Customised Magic Branding
Customised Magic Branding

Customised Magic Branding


One of the things I get asked for a lot is my branding options and if I can customise my routines. This is a great way to elevate your brand and event. If you have spent lots of time and money considering and planning the intricacies of your event you are wanting everything to tie in. Maybe you have chosen a colour scheme, the theme, the style of invitations, the dress code and more. The last thing you want is your entertainment to be vanilla or generic.

I have always strived to go the extra mile for my clients and deliver customer service excellence. Whether this is being flexible with my timings, the show or the close-up performance I offer or a particular style they want me to adhere to.

However, I would say this should be the basic level of customer service you deliver to any client. I try and elevate my offering even more. Whether I am delivering my live or virtual shows I love to offer customised or branded magic.

Most clients would never think this was possible or even what options there were for branding. As a result, I thought I’d share some ideas.

Having spent the last few years also performing digital/tech magic for me, I often integrate the brand identity of the company into my digital act. This may be through the colour scheme or logo or even customised routines.

For some clients, I work with them to brand playing cards and then integrate them into the digital magic or even to increase brand awareness at a trade show. Other branding solutions I offer include branding my phone or iPad case and even wearing their branded T-Shirts.

One of the easiest ways to integrate branded or customised magic is through my patter. Unlike a lot of more regimented magic acts, I have a very free patter as I am confident in my presentation and I am not constrained by traditional patter so can easily change or tweak the presentational angle of each routine. I can use your branded business cards and even perform some magic using your branded giveaways.

I have in the past worked with leading corporate clients by producing pens, pin badges, keyrings and drinks vouchers and integrating them into my traditional close-up magic and digital magic.

You can see an example of my branded magic with a collaboration I did with eBay below – producing a vintage watch out of the app.


So Why Use Branded or Customised Magic?

Hiring a magician to perform magic at your event or celebration should of course bring the WOW factor to your guests, but incorporating branded magic into the act leaves people associating the amazing experience they had with the customised magic branding and organisation you are representing.

If I was giving away a pen that was integrated into the magic, then each time they use that pen it would be linked with a great experience. It is our thoughts and emotions that govern our actions so with these feelings of positivity towards the brand, they are more likely to either pick up the call to make a connection, talk about what happened to others in a favourable light or be more open when you reach out to them to do business.

So what kind of things can I do to brand my magic?

As mentioned before here are a few of the more popular requests from clients:

Branded Playing Cards

Branded Phone Cases

Incorporating our brand, logo or message into a customised trick

Incorporate giveaways into your magic

Using branded magic to bring people onto a trade show stand

Integrate branded playing cards into your digital or tech magic

Producing branded drinks vouchers

Bespoke magic creations for producing the names of the winners for an awards ceremony

Incorporate names and brands into my magic as part of a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah celebration


And how about branding for online or virtual events?

The last two years have been the perfect opportunity to incorporate branding into my virtual show. So often I have been hired for corporate events, online conferences, online award ceremonies and virtual happy hours. Often the client wants to ensure their brand is represented in the magic show.

For me, after several years of performing virtual magic shows to the likes of Deloitte, Coca Cola, Ernst and Young, Google, Microsoft and more I have a range of visual branding options that really tie in with the theme of the client’s event.

How much does it cost to incorporate branded items into your show?

Many clients have different requirements and specific needs. Sometimes their branding requirements can be quite straight forward and as a result, there is no charge. I only charge extra if they is extra work required or I need to buy branded cards, phone cases or create customized magic apps or routines from scratch.

Get in touch for a discovery call to see how I can elevate the profile of your brand, organization or product by creating customized magic.

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