How Can I Make My Wedding More Fun?
How do I make my wedding more fun?

How Can I Make My Wedding More Fun?

Top 3 Questions I Get Asked and Wedding Advisor:

How can I make a wedding more fun? Do you need wedding entertainment? And how do you plan wedding entertainment? are the three most popular questions I get asked on a regular basis. I’m going to try and answer all three of them. In this blog post. The first question; “How can I make a wedding more fun?” is perhaps the most common question.

How Can I Make My Wedding More Fun? Answer:

This can be a tricky question to answer because I suppose it comes down to your definition of fun and is it more fun than a wedding that you’ve been to in the past or is it more fun than one what you initially had in mind?

So, first of all, it’s important to think about what kind of guests you’ve got coming because if you’re thinking about how you can make your wedding more fun for the children, there may be you could invite a face painter, or a children’s entertainer, or have a bouncy castle, or large games in the garden.

If you’re at a wedding venue some of these could also be really good fun for the adults as well. We’ve all seen giant chess, or giant Jenga in the garden, or even Connect 4. These are fun, and add some really entertaining additions to more traditional forms of entertainment.

How else can you make it fun?

Well, you can also make it fun by bringing in other forms of entertainment. You could have look-alike or impersonator. In the past, I’ve been to a wedding, where it was a Del boy look like walking around the guests, making jokes, and having fun with the guests.

You could also have a caricaturist either positioned in one part of the wedding, or working their way around the audience. This adds some smiles and laughter to the audience as well. You could even hire an iPad magician.

Traditional ways to make your wedding fun is to have a band or a DJ. These only make the wedding fun if people get up and dance and dancing is what you seen as fun. Some brides and grooms don’t really enjoy dancing, and therefore it’s not fun for them, but maybe fun for their guests.

What are the forms of wedding, entertainment or fun are there?

Well, you could have singing waiters, these are waiters who arrive and get the audience dancing and singing along to some of your favourite songs. You could also have the venue decorated in quirky styles and themes and whilst this is not overt fun, I have been to weddings in the past, which have been decorated in a Harry Potter theme and I sometimes hear people mentioned how it looks very fun. I save the best till last. And I suppose I’m biased because I am the very person who can help make your wedding more fun.

As a professional magician, I mingle or circulate between the guests, making them laugh, making them gasp and bringing groups together. Starting the party after your vows have been made.

This is a really fantastic injection of fun. Although I may be biased because it’s fun for the whole audience and it’s fun for all ages.

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What makes a wedding magician fun?

Well, it ticks many of the boxes as to what fun is. It’s interactive. It’s entertaining. It evokes wonder, it evokes laughter, and evokes amazement and astonishment.

These are fantastic elements to really create fun at your wedding. If you want to add even more fun, you can perhaps hire a magician like Duncan to perform a mind reading show, or a magic show in front of everybody. This works especially well, if you’ve got a smaller audience, you don’t want all of the fun taken away from yourself, the bride and groom.

But it may add a nice accent of fun if you aren’t having a DJ or a band, or any other form of music, or any of the other aforementioned fun activities. Yes, I am biased. But I genuinely believe that adding a wedding magician can really help you make your wedding more fun and is the perfect solution to answering the question. 

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How can I make a wedding more fun?

This, of course, leads on to the second question. Do you need wedding entertainment?

I suppose the question do you need wedding entertainment is a strange one. Because do you really need anything? Do you really need a car? I suppose you could walk everywhere? Do you need a hairbrush you could wake up in the morning and spend your day with messy hair do you need to wear shorts playing football. You don’t need to have entertainment at your wedding. But you don’t really need to get married either to live as a happy couple. But I suppose we strive in our life to be as happy as possible. And wherever there’s an opportunity for entertainment, some of us may take it.

A wedding is a real opportunity to indulge some of our favourite activities, and also share with our guests, some of our personality. I get invited to weddings, and often the bride and the groom, or the mother of the bride or father of the bride who have booked me as a magician  because they think it would add some fun to the wedding.

It’s their kind of personality and the weddings I go to are already great fun. And the people who hire me have got the mindset that think hiring a magician would be good.

So do you need wedding entertainment?

No, you don’t need wedding entertainment. But it certainly helps make the wedding more enjoyable and more fun. I suppose it comes back to that initial question though. What is wedding entertainment? and how can you make it more fun? A DJ may be fun for some people, but not for others. Me personally, I would find a four-piece band or an acoustic set more fun and enjoyable than perhaps a DJ. DJ sometimes get carried away playing music really loudly.

I think adding wedding entertainment is a good idea for wedding. Whether you choose a magician, a caricature artist, or another form of quirky entertainment, or more traditional forms of wedding entertainment. Why? Because often, a wedding is just not about the bride and the groom is about their friends.

It’s about their family, and it’s about their loved ones. And a lot of them may have travelled from far to come and enjoy your wedding with them.

Have Fun Together!

So this is a nice opportunity to celebrate your wedding together. And what better way than having fun together. Weddings are far more memorable and last in people’s minds far longer.

If they’ve had fun, you never hear people saying, “oh, that was a nice venue”. The main thing that people remember is the wedding entertainment. So if you want your wedding to be remembered, long after the day, then yes, you do need wedding entertainment.

If it’s just the two of you, three of you, four of you getting married and an intimate wedding. Then perhaps maybe some good food and company is sufficient. This then leads to the third question I get asked the most. 

How do you plan Wedding entertainment?

 Well, I’ve spoken about this before. And choosing the right wedding entertainment can often make or break the memory of your wedding.

There are so many different forms of entertainment out there. Some of them specialize in weddings, others specialize in parties. Others are entertainers and have a generic feel to them. Not that detracts from their impact, but it’s a consideration. How do you plan for wedding entertainment? is a good question and the first thing to consider is where can you put this entertainment in your line of events throughout the day?

Often, there are periods of lull over the periods where you feel extra entertainment can be happening. Sure, you might not want to be having entertainment happening, whilst the best man or the groom is given a speech. But equally, so you may choose to hire a children’s entertainer to keep the children entertained, so that everybody can focus on the speeches. In the past, I’ve seen children’s entertainers be hired to keep the children entertained in a separate room. So there are no crying and no disruptions.

There’s other times throughout the wedding, or the wedding day, such as when people are standing around having photos taken. This is a perfect opportunity to inject a magician, a caricaturist, a string quartet and a magician to really start the party and inject the fun. Because this is a period when no other entertainment is happening. Then we lead into the wedding breakfast.

The wedding breakfast is a time for dining, chatting and having fun. And for me as a wedding magician, whilst I do perform over the wedding breakfast, this is also a time when people are creating their own entertainment. It’s a time when they’re enjoying food and the conversation and drinks in itself forms the wedding entertainment.

What are the best times for wedding entertainment?

Following that the wedding breakfast is a time of love. People generally get back to their hotel rooms, or wait around for the second part of the wedding day to begin the evening entertainment. This is a real lull in the day, and a perfect opportunity to include some entertainment because it won’t click conflict with anything else. And finally, of course, the wedding.

The Evening reception is another perfect time for entertainment. Many weddings I go to the bride and groom seem to pack too much into this evening entertainment.

There’s the cake being cut. There’s the first dance, there’s a DJ, there’s a magician, there’s a caricaturist, there’s dancers. There’s all kinds of things. So be careful about when you plan your wedding entertainment. In terms of what part of the day. How do you go about choosing wedding entertainment? Well, I have written other articles about that. But the first few suggestions would be to ask other people if they’ve experienced any good entertainment at other weddings they’ve attended. Another suggestion would be to ask people on an open forum, on Facebook, on social media or in other local chats or you could search online, see what’s out there.

A word of warning though, you may find yourself in an agency offering a multitude of acts. Be careful you are more than likely to pay above market rate for these acts. Because the agency unlikely to take a hefty to commission.

Most they could help you plan and give you some suggestions for your wedding entertainment. Be warned. Their help comes at an indirect cost which they placed on the top of the artist fee.

So how can I make a wedding more fun?

 Shop around, have a think, see what works best for you. And maybe ask around see what entertainment you’ve already got, what parts are essential, and what you can do extra within your budget to make it more fun and if it’s necessary. Do you need wedding entertainment? The short answer is no. And the longer answer is, yes, you do. Because that’s what weddings are about having fun and bringing people together. And how do you plan wedding entertainment? 

There’s no set way of planning, wedding entertainment. But the best thing to do is ask around, ask for referrals. Ask for recommendations. And there may be speak with the artist on the phone. If you want to do that – try giving me a call on the button below. I’d love to help guide you.

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