Hen Party Ideas and Entertainment
Hen Party Ideas and Entertainment

Hen Party Ideas and Entertainment


If you are looking for hen party ideas and entertainment suggestions then you have come to the right place. Duncan has been performing his unique brand of hen party entertainment for groups of ladies for the last 10 years (despite him still being relatively young). 

Whilst a stripper or naked butler is a default option for the bridesmaids organising their best friend’s hen party – there are a number of bridesmaids who are looking for something which is as memorable but much more sophisticated.

It can be quite difficult to find something which will be memorable, make your guests laugh and gasp and have the impact to make the hen party memorable. 

So before we get into why hiring a magician and mind reader to perform both close up and a show is such a great idea from a hen party, here are some alternative ideas to make your hen do extra special. 


There has never been a generation where there are as many weird and wonderful acts available to hire for as a great hen night idea. Here are some alternative hen party ideas if a hen party magician is not for you.

One: The classic Butlers In The Buff. These are a popular choice a form of hen party entertainment. Often working the room, serving drinks with a bow tie, apron, trainers and pinny to hide their bits and bobs. These are great if you are wanting this kind of vibe, or you can get the ladies to help themselves to drinks or have normal waiters as alternatives.

Two: A stripper. Naked men is the them for this first two hen party ideas. As a magician this is not my idea of fun but I am neither a lady nor in a room full of ladies. This is often a one hit wonder (or mini wonder) and sits well alongside copious amounts of alcohol.

Three: A private chef. We come to some hen party entertainment which involves a man (or woman) wearing a pinny but very much keeping their clothes on. Hiring a private chef to serve some incredible food for your guests is a great way hen nights idea

Four: Take everyone out for a spa. This can get expensive but is a nice way to get all the girls together for some rest and relaxation. This requires a lot more idea and is one of the more popular hen party ideas that offer a bit of class and sophistication. 

Five: Organising an activity for all the hen party group to engage in. this could be a chocolate or wreath-making masterclass as an example. Other activities that could be conducted at home include a wine-tasting or cocktail-making masterclass.

Six: Activities to be held outside of your chosen venue could include a pottery masterclass or axe throwing as even more unusual. 

Seven: Going to the theatre, cinema or watching a comedian could all complement a visit to a different city to enjoy that cities food, drink and culture and nightlife. 

Eight: A more unusual activity and really fun form of hen party entertainment which is popular but not so easy to find but perfect as a hen do idea is a jewellery making or perfume making experience. This is a great way for all of the hens to leave with something memorable to remember the day.

Nine: Salsa dancing lessons or some other form of dancing lessons is always a popular form of hen party entertainment. Which ladies don’t love to dance? This is fun but of course, you’ll need some guys. If you were wanting just a ladies-only hen do, then this might be one to avoid. 

Ten: The final suggestion as one of this list of hen party ideas is to hire a little house and include activities there. Choosing a venue with a hot tub and the option to bring your own alcohol in is a cost-effective way to enjoy a classy few days with the girlies. 

That said, it’s always good to inject something that the ladies have probably never seen before and will probably never see again (and I don’t just mean the stripper’s tackle).

Duncan offers a great solution to this offering a really memorable, fun and interactive form of entertainment.


There are a plethora of hen party ideas or hen party entertainment suggestions available for you to choose from but having a professional magician and mind reader like Duncan attend your hen party is a perfect way to complement your other activities.

Just imagine having a professionally produced 40-minute interactive mind reading show performed live in your house or venue. Imagine the screams of amazement when Duncan reveals the name of your first pet, or first boyfriend unlocks your mobile phone or tells you your exact date of birth. Imagine all of this wrapped in fun, and interaction with lots of laughs and gasps. 

Duncan has performed his show around the world and has been likened to Derren Brown. If you are looking for something classy, fun, and interactive but a good giggle too then Duncan’s mind reading show may very well fit the bill out of all other hen party ideas. Watch the video below for a taster of the kind of laughs and gasps you can expect. This show is a perfect form of hen party entertainment to groups of ladies as small of 5 and as large as 100. 


As well as performing his interactive cabaret or stage show for your group of hens, Duncan can also be hired as a professional close-up magician as a perfect hen party entertainment idea.

This is a great hen do idea as everyone gets the experience to have their mind read in a one on one situation or as a group. Duncan can also perform his unique and exciting brand of close up magic to your guests too. He may change a £5 note to £50, make a deck of cards morph into a block of ice, some incredible iPad magic as well as some other incredible pieces of magic to make you hen party as incredible and memorable as you ever imaged. 

This is fun, interactive and world-class magic that will make the guys wish they had come on the hen do and not just fallen asleep in the toilets on their stag do!

To find out about how Duncan can be hired as a hen party magician and to see why hiring a magician and mind reader is a perfect hen party entertainment idea, then get in touch with Duncan below to check his fees, availability, and how he can customize his act to your hen party!

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