If you have spent weeks organizing and planning the perfect event for your delegates or clients, it’s important to ensure that its hosted with the same energy, experience, professionalism and entertainment you have given it yourself. Duncan’s charismatic, professional and charming approach to event hosting has made him one of the UK’s leading Emcees, comperes and magical hosts, who guarantees to have your audience captivated, laughing and engaged.  “You were the icing on the top of our event and kept everyone laughing & thoroughly entertained!”  Duncan has been employed to host, emcee and compere for many of the UK’s leading companies. Leading brands have secured his services to:

*** Host Award Ceremonies, Raffles and Auctions ***

*** Introduce Speakers, special guests and additional acts you may have hired ***

*** Create bespoke magic (using digital magic / mind reading) to reinforce company messages and conference goals ***

*** Create an energizer focus throughout conferences ***

*** Ensure your event runs smoothly ***

*** Host Question and Answer or Panel Discussions ***

If you are wanting someone to deliver all of these in a fun, engaging way knowing that you can sit back and enjoy the rest of the event, stress-free knowing that Duncan William is the option for you. With over 15 years experience, he has the skills, professionalism and charm to navigate any possible obstacles and ensure you will be congratulated at the end of the night for a great event delivery and execution.

Duncan is also one of the UK’s leading digital stage magicians and mind readers and you can use these skills to create custom routines to perform with the MD, CEO or special guest. Each of Each time Duncan is hired by a client, he fully researches the company, event and you can have unlimited planning Skype or phone calls. Duncan can also deliver an optional 40 minute after-dinner cabaret act which fuses comedy, magic and mind-reading to ensure your event is even more memorable. This can be broken down into chunks chunks so you could choose an alternative 20 minute performance or have 5 minute performances throughout the event.

Previous clients Duncan has worked for include:

Coca Cola, NHS, Procter and Gamble, Royal Mail, Speedo, Ikano as well as hosting many of the kinds of events listed above. Invited back, year after year, Duncan’s wit, charm, experience and warmth shines through with every event he hosts, emcees or comperes for.

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