Forget your preconceived ideas of a magician.....
"Duncan is NOT your traditional big-bellied, bow-tie wearing, fumbling fool" (Anonymous)

My new website 2015

Magician, mind reader, entertainerSo here it is my new website; Hopefully showcasing what I do in a more elegant way than before. ;-) This has taken lots of work and hard effort and has involved a fantastic team to bring it all together, filming, editing, logo design, implementation, coding, web design, photographer and more…. and is the culmination of several months hard work. A massive thanks you to all those people involved and their patience with my perfectionist OCD.

Hopefully this website is a marked improvement from my last and showcases what I do as an entertainer – entertain. Be it as a magician, mind-reader, trade show presenter, cabaret performer or any other offshoot of that – I am essentially and entertainer and whilst a lot of people get hung up on being branded a certain type of performer – my goal is simple to enhance your day – make it more memorable than you could have imagined and leave you with cherished and entertaining moment or two in the hope that our paths can cross again and we can rekindle that infantile state of astonishment in your mind again.

2014 was a hugely successful year professionally including working with some prestigious companies in the trade show market, dabbling my toes into the world of radio with a feature, securing a summer-time residency, doing a bit of TV work featuring in the local news, performing a few prestigious cabaret shows and culminating in the launch of this website.

I have a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline for 2015 both personal and professional and hope to meet as many fun, interesting people as I did in 2014 – some of them can be found on my Facebook page

This ongoing blog will hopefully represent an insight into my mind and cover a wide range of topics, thoughts, ideas and tit bits associated and un-associated with magic, mind reading and the art of entertainment. I will no doubt look at some wedding features, discuss some of a few of my creative collaborative friends and offer thoughts, ideas and suggestions for other magicians and mind readers reaching out to get them started on the precarious ladder of entertainment.

Feel free to check in every now and then to see what my blog covers. My passions extend outside the realm of magic and mind-reading, and those who know me, know I love thriller movies, music, travel, cookery, photography, sport (running, cycling, the doggy paddle and a bit of football) and writing blogs which sound like dating website entries. ;-) You see…there will be something for everyone on here!

Of course my acts are always evolving as I hope is my website etc so if anyone has any comments, be it negatively or positively or constructively about my new site, feel free to drop me an email on or give me a call on 07934 856 696.