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Client Entertainment

Client Entertainment – Cocktail Party Entertainment

Client Entertainment - Cocktail Party Entertainment

Networking or client events are incredibly popular in all industries. Whether you are hosting the clients you have done business with that year, treating your most loyal, long-standing clients or rewarding your company sponsors, an evening of client entertainment or hosting always goes down a treat. It’s also a perfect way to show just how much you care for, and value your customers and clients.

More often than not, these clients are the most loyal and let’s call a spade a spade, spend the most money or have the biggest influence on your organisation. 

Therefore if you are hosting an event to recognise this loyalty and extend your gratitude, a cheap-feeling event probably won’t set the correct tone. 

For Event Planners or Event Organisers

So the scene has been set. You know you want to deliver a great event for your most valued clients so what do you need to consider? In my opinion, there are 3 main considerations.

1. Location. 2. Food and Drinks. 3. Entertainment.

I think alongside that, it’s also important to consider your three biggest challenges outside of this event.

1. Getting people to come. 2. Encouraging them to have fun when they are there. 3. Introducing them to other clients at the event. 4. Renewing their loyalty or reciprocating this event with ongoing involvement within your organisation.

So What Are Some Suggestions?

Having attended hundreds of networking events, cocktail parties, client entertainment functions and more, I would say I am perfectly positioned to share what I’ve seen as to what works and what doesn’t work and how you can ensure your biggest challenges are mitigated and biggest considerations are met.

So first is the location:

The best events are held on the roof terraces or client workspaces if they are classy enough, have enough room and allow for drinks and nibbles to be served.

The next best solution for client events is hiring a function room. I would try and choose an exclusive venue or space so that you can deliver speeches, run a tab on the bar and keep your team and group together.

The final solution is a group reservation within a shared space. This doesn’t work as well but is certainly achievable.

The second is the food and drinks:

Client functions, and networking events or cocktail parties or drink receptions are often conducted after work, commonly on a Friday, but almost certainly midweek. Whilst people love to drink some alcohol to lubricate the conversation, everyone is usually famished by 7pm and would welcome food with open arms.


The consideration for client entertainment falls loosley under the category of drinks. The very name of a ‘drinks reception’ lends itself to the fact that drinks do indeed need to be present. This should be supported by wine glasses, bottle openers, as well as an assortment of alcohol and soft drinks too. My top tip is if you are hosting yourself, to bring some large ice buckets and also have some bottles of water. Not everyone wants to drink alcoholic beverages. 

The easiest way to ensure the drinks part of the drinks reception is a success is by hiring external bartenders and waitresses and companies who can meet all of your drinking requirements.


As I mentioned, whilst clients do love a good drink, we are happiest when we have a full belly so food should not be overlooked. Canapes and nibbles should, I believe, be available within half an hour of the client event starting. It punctuates the event with some fun and helps the clients feel that they are being looked after more than just some drinks and an opportunity to network. 

A sit-down meal is always welcomed but not the easiest if you want to maximize networking opportunities. 

Again, if you are an event planner, organizing an event like this, it can sometimes be a lot easier to hire an external catering company. They will look after all the catering needs. You may even be able to invite a few into the office before hand to try some samples and give them your requirements. Hiring an external company may cost more overall but may actually save money as they may not charge you for food that they can reuse and equally may have a better understanding of how much food is required.

Other food options for client events or networking include an array of ‘food vans’ that clients can choose from and has been pre-paid for by the organisation.

And so we come to the final and most important part. THE ENTERTAINMENT 



For most client events, this is still a hybrid event. What do I mean by that? Well it’s a hybrid between work and play. Clients and colleagues are still on good behaviour. Maybe not their best behaviour but on good behaviour. Whilst food is great to make them feel at home and alcohol is great to lubricate the conversation – they are not with their best friends down the pub.

Everyone and every organisation puts on food and drink. 

What makes you special? What gets you talked about? What makes the clients want to come to your next client event?


Of course, I’m biased when I say that I genuinely believe magic is the perfect client entertainment for cocktail parties or networking events but before I go into the why, check out the short 2-minute video below to experience some of the laughs, gasps and moments of wonder and ice breaker moments that Duncan has provided at other events:



Hiring a professional magician goes beyond just finding someone to go around doing card tricks. Finding the right magician who offers a blend of amazing eye-popping magic with sophistication, and subtlety between guests is an art in itself.

Duncan is the tabasco sauce of your event. He doesn’t steal any limelight but can go with anything. He can blend effortlessly between clients, introducing groups to other groups and making them laugh and gasp along the way.

Not only is it great for an ice breaker, but it moves clients out of work mode and into a more fun and relaxed state. When they do that they open up and you can have better conversations with them which will, in turn, lead to potentially better relationships and in turn better opportunities.

After all, not only are client events to reward clients but they are also there to nurture existing relationships, create new ones and potentially harvest new opportunities.

If you hire a magician like Duncan, they will leave a lasting impression on your client – not just about Duncan but about your event and the amazing entertainment they had. This shows you have class, care and will potentially tell other potential clients. 

As you can see, considering the perfect form of client entertainment for your event is essential. Get it wrong and you could potentially alienate your clients. Don’t do anything and what message are you sending? But get it right, and there is a much higher chance you will reap some great dividends, far beyond a pat on the back for a job well done and event well executed.


If you are interested in bring Duncan to your networking event in the form of client entertainment or cocktail party entertainment, then get in touch via his contact form. Duncan has been a professional magician for over 15 years and most of those years have been dominated by performing at client events, networking events, drinks receptions or corporate parties. Duncan can also be hired as an iPad magician to really offer a contemporary twist to your event too.

Schedule a discovery call below to learn more about how Duncan can bring some incredible client entertainment to your event and meet your needs.

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