Duncan has been performing his unique brand of digital magic around the world. This is a perfect synergy between magic and technology – combining a unique form of magic that complements tech award ceremonies extremely well. 

Much like Duncan’s more traditional close up magic and mind reading, Duncan can mix and mingle between guests performing a contemporary blend of digital illusions and mind reading. This can in turn be complimented with a stage or cabaret performance in front of everyone

Mix and Mingle Entertainment

The word mix and mingle entertainment is used a lot on blogs or posts but there is often differing views as to what it is. 

Duncan is classed as a mix-and-mingle entertainer meaning that he mixes and mingles with the guests performing his magic and mind reading leaving them astonished and chatting with people they haven’t met before.

When you have an awards ceremony – there are often attendees from different organizations so Duncan’s magic is the perfect way to break the ice between guests and bring them together so they can enjoy and celebrate not only the night together but also celebrate each other’s successes. This is the beauty of an award ceremony. It brings togther the leading professionals within a particular industry. Many of them may never have met before. With this being an event for celebrating and having fun, work may be the last thing on people’s minds so having a professional entertainer like Duncan to break the ice is perfect to get the party started. 


Duncan has been performing as a professional magician as a unique form of award ceremony entertainment for over 15 years and promises to help make your event truly unique and interactive. As mentioned Duncan can also be hired as an iPad magician if you are hosting a tech award ceremony. Duncan can also help host the event for you, interspersing his introductions of awards or guests with small, fun, interactive segments of magic and mind reading. 

If you are interested in learning more about how can contribute his wealth of experience to make your award ceremony entertainment the best you can imagine and help you get the congratulations for organising an amazing event that you deserve, then do not hesitate to get in touch with Duncan below.

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