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Online Magic Show

Online magic show. After a flurry of requests and increasing demand, Duncan is now offering an incredible unique, online magic show. This is not just an online magic show where you watch a performer, this is super interactive bridging the gap between homes or businesses. Duncan’s online magic show has been curated with his audience and mind and offers some incredible, never-seen-before routines.


So what exactly is an online magic show?

An online magic show, is pretty much what is says on the tin. It’s a show which loads of cutting edge digital, interactive magic and mind reading. You get some of your friends and family together and set a time which is good for you and Duncan and then you connect on zoom or skype for 40 minutes of unbelievable magic and mind reading. This is cutting edge material, developed especially for online audiences and if you have seen Duncan perform before, this is all brand new material! You will be taking part in the show (nothing silly or embarrassing with the focus on fun and incredible magic.

What occasions work for an online magic show?

So far Duncan has performed for birthdays, house parties and a wedding anniversary. As the lock down restrictions get lifted and you can spend time with more of your wider circle of friends and family, his show will be even better for unlimited numbers. Duncan changes between everyone’s microphone on mute, so you can talk and commentate to your hearts content to everyone getting involved through messaging or speaking. People can join from their homes as well and is a real opportunity to bring everyone together. If you are having a more communal party, connecting your Zoom or Skype to the TV so everyone can watch makes it a really memorable occasions.

Duncan’s online magic shows are also perfect for the corporate world too. If you are wanting to add some energy or something innovative to your scheduled calls or online meetings, Duncan ca work with his clients to create custom packages. This is a great way to boost morale, bring your team together and is a perfect to energize your colleagues too. Get in touch for customization options.

What formats can you use for the online magic show?

Duncan’s preferred choice of format is the very popular zoom platform or skype. Zoom meeting probably ranks number two in the most used phrases or words in 2020 sitting just behind ‘Coronavirus’, or ‘social distancing’ or ‘they’ve still not got toilet roll on the shelves’. :-)

What can I expect from this online magic show?

There are many surprises and hopefully things you would not imagine are possible. Duncan will tell you the name of ANY object you are thinking of, perform an impossible card trick where you also involve yourself with the cards from you house or workplace, you make 10 unique decision to create a piece of impossible magic in your own hands, and everyone gets to think of any objects they want only to find that Duncan has predicted this. Not only that, but the outcome of every step  of the whole show will also be shown to be predicted too. These are just some of the amazing routines not to mention many more!

What do you need for an online magic show?

Whoever books the online magic show will be given a list of some simple things you or your colleagues should get before the show. These are not compulsory but definitely add to the interactive element of the show. These are everyday objects that people should have lying around your home such as playing cards, pens and paper and your mobile phone. You can mention these items to your colleagues, friends or family so we can cram as much magic and mind reading into the show as possible.

How long is the online magic show?

The online magic show is about 35 minutes in length. If we don’t get through all the routines, don’t worry, we can have a break and start a new session. The important thing is you and your friends and family have loads of fun and leave the call wanting to call the other people to ask ‘how on earth did he do that one’ or ‘were you in on it?’

Is an online magician the same as an interactive, digital or virtual magician?

Coronavirus has meant a lot of entertainers have had to re-evaluate their art and the delivery of it to their audiences. As a result there is now instruction manual, or marketing suggestions. As a result if anyone else is performing online magic shows they may be calling themselves an virtual magician or a digital magician or even an interactive magician. They will all have their own unique style and abilities with difference performance abilities but the names are interchangeable.

So why hire Duncan as an online magician?

Duncan has been performing full time and professionally for the last 15 years. His skills have seen him travel the world sharing his magic and mind reading skills. As a result, his is extremely versatile in applying his craft to may situations. Online magic is not difference. Having had some stints on television, Duncan is extremely comfortable behind the camera. Not only that but he is one of the most innovative magicians in the UK today. As a result, you can be assured you are getting some of the most cutting edge interactive magic available.

We all hope that he corona virus lock down will lift soon but it will be both gradual uncertain when life will return to normal. That said, it will do (fingers crossed) and Duncan is likely to put his online magic shows on ice. So, if you are interested in seeing Duncan perform, then get in touch as he may not be doing it for long.

How much will Duncan, the online magician cost?

Again, there is no rule book to give a pricing structure. If you watch Duncan’s show, it may only be for 35 minutes but there is an awful lot of work, time and investment that goes in to getting it to that point. Research of new material, fine tuning his act, practicing new routines, buying the lights, backdrops, camera, not to mention setting up time, packing down time, and practice time. This is a professionally presented show with some material which will leave you laughing in amazement.

As a result, Duncan has made the price optional. He is treating this like a street show. Whilst they are shorter in length and can be performed throughout the day, these shows are customized for each audience. You can choose how much you want to pay. You can make a collective decision or pay per screen. In the past each screen has paid between £5 and £100, so it really is up to you. If you don’t enjoy the show, you don’t have to pay but he’s hoping this will bring some wonder, amazement and intrigue into your life.

Is it just online magic shows Duncan performs?

Duncan also offers a fantastic interactive magic and mind reading workshop. This is perfect for young adults and also if your family or colleagues at work at wanting something extra to engage their minds. This will teach them some amazing magic over Zoom or skype and is something new an innovative to bring everyone together.

How do I book the online magician?

To find out more, feel free to email Duncan on or give him a cal to discuss details on 07934 856 696. Alternatively you can message him through his online contact form here.


How Much Does It Really Cost To Hire A Magician? [March 2020 Update]

Wedding performance

Wedding magician prices can vary dramatically. If you have asked around you will know that.

However did you know that the difference between how much you pay is dependent on the type of magician you hire?

According to The Magic Circle in London, reports that according to some wedding industry professionals hiring a wedding magician could cost as little as £50 for charity gig. However, for a wedding, the cheapest professional magician you could hire is £250 for 2 hours and the most expensive is more than £35,000 for a famous, household name like Dynamo.

Magician’s vary in prices and would depend on the type of magician you hire. Prices vary between a children’s entertainer, a close up magician or a stage magician/

Whilst you may be able to shop around and find cheaper, you will also have to consider the implications of hiring a magician for a cheaper fee. This may include a lack of professionalism, lateness, cancellations or worse behavior at your event itself. The mid range price for a magician in 2020 is between £250 and £750 for 2 hours close up magic.

People also ask: How much is it to hire a magician for a children’s party?

A: Children’s entertainer’s prices are usually based on them being hired at a children’s party for 2 hours. This price may be cumulatively less if you hire them for 3 or 4 hours but this is sometimes too long. Magician’s who perform at children’s parties, often do so within an easy drive of their house so don’t charge extra for travel fees or accommodation. Magicians often take a 50% deposit and the rest is either payable before the party or on the day. Each magician has different payment terms, so it’s worth checking with them first.

People also ask: Do you tip a magician in a restaurant?

Like many performers, they don’t earn a regular income. Their income comes each time they perform a gig and if they are performing in a restaurant, the pay is usually low. Whilst it’s not compulsory to tip a magician in a restaurant, it is often extremely welcomed and they will no doubt stay and perform longer at your table in return.

People also ask: How much to magicians get paid?

The average, full time professional magician earns around £35,000 gross revenue annually performing at weddings, parties and corporate events. However, a number of professional magicians have additional revenue streams such as lecturing, creating and selling magic tricks, or working at trade shows. As a result, they may earn even more up to £50,000+ A semi-professional magician can expect to earn £10,000 a year to support their day job.

To find more answers to questions you may have about hiring a magician for your wedding, please read the blog in more detail. If you want to get a quote from Duncan (a full time professional magician) for your wedding or event, then send him an email or give him a call.

People also ask: Who is the best close up magician?

According to a poll conducted in 2019 the following 5 magicians were polled as best in the world:


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Bar Mitzvah Magician | Bat Mitzvah Entertainment and entertainer

Bar Mitzvah MagicianBar Mitzvah Magician, Duncan William has been performing his unique, fun entertainment for the Jewish community for over 15 years. His style is very contemporary and appeals to a a broad age range. This is perfect for these wonderful coming of age ceremonies. His Bar Mitzvah entertainment includes his ever popular digital magic. This includes pulling objects out of iPhones and iPads, or demonstrating some incredible close up magic with the combination of technology.

Why hire a Bar Mitzvah Magician?

Duncan has been performing at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and weddings for over 15 years. Recently he was hired for an exclusive Orthodox Jewish event in Newark, New York. Here, he entertained some of America’s most prominent guests. But entertaining in America is an exception to the rule. Duncan mainly performs all over the UK.  From London to Birmingham, Manchester to Nottingham.

A Bar Mitzvah magician, like Duncan understands that it’s important for both the adults and children to have a great time and enjoy the magic. Duncan fits perfectly into this category. He is not particularly old (meaning the children can relate to him) nor his he extremely young (and therefore have little professional performance experience).

A Bar Mitvah magician, such as Duncan, will ensure that your party is extremely memorable and fun for all ages. Ultimately, it will be spoken about for years to come.

What makes Duncan’s Bat or Bar Mitzvah entertainment unique?

Unlike a traditional Bat or Bar Mitzvah magician – Duncan has the experience of performing at these events both in the UK and internationally. As a result, he understands protocol, traditions and timings. Not only that, Duncan magic is extremely unique. He combines traditional sleight of hand using technology, iPad and iPhones to show people something astonishing they will probably have never seen before. You can watch his showreel below:

What should you wear to a Bar Mitzvah?

Formal wear is the most appropriate. If you have a Tallis you could wear that, or borrow one from the synagogue. In some communities, people are expected to cover their heads but this isn’t always required. Again, you could wear your own Kippa (Jewish skullcap) or borrow one from the synagogue.

When should you arrive to a Bar Mitzvah?

This is a personal choice. If you want to have the full experience, then arrive early to attend the prayer ceremony at the beginning. Arriving precisely on time is unusual on a Saturday morning (the start of a traditional Bar Mitzvah). Dependent on the hosts or the congregation, it is sometimes completely acceptable to arrive extremely fashionably late. It is worth asking the host what time they would prefer you to arrive. It’s never rude to do this and speaking to many guests as Bar Mitzvahs, it’s standard protocol.

What should you expect at a Bar Mitzvah service?

Some Bar or Bat Mitzvahs have short ceremonies. Others have longer ones. The longer ones may include reading or chanting in Hebrew from the Torah or prophets. This may or may not be followed by a speech by the parents. Here, they will give a blessing to their child and offer up a few embarrassing words or two. Parents will then share some memories with the congregation and then offer up some gifts to their children. The Bar or Bat Mitzvah is then showered with sweets to celebrate reaching this significant milestone within the Jewish calendar. Guests will then move to the social hall or function suite for a kiddish or celebratory lunch.

What is your role at a Bat or Bar Mitvah?

On arrival, it is customary to take a prayer book at the door along with a copy of the Torah readings, and if they are not there they will be on your seat already. An usher may lead you to your seat and there will be plenty of standing and sitting throughout the course of the ceremony. For many people attending; this may also be their first time attending a Bar or Bat Mitzvah so just go with the flow and follow everyone else.

What do the children do to prepare?

Children learn how to carry a Torah, lead a service, and chant from the Hebrew inside of it. They also write their speech called a ‘drash’ and often complete a Mitzvah project such as charitable work, growing vegetables or something similar. In addition, it may take years of work with a cantor, rabbi or tutor to prepare. Turning 12 or 13 signifies the end of this process making them eligible Jewish adults, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs and now they are deemed ‘legal’ in the Jewish sense.

Is there certain etiquette I should consider at a Bat or Bar Mitzvah?

In this modern age we are all keen to take photos or videos on our phones but at many Mar Mitzvahs this is frowned upon, so keep them switched off, certainly through the ceremony. It is always encourage to give a gift too. These should be given at the party and not the service. Presents may include money, gift cards or a book. Sometimes families invite charitable donations in lieu of a present so this is worth considering too.

Is there a really fun party too?

A Bat or Bar Mitzvah party usually gets going after the ceremony has concluded and lasts into the night. It’s usually lots of fun and there are no real official rituals so is the perfect opportunity to let your hair down. This is the perfect opportunity to hire a Bar Mitzvah magician as some guests may not want to dance and the guests are often represented across all ages. Magic transcends any age or language barriers and invites everyone to revisit that infantile state of astonishment and wonder.

To get in touch with Duncan to see how he can make your Bat or Bar Mitvah both incredibly memorable and fun, get in touch via his contact form or give him a call on 07934 856 696.