How Much Does It Really Cost To Hire A Magician? [March 2020 Update]

How Much Does It Really Cost To Hire A Magician? [March 2020 Update]

How much does it really cost to hire a magician? Wedding magician prices can vary dramatically. If you have asked around you will know that.

However did you know that the difference between how much you pay is dependent on the type of magician you hire?

According to The Magic Circle in London, reports that according to some wedding industry professionals hiring a wedding magician could cost as little as £50 for charity gig. However, for a wedding, the cheapest professional magician you could hire is £250 for 2 hours and the most expensive is more than £35,000 for a famous, household name like Dynamo.

Magician’s vary in prices and would depend on the type of magician you hire. Prices vary between a children’s entertainer, a close up magician or a stage magician/

Whilst you may be able to shop around and find cheaper, you will also have to consider the implications of hiring a magician for a cheaper fee. This may include a lack of professionalism, lateness, cancellations or worse behavior at your event itself. The mid range price for a magician in 2020 is between £250 and £750 for 2 hours close up magic.

People also ask: How much is it to hire a magician for a children’s party?

A: Children’s entertainer’s prices are usually based on them being hired at a children’s party for 2 hours. This price may be cumulatively less if you hire them for 3 or 4 hours but this is sometimes too long. Magician’s who perform at children’s parties, often do so within an easy drive of their house so don’t charge extra for travel fees or accommodation. Magicians often take a 50% deposit and the rest is either payable before the party or on the day. Each magician has different payment terms, so it’s worth checking with them first.

People also ask: Do you tip a magician in a restaurant?

Like many performers, they don’t earn a regular income. Their income comes each time they perform a gig and if they are performing in a restaurant, the pay is usually low. Whilst it’s not compulsory to tip a magician in a restaurant, it is often extremely welcomed and they will no doubt stay and perform longer at your table in return.

People also ask: How much to magicians get paid?

The average, full time professional magician earns around £35,000 gross revenue annually performing at weddings, parties and corporate events. However, a number of professional magicians have additional revenue streams such as lecturing, creating and selling magic tricks, or working at trade shows. As a result, they may earn even more up to £50,000+ A semi-professional magician can expect to earn £10,000 a year to support their day job.

To find more answers to questions you may have about hiring a magician for your wedding, please read the blog in more detail. If you want to get a quote from Duncan (a full time professional magician) for your wedding or event, then send him an email or give him a call.

People also ask: Who is the best close up magician?

According to a poll conducted in 2019 the following 5 magicians were polled as best in the world:


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