Performing as a magician at Blenheim Palace

Performing as a magician at Blenheim Palace

At the back end of 2017 I was invited down to Blenheim Palace to perform to a small group of distinguished guests including the Duke of Marlborough and his wife. Regarded by many as the most opulent palace in the UK, this was second visit here, having performed in 2016. The time before was a much larger affair, performing to 1,500 guests at a black tie event celebrating an anniversary of the worlds leading aeroplane ejector seat company.

That time, I had performed alongside 6 other professional magicians and we were also treated to an incredible display by the red arrows in the courtyard. Mingling between guests on the graveled yard and in between courses in a large marquee at the rear of the palace was a real treat. However, my second visit was even better.

Hired by a shipping magnate and his beautiful wife, I began with my 45 minute cabaret mind-reading act which catered for all 14 in the opulent and priceless sitting room which is not usually as accessible to tourists as it was for me.

It was great fun as the fire crackled and I was waited on by attentive butlers. After a fun 40-45 minutes of mind reading in front of everyone it was time for some close up magic and mind reading whilst the guests were treated to a lavish meal including veal reared on the grounds of Blenheim Palace itself. A full length table with perfectly set cutlery and place settings made a beautiful change from a less lavish venues. This of course was a special event.

Blending in between courses, to compliment the courses the style of magic and mind reading is highly memorable but at the same time unobtrusive.

To finish I was treated to some of the food prepared in the Palace Kitchens on priceless crockery and performed so magic and mind reading to the attentive waiting staff, butlers and household staff.

A beautiful evening and great fun, with some very warm and welcoming people. Blenheim Palace is open to the Public all year round and whilst the rooms are also open to the public (for tax purposes I believe) you cannot access them fully. As a result I was given a privileged peek behind the curtain of how Duke’s and their friends live and party.

I have attached a youtube video below of a little tour of the sitting room where I performed.

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