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Wedding Video Booths

Want an event with a difference? Video booths are the future

Much like my unique form of wedding entertainment; if you are looking for something equally unique and memorable that will last long after the DJ plays his last song then it will be well worth checking out the new concept of ‘video booths’.

Whilst the majority of photo booths are set up for taking photos, this new and soon to be extremely popular concept takes the idea of a photo booth to the next level.  The Pod Group are able to provide you with footage of the film that you shoot so you can re-watch it time and time again. Much like a photo you can look at your leisure, now, too, you can do the same with some filmed content in a booth.

This is not just fun for weddings – it’s also a new and innovative idea for a secluded place for delegates to offer feedback from seminars, conferences or hospitality events and The Pod Group booth even includes the option to upload pre-loaded questions which keep delegates ‘on point’. This is ideal for corporate events where discreet feedback is wanted for how the event went or comments regarding the conference content.

This ‘Diary Room’ idea comes off the back of the once super popular Big Brother series where guests can record a message just for you – the birthday boy or girl or bride or groom or event organiser. All footage is then uploaded to a secure website where you can access and distribute at your own discretion.

It not just this innovative idea that makes The Pod Group so successful but their extensive range of other products too including Graffiti Walls and Giant iPads

They get booked up early and cover all of London & the rest of the Englad. For more information, feel free to get in touch via their website here:

Points of note include the fact that all their electrics are PAT tested, seating for 2 people, you can use your own backdrop to customise your own options. The inside of the diary room includes a 10” LCD monitor with spotlights to enhance the clarity of the diary room. The booth itself can also be branded with your own logos and branding material to strengthen your corporate identity too. This makes it an ideal solution for trade shows and similar events where you really need your brand to stand out. You can see how this is a really versatile option much like the versatility of a wedding magician too.

Part 8 – Astonishment and an interactive experiment.

Art of astonishment part 8

Art of astonishment part 8

Indulge me to digress for a second. A simple experiment of clasping your hands together with your thumbs crossed over, will for 75% of people determine whether they are creative or logical people. The right-hand is linked to the right side of the brain and the left hand vice versa. Now, it is believed that the right hand side of the brain controls our creative powers and the left side, our logic and reasoning powers. If your thumb on top is the left hand – this would suggest you are more creative person than logical person and vice versa. Try it with your friends. It is certainly not a science in it’s itself but is always an intriguing anecdote to chuck into to discuss at a funeral to lighten the mood (ok so not a funeral – but a social setting) This ‘two hemispheres’ model of the brain is somewhat simplistic but nonetheless, as a baby, child or infant this right side of the brain works overtime. Absorbing all external stimuli like a sponge. As a result this right side of the brain tended to be dominant and active for long periods of time. As a result, child love to lose themselves into stories of fantasy and adventure and conjure up a world of imagination in their own heads. (Some go on to be compulsive liars). Children can transform as a white bed sheet into a ghost, Santa grotto over the back of the sofa (with added hole-punch paper bits as fake snow) or a world of other costumes and inventions. They do this, so effortlessly and buy into the reality of the situation they have made in their own heads. Their friends can do that too. Let’s be soldiers. It’s easy. They imaginations are frighteningly active and the reason they are come in covered in mud, leave the house in absurd outfits and at fancy dress parties act like they actually are ‘Superman’, ‘Spiderman’ or ‘Harry Potter’. If you have been to a children’s birthday party – you will know exactly know what I mean. If you can think back to your own childhood, you will too.

However, we have to think back to this time, because when we look at children we think “Aaaah bless – he’s having fun” or “God I wish he’d grow out of this” or “I’m going to step in if he still keeps pretending he is Darth Vader, for the 4th week in a row”.  It is now, that the right side of our brain because less active, less dominant and that creative dominance and activity of the right side of our brain diminishes and the left side full of reasoned logic takes the dominant seat. That bed sheet becomes ‘something that goes on the bed’ and the hole punch bits of paper become ‘”something that dad has to bloody hoover up!!”

Magic takes us back to this state where the right side of the mind is dominant. If you perform magic where everything is in sync and your participant’s mind is open, you may, just may, take them back to this infantile state of astonishment where magic is real. The more open they are too it, the way you have framed the effect as well as a number of other factors will extend this period of astonishment and elevate you above ‘the magic man’ to someone has taken 5 minutes from them but in that 5 minutes have given them something back which has been more special, more intimate, more astonishing, and more beautiful then they will experience, over any 5 minutes, in that week, year or rest of their life.

Part 7 – The world, astonishment, magic, and childhood.

Art of astonishment part 6

Art of astonishment part 6

Have you ever looked round to see people disseminating an effect after you have performed it?  That moment of astonishment has passed, their senses re-engage almost like a defribulator, rushing to make sense of the world in their adult world.

And so they rush to tell you that they have worked it out. They have missed the point. They have returned as an adult.

I perform a lot of kids magic. A lot. What all experienced and professional children’s entertainers will tell you is for children it is less about the magic but more about the entertainment ride on the way to that magical ending. For them the world is still unfurling before their eyes. For children every day is exciting because every day offers up it’s own new, fresh and exciting new slice of astonishment.

Have you ever seen performed magic whilst a child is sat on a mothers knee. Your amazing card effect or high end piece of magic you have just perfected no longer get the same whallop for the mum as it would do if she were surrounded by her adult friends. Instead you will get a “Wooooowww! And look back at her child’ She is of course watching this magic through her child’s eyes and consciously or not, want to feel what that child is feeling – that state of astonishment or wonder which we all love to have. Why do we travel to new countries (other than to relax)? Of course, to see something new, to continue our own human evolution. Things that will stop us in our tracks and again take us back to that infantile state of astonishment. Why do we eat new foods or try different combinations of food? Why do we pay for meals (sight unseen) 5 times what we would pay if we made it at home or ate in a cheaper restaurant? We want to be amazed. We want to evolve. We want to experience something new and incredible…….

Back to the mum with the child on her knees. No mother ever says to their child, run along and play, this man has some serious skills and abilities – I want to experience this for myself.  She desperately wants to relive that experience as a child or feel how it feels to be a/her child. She cannot lie in the pram as the child is pushed around each day soaking up so much information and ideas. This is a real treat to be in the same place at the same time as her child seeing something new (and which she knows) will too some degree will be something new, exciting and if the magician is any good wondrous.

This serialisation of a longer passage offers a few insights into magic, astonishment and the goal which professional magicians, mentalists and entertainers should be striving for. Next post – Part 8 gets a bit more interactive – with something you can do at home as I explore the art of astonishment even more.