The Differences Between A Good and Bad Magician
The Differences Between a Good and Bad Magician

The Differences Between A Good and Bad Magician

The differences between a good magician and a bad magician.

So often, I get hired as a magician and hear people’s bad experiences of a magician equally. I occasionally listen to people’s good experiences of working with a magician and, equally, their bad experiences. Here, I outline the biggest differences between good and bad magicians. The first is confidence. Now, confidence works two ways. Some magicians can be overly confident. And this is what leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Being overconfident, brash, and in your face is not pleasant. For anybody, let alone performing as a magician. If you are confident, it’s important to combine that with a level of humility and humility. If a person doesn’t want to see some magic, take it on the chin. Walk away and remain humble. It’s their choice, not yours. Maybe they’ve had a bad day at work. Perhaps they’re in the middle of a conversation with somebody. Yeah, equally. So, being confident and not distracted by overly drunk people is important. People are rude people who may not want to see magic.

Handling drunk at a wedding.

Nowadays, more and more people, I feel, are getting more and more drunk and using more and more drugs. As a result, you must have the confidence to walk away from these people or even still be polite and professional wisdom. Fathers and magicians who are too confident and overconfident need to be careful not to let their confidence run riot to the point of being rude to people. The second most significant difference between a professional magician and an amateur magician or excellent or bad Magicians is how family friendly are. A good magician will always perform family-friendly material. This is close-up magic on a fun level, perfect for all audiences. 

There’s nothing blue. There is nothing silly, nothing embarrassing in these. Of course, for almost every party, you get different ages. So, people from an older generation, young adults, children, and middle-aged adults have been raised in different generations at other times. Therefore, your magic should be tailored to that audience. A child, for example, may love to see sponge ball magic. But a drunk mid-40-year-old may appreciate something more mind-blowing. The magic has to be tailored to the right audience, and a professional magician, or at least an excellent professional magician, will know the difference.

Professionalism at tricky events.

They will also know that your conduct should be professional regardless of the party.

This leads us to the third most important element of difference between good and bad magicians: professionalism. Professionalism. A good magician starts the moment somebody lands on their website.

Does their website look smart?

Does it look professional?

Does it have the correct showreel and the information they need to check their availability or find a place to start working out what the performer’s availability is like? This professionalism should work its way through all of their promotional material. And the way that they speak to the client, whether it’s the emails and the way they reply to their emails, whether it’s their business cards, the way they answer their call, whether they call back as promised wh, ether they reply in a timely and efficient way with politeness. All of these identify the dish difference between a good and a bad magician. Combine this with Google reviews, reindex reviews, or any other platform that collects reviews. You will be able to see whether the magician is professional or not. When is the magician professional? Professionalism is a significant indicator of whether that magician will be good, okay, or bad at your party. The fourth most crucial difference between a good and bad magician is their skill.

What’s their skill like?

A good magician may not leave everybody talking amongst themselves, explaining how the particular trick was done to one another. An bad magician may leave everybody feeling disappointed that while they may have seen what they thought was supposed to be magic, it was nothing more than a puzzle that they could quickly work out. Close-up magic should be presented as more than just a trick for people to work out.

Watch Duncan's Close Up Magic Showreel Below:

Tailored Magic To The Audience Not Self-Indulgent

There should be something that involves a story, some elegance, and shaping to the performance; whatever it is, a good magician will have years of experience, and they won’t be performing magic. They’ve just recently bought, they would have practiced this until it’s perfect. Even then, they will only select commercial fun, highly impactful magic, and enjoyable for the audience they’re going to perform. A bad magician will perform any magic regardless because it fulfills their love and desire. 

A bad magician will buy a magic trick because they like it and then perform it with some practice. And just because they enjoy themselves. A good magician will appreciate that the party is not about them. But it’s their entertainment contribution that makes the party a success. This flows nicely into the next element, which is magic tailored to the audience and their event. 

As I mentioned before, they’re there to serve the audience. The difference between a good magician and a bad magician is a bad magician thinks they are the star of the show. They are not. It’s often the part persons who wedding it is or party it is. But it’s not about them. They’re merely an addition to make the party unforgettable. A good magician will tailor their act to the audience and sometimes even to the organization, including some branding and ideas. The next element is variety.

Watch Duncan Performing His Stage Magic Below:

Variety in a Professional Magician's Act:

The next element is variety.

I’ve worked with magicians when, unfortunately, I’ve been told that all the performers did was perform card magic. If you have only ever performed card magic, this can be tiresome for the booker. Equally, if you only perform mind reading or coin magic, this can get dull. So, does the magician have a big enough variety to keep all the audience entertained? 

A good magician recognizes that some audience members may want to see more than one or two tricks and come and see them again; as a result they have a variety of routines, styles, and magic to appease these people. 

Equally so, this variety must also be aligned with their personality and the event. If you’re attending a venue, a good magician will know how to provide the relevant documentation, whether it’s public liability insurance or a health and safety checklist, and if so, the electrical equipment will be tested. Are they working with fire or water? And if so, what precautions must be considered for this next important element of the difference between a good and bad magician from the warm magic side?

Going Beyond The Magic

A good magician recognizes that being a professional magician is not all about magic. It is also about business. I mentioned it before. Do they have a good, easy-to-find website? Do they have reviews? Do they have business cards? Do they have an easy place to contact them? Do they have a referral system? Magic is not just about performing. You may be the best magician in the world. But if nobody can find you if you don’t present your abilities correctly, and it doesn’t matter how great you are, can people find you? And are people referring to you? 

Finally, the biggest difference between a good magician and a bad magician goes beyond the magic in the other elements. So often, magicians become magicians because they need more social skills. While being paid to perform magic, you must now reach a level where you can become more confident with people. This level of experience is important. Are you able to adapt to eye contact? Did you arrive well-groomed at the event? Do you perform certain routines? Whatever it is, this experience is invaluable. You need to demonstrate that you have a skill beyond just the close-up or stage magic.

Final Thoughts On the Difference Between and Good And Bad Magician

So, a few differences exist between a good and a bad magician. Having any form of entertainment can always take work. Sometimes, people want the cheapest, and you can get a cheap magician. But if you get a cheap magician, you’ll get a cheap performer who might need more confidence. They might not be family-friendly. They might need to be more professional; they might need to gain the skill or the experience. They may tailor their act to something other than your event, but they may come along with the right variety and perform just one genre of magic. But at the back end, as a magician may not have the correct business to support the magic, they might not have the invoicing structure in place and other elements. Overall, the difference between a good and a bad magician often comes from experience and professionalism. Duncan has over 15 years of experience 15 years as a professional magician, and he looks to make every event even better than the last one. So, if you’re looking to hire a professional magician who is experienced but also excellent and fantastic, do not hesitate to contact Duncan. You can check his availability by contacting him using the contact form on his contact page or calling him directly, where we will happily talk about his performance, how he can tailor it to your event, and what you can get from working with him.

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