Circus Acts, Freak Show, Circus Freak
Circus Acts - Freak Show - Circus Freaks

Circus Acts, Freak Show, Circus Freak

The History Behind A Circus Act For Party.

Circus acts, freaks shows and circus freaks. Freak shows and circus freaks and circus acts are becoming equally increasingly popular at corporate events and private events for those wanting to add some fun and some nostalgia. Some of these acts include strongman, Acrobat, tightrope, walkers, jugglers, fire breathers, and all kinds of other circus freaks or circus acts.

The circus, as we know it now, was traditionally invented or created by a gentleman called Philip Pasley. He was known as a skilled equestrian and began performing tricks on his horse on Thames River in England in about 1770. He hired acts such as the Acrobat, Strongman, Tiger walkers and jugglers and fire breathers to fill the pauses when the question showcases, paused for a break. Over the subsequent 50 years, the typical circus or the traditional circus started involving large scale battle reenactments and other larger scale showcases.

It wasn’t until the 1970s when a ringmaster was introduced into the circus, and they had choreographed acts such as clowns and tightrope walkers performing to music.

How Did Circuses Start?

Traditionally, the earliest circuses were open air structures with limited covered seating. But later in the 19th century, they became custom made wooden buildings and then slowly moved over to the more traditional big top hauling covered circus arena, which can be transported around together with the other acts and moved from city to city.

These days, circuses are performed in a ring and as still include the traditional acrobatic horse rider standing up right and performing tricks as fatally Pasley once did, back in the 1700s. Traditional contemporary circuses have theatrical techniques, which convey a story or theme compared with a traditional circus, which tended to focus more on the overall aesthetic impact and on lighting design original music and costume design to convey a narrative content.

Nowadays, animals rarely appear in modern day circuses. With you having more opportunity to see stump and on motorbikes, and tightrope walkers. Whereas in the past, animals such as bears, horses, banders, birds, all formed a large part of a traditional circus. Most successful circus in the world at the moment is, of course, Cirque du Soleil, which is a Canadian circus company that travel the world and performing theaters are not typically outside revenue in 2024, seated nearly 1 billion pounds.

You can watch a sample of this below.

Watch Duncan's Circus Act Cabaret Showreel Below:

Why Is Circus Theme A Great Idea For Your Event?

So why are we talking about circus acts, freak shows and circus freaks now? Well, it’s because clients are trying to think of Evermore creative ideas and themes for their corporate and private events for people to dress up, have fun, and for the events to really stand out. It’s a great way to employ some fantastic performance such as gymnastics, trampoline performers, acrobatics, contortion artists, stilt walkers, fire breathers, jugglers, all that are traditional in circus as we know today. And these can perform as a standalone performance in front of the guests, or acts such as strong men can walk around in groups of three in traditional attire, laughing and joking with the audience.

Clowns are also popular in circuses, but sometimes they can be received badly. So inviting clowns to an up market, high end corporate event, or private party can sometimes be with a risk.

Choosing A Magician and Mind-reader As Your Circus Act

That said, having an alternate act to complement the circus themed event that you’re hosting is a fantastic idea. Duncan is well versed on dressing-up in traditional clothing to complement the theme of your corporate event and his magic and mind reading often sits very well alongside the circus theme, or circus freak type of circus act.

More often, a fire breather, a juggler, a clown and an acrobatic, often perform in front of everybody. They perform as guests are arriving as guests were leaving or throughout dinner.

And whilst they are a good addition, and often offer a real wow factor. Sometimes they lack that more intimate, interactive element that some corporate clients want to have with their guests.

The beauty of hiring and hiring a magician such as Duncan keeps with that circus theme and circus freak theme and allow some real wow gasp moments, which you would expect from a circus that does this in small intimate groups, mingling between people if they are drinking champagne, and eating canopies on the lawn, or in a field of a corporate event, or in between tables, as people are dining on banquet food.

Watch Duncan’s close up circus act showreel below for a taster of the class you can experience.

Watch Duncan's Close Up Circus Act Entertainment Showreel Below:

Hiring A Close Up Magician As A Circus Act At Your Event:

Whilst it’s always fun to have a standout show, sometimes people don’t experience the full experience if they are watching from afar, whereas close up magic has the same wonder, mystery and intrigue that people attend a circus in the first place for.

That said, Duncan also does perform an interactive mind reading show and what better form of circus freak activity than a mind reading show. Delving into people’s thoughts and in their minds in a fun light hearted way, either up close and personal in between your guests, or one stage. Duncan is performed many times as a professional magician, and a mind reader on stage and is act six perfectly on site alongside other circus acts, circus freaks and performers who are in keeping with your circus theme. The beauty of Duncan’s act is he can tailor his act to your event as well. Whilst he can certainly dress up in a Ringmasters outfit, or a top hat and traditional circus magician attire.

He can also tailor his circus act to your event. So if you want some unique branding for your corporate event, or you’d like him to weave in some messages from the CEO, or you’d like him to play the role of a host or ringmaster for everybody else, and then weave in some of his magic in the pauses or the intervals, this is a perfect idea.

Hir Duncan As Your Circus Ringmaster Or Event Host:

Duncan could be hired as an emcee or host for your event where he can introduce other circus acts. He can introduce the awards, and then intersperse the pauses with some incredible circus magic, making it fun, interactive and wholly professional.

With over 15 years of experience, performing as a professional magician, both alongside circuses and in other alternative acts, you can be assured that Duncan keeps the professionalism of your event yet ensures that it remains classy, fun and in keeping with your circus theme. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Duncan can make your circus theme, circus acts, circus freak show amazing and get in touch using the button below.  

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