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Party Magician

Party Magician

Party magician Duncan William has been entertaining guests at parties for years. He mixes a rich blend of close up magic with mind reading to ensure your guests are wowed.

Unlike an illusionist, a close up magician like Duncan is perfect for parties of all sizes as his act packs small but plays big. You may be wondering what kind of parties you can hire Duncan as a party magician for?

Party magician

Here are some examples:
Garden Party Magician

Picture the scene. The sun is beaming down on your freshly cut lawn. Guests are milling around the garden nibbling on some delicious hors d’oeuvres or canapes. Champagne, wine and beer are being sipped. People are really enjoying themselves and laughing and smiling. Music plays in the background. But something is missing. Entertainment. You don’t want something to take over your event but you want something sophisticated, cool and will compliment the effort you have made. Enter Duncan. 15 years a full-time professional party magician. His magic is cool and contemporary and perfect to compliment and garden party. You can expect some expert sleight of hand, a warm and friendly personality without being overpowering and some mind blowing mind reading. His act is perfect for all ages so if you have some younger children, this will really excite them too and leave them spellbound – reminding them of Harry Potter or other magic they have read in their school books.

Street Party Magician

Street parties are not as common as they once were but are still great fun. There is often a budget held by the treasurer of the street party committee. Whilst some of the money can go on bunting and table cloths etc, people remember the social element and the entertainment much more than a paper napkin. So why not consider hiring a street party magician such as Duncan William. Some of your guests taking part in the street party may not know one another that well, or even at all and hiring a street party magician such as Duncan William is the perfect way to break the ice. His party magic is perfect for ages and you can be assured that the more elderly guests, neighbors and residents will appreciate and be just as mesmerized as the children. Duncan can mix and mingle between guests providing some incredible light entertainment where you will be congratulated for both organizing a great party and hiring some fabulous entertainment which many other people may have overlooked. Hiring a street party magician is a great way to elevate your party to the next level, and lets be honest, how often do all of your neighbors come together like this?

Christmas Party Magician

Although Duncan is a busy wedding magician one of his equally busy times is over Christmas. He is regularly hired as a Christmas Party magician. With over 10 years specializing in close up magic, you can be assured you are hiring one of the leading Christmas party magicians in the UK. Duncan tailors his act to the event, client or customer, meaning that your Christmas party is just as tailored as you wished for. People often turn up at Christmas party with the sole aim to get drunk. However, there are plenty more guests who don’t want to do that, have work the next day or are happy just to have a few drinks or nothing at all. As a result, a large number of guests at Christmas parties are keen to enjoy some entertainment. What better Christmas gift to them, then hiring one of the country’s leading Christmas party magicians?  Duncan will mix and mingle between your guests, bringing different parts of your organisation together. These may open better communication between departments and above all give everyone a much more enjoyable and memorable time than if they had not seen any magic or mind reading. Duncan is often booked to perform his after dinner cabaret act at Christmas parties too. This is usually 40 minutes in length and really engaging, interactive and fun. It’s a great way to set the tone of the Christmas party by inviting some guests up on stage to have their mind reads.

Birthday Party Magician

30th, 40th, 50th, 60th and even 90th birthday parties are some of Duncan’s most frequented events. He is often hired as a birthday party magician to mix and mingle between guests. Often these events see a wide range of guests young and old and is of course a real celebration of life. Duncan is a perfect addition to any birthday party to compliment the buffet, DJ or band and often some really lovely guests. He combines a mixture of magic and mind reading to leave your guests spellbound and laughing in amazement – eager to know when your next birthday is.

House Party Magician

When you don’t want to pay for a venue, hosting your party is the perfect solution. Much the same as a garden party – Duncan makes the perfect house party magician. His presence is unobtrusive yet his magic and mind reading is powerful and high impact. Duncan can also perform his after dinner cabaret act and takes up a small space but plays big.

Virtual or Online Party Magician

As the world has changed due to Covid-19, some people have opted to move their traditional parties online. These are often dry events – so hiring an online party magician or virtual magician is the perfect way to bring people together and give them all wow moments.

If you are interested in hiring Duncan as a garden party magician, house party magician, online party magician, birthday party magician or Christmas party magician or street party magician then please do not hesitate to get in touch