Charity Event Host
Charity Event Host

Charity Event Host


Having spent over 15 years in the entertainment field performing both close-up and stage or cabaret magic and mind reading – one thing that Duncan occasionally gets hired for is event hosting. As a charity event host, he using his skills as a seasoned professional to entertain, amaze and make the charity event extra special. He expertly weaves his performances into his act to really bring the event to life and make it really memorable.


The main purpose of a chairty event is to raise money for a good cause. Supporters and patrons are often invited to a black tie event where they are served delicious food, have an opportunity to network and then spend a little bit of money towards good causes.

More often than not this involves auctioning charity items off. Whilst some clients think and do indeed take a shot at doing this themselves, it is far easier with a professional charity event host like Duncan.

It gives you or the organizing team the opportunity to relax and enjoy all of your hard work coming together. Not only that but if you want to raise the most money for your cause, it’s worth bringing in a professional who really knows how to encourage the audience to spend more and have fun doing so.


No doubt you are looking to raise as much money for your chosen charity. Some people think they can do the hosting themselves and whilst they could, the difference between an amateur and a professional charity event host is vast. Whilst you may think you could save some money – in the short term you could but when you have a room full of wealthy people, there is an art to getting them to dig a little deeper into their pockets for a good cause. 

This is where the skill of a professional charity host comes in. Not only that but if you hire someone like Duncan then you can also enjoy the other elements of his act other than just his auctioneering abilities.

Alongside encouraging people to spend as much money as possible, Duncan is also an expert showman and entertainer. He looks after your whole event to allow you to relax.

That could include introducing the vent, asking people to take their seats, welcoming them to the venue, performing some interactive magic and mind-reading performances, introducing the awards or guest speakers, and generally being the guy who ensures your event goes as smoothly as possible. You’ve done all the hard work and now it’s time to hand over the reins to someone who can bring it home and maximize charitable donations. Duncan has performed his show and been a charity event host for audiences as small as 20 to as large as 3,000 and can customise his act for your event.

Duncan learns about your clients and orgnaisation to really add context to any content he shares and can even brand some of his routines as well to really hang the bigger message of your event on. 

Feel free to watch a sample of Duncan after-dinner show below to see the kind of reactions that Duncan garners:


If you are interested in bringing Duncan to your charity event of charity gala ball as a presenter or professional magician for over 15 years then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Schedule a quick chat with Duncan below to learn more about how Duncan can bring your event to life and really maximize the number of bids placed on any auction items and ensure people are amazed and having fun! Duncan can also tailor his act and even performs digital magic for technology companies to make his performance even more relevant and contextually sound. 

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