Forget your preconceived ideas of a magician.....
"Duncan is NOT your traditional big-bellied, bow-tie wearing, fumbling fool" (Anonymous)

Different types of magician

Magician, mind-reader - close up and cabaret

Magician, mind-reader – close up and cabaret

When booking a magician it is important to quickly establish the type of magic they perform or specialise in:

Close up magician. Most magicians bill themselves as a close up magician. This is somebody who performs live to a group of participants in their hands and only inches away. Routines would include changing borrowed money into higher denominations, making decks vanish, bending coins, doing tricks with phones, watches and more. Usually this style has be popularised by street magicians – David Blaine and Dynamo. For me, this is my preferred style and is a very formal or informal walk-around approach which I feel is the most flexible to the situation or event.  My magic is pure and undeniable, in your hands and in your mind.

There is also another breed of close up magician – that of one who requires a table for their performance. Usually highly skilled with a deck of cards, these kinds of performers are at their best performing seated whilst groups come to their table to be mesmerised. Gambling demonstrations, card locations and cups and balls routines are very popular here.

The next type of magician is a cabaret performer. Suited to a smaller setting, a cabaret slot is ideal for weddings and private parties and the most popular length of time for this kind of booking is 45 minutes. For me, my must popular act is my cabaret slot, ideal for more of an intimate setting and delving into some mind games – all great fun and full of audience participation.

Alongside a cabaret performer is a ‘stage performer’. These usually cater for audiences of 300 or more and have custom made back drops, stage directors, and lighting and stage technicians. The production value can sometimes be much higher for these events – and both David Blaine and Dynamo have taken their shows to the stage now.

The next type of performer would class themselves as illusionists. Uusally reserved to the big stage – renowned modern day illusionists include Penn and Teller, David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy. Their homes are usually under the bright lights of Las Vegas and have sell out shows year after year.

The style of act is also important to consider too. Are they a mind-reader, do they do close up magic, are they a comedy magician, are they covered in tattoos, do they dress to the nines or are they casual. These all contribute to their character and style/type of magician they are, and certainly a consideration if you are wanting the best.

There are also bizarre entertainers who perform tarot reading and more bizarrist magic which is not always overly appropriate for a wedding but certainly very exciting to watch perform a séance or something equally sinister of macabre in the form of entertainment…

I can tailor my performance to suit your party, wedding or venue and my style can be customised to some extent too. To find out more about booking me as a wedding magician or close up magic, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 07934 856 696 or email on