How much does a wedding magician cost?
How Much Does A Wedding Magician Cost?

How much does a wedding magician cost?

How much does a wedding magician cost?

How much does a wedding magician cost is? a perfectly normal question to ask when hiring some entertainment so,  In this article on to talk about the different fees that magicians charge? Unfortunately, it’s not a one size fits all because it’s like asking the question, ‘how much does a holiday to Spain cost or how much does a TV cost?’

If you ask him the question, ‘how much does a holiday to Spain cost?’ Well, depends on the quality of hotel, it depends on the price of the flights. it depends on the connections, it depends on the kind of food that you’ll be eating,  the number of people going etc. Similarly for a TV this would depend on the number of functionalities,  size, where you will have it installed, what kind of brand that is, etc. etc.

So, in this article, I am going to try and give you an overall definitive guide to how much does a wedding magician cost?

There are a number of variables.

Much like how much does a trip to Spain cost or how much does a TV cost. And the first is distance: Some magicians travel all over the UK. Often they do this because they’re full time professional magicians, and they go where the work is. So sometimes magicians charge extra for that travel. Others include it. Someone like me, I am a professional magician but I don’t add any extra fees or as charges for where I travel because this is just part of my job. However, if you were to hire an amateur magician or somebody who does it as a hobby aside, they might feel that they want to get the best price possible, and therefore add extra for petrol.

So always ask the question, if you're looking to hire a magician, if they charge extra for petrol, or traveling time or cost.

The second variable to consider is the length of time that a wedding magician will be at your wedding. I’ve mentioned in a different article before about the different times that you could hire a wedding magician and just for a succinct overview, you could hire a magician whilst the wedding photos are being taken. Equally, you could hire a wedding magician to perform entertainment over the wedding breakfast, or when that lull between the wedding breakfast or when the evening guests arrive or you can hire a wedding magician to perform for your evening guests and evening entertainment.

More often than not, the time that I perform at weddings is about two hours. The reason being is because there’s often a gap or a period of two hours between each event.

The Magic 2 Hour Window

So when somebody’s having their photos taken to when the wedding breakfast is that’s often two hours or the time when the wedding breakfast is finished and the room is being turned around – that’s two hours and even over the wedding breakfast is often a two hours affair. However, more so than that, a consideration is the number of guests that you’re having.

If for example, you only have 10 guests, I wouldn’t recommend hiring a wedding magician to perform for two hours because too much of anything can be quite sickly. You might like chocolate cake after the first few bites or first two slices. If you have too much, you very quickly go off chocolate cake. So just consider try not to have a wedding magician tell you that they need to perform for two hours because this simply isn’t correct.

Often it is two hours, but you want to get the right balance. You don’t want to be paying for wedding magician if they’re going to be doing nothing whilst the first dance was happening, the cake is being cut or you’re having your wedding speeches, or speaking your wedding vows if you booked them too early.

Watch Duncan's Wedding Performance Showreel Below:

What time of day should you hire a wedding magician?

So when booking wedding magician it’s important to consider what time of the day make sure it doesn’t overlap and make sure that if you’re booking them for a certain length of time, you’re getting the best length of time for your money.

A professional magician might then can kind of course advise you when the best time is. Having formed over 200 weddings per year, Duncan one of the busiest wedding magicians in the UK and he can advise you when is the best time and for how long which in a way leads to the second side of the third element, which is time, and how you can have blocks.

Sometimes people like to hire a wedding magician for a couple of blocks throughout the day. So starting off with the over the wedding photos, and then having them return for the evening entertainment. This is a possibility if you’re wanting a more competitive price, but wanting the magician to performance for your evening guests, so they don’t feel like they’ve left out the entertainment as well. A professional magician may be able to bundle the two blocks together and therefore offer you a competitive rate for both.

The next consideration is of course, the type of magician you book. And there’s different styles of magic. So some people just perform a show. So this is quite often 40 to 45 minutes in length, often interactive. And Duncan performs an interactive mind reading show.

Of course a wedding is about you and your bride or your wife to be. So you don’t want the focus to really be on a performer or an entertainer. Not that Duncan’s a person who strives to be in the spotlight. That is always a consideration that often there’s not the time to have a full on show to make a consideration of that if you’re thinking about booking a wedding magician to perform a show Duncan has in the past and often does perform his show. But they’re often small scale events, not major and overpowering in front of everybody.

The second kind of magician is another form that Duncan performs and that is digital magic. A digital magician or an iPad magician is somebody who performs with iPads, iPhones and tech magic.

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Tell Me More About Digital Magic?

So if people have seen traditional close up magic before, tech or digital magic is very contemporary and unusual, so perfect to inspire audiences of all ages. The third type of magician is perhaps a comedy magician. Now comedy of course, is not to everybody’s taste, and certain humour doesn’t appeal to certain people. So consider the style and make sure there’s nothing blue or rude unless that is what you (the client) is wanting.

The final type, is a magician who may have garnered some fame over tick tock Instagram on social media. Unfortunately, this often doesn’t translate into quality of magician and I would say having been a professional magician for over 15 years, very rarely a magician of tik tok fame perform to the same level.

There you have many takes to perform highly visual routines using magic that can’t be performed in the real world. Yes, it will look like it was being performed on tick tock. But this would have taken many takes using many different camera angles and a lot of setting up beforehand. So don’t be tricked into spending a lot of money on a wedding magician whose claim to fame is that they have a certain number of Instagram or TikTok followers.

Then of course, we come to the biggest consideration of how much does a wedding magician cost and that is where there are number of different levels. To use the analogy of a TV again. If you’re buying a TV, they have different amounts of functionality and ability and the same with magician.

There are essentially four different types of wedding magicians and each of these wedding magician costs a different amount.

The first is the beginner often these are have no experience and might be unconfident with people. Their tricks might not be particularly commercial or mind blowing. But they may enjoy performing magic and see this as a quick way to make some money. Someone like this, a beginner magician may perform for free, may perform from 50 pounds or dollars or 100 pounds or dollars for a couple of hours. It’s dependent on what they want to achieve personally and if they’re just happy to get some experience performing magic.

What about an amateur magician?

The second is an amateur magician.

This is somebody who’s probably got a full time job and loves to perform magic on the side. That again, an amateur magician may also be known as a hobbyist. This is where 90% of magicians are, they sit in this category. There’s only a few professional full time magicians like Duncan, and a few others, most amateurs as a result, they don’t have the same level of professionalism always, not always don’t have the same level of professionalism, and reliability.

This is a bit of a minefield, but you can expect to pay somewhere in the region of about 300 pounds or dollars for a couple of hours.

The fee range of professional magician again takes into the other elements into consideration how far the gig is how long they’ll perform their if you’re wanting the for time blocks, what style of magic they perform, if they’ve got any particular tick tock of Instagram or social media fame, but a professional magician, their fears vary. And it’s worth checking out then the views, which I’ve mentioned in another article before as well and the final part is an experienced professional magician.

Duncan is one of those experienced paid professional magicians who has performed magic for over 15 years as a professional and who takes his craft very seriously and he takes your wedding day very seriously as well as fun but he does everything he can to make sure that you have a fantastic day and he complements your day.

Like, tabasco sauce he doesn’t try and overpower your day, instead, he’s seen as a perfect in accompaniment to make people laugh and gasp. It’s difficult to find experienced professional magicians who are available as more often than not booked, booked up well in advance.

So how do you know which magician to choose?

So you can usually determine if somebody’s a paid professional experienced magician or looking at their website, Google reviews Facebook reviews and show it us just remember you can get a lower price magician but a lower price magician usually results in a higher risk or a higher risk of them turning up on time not turning up cancelling last minute or even performing to a very low standard making crude jokes and there’s nothing worse than having your wedding day from remembered for bad ideas was posted good ideas.

Equally so, a higher priced magician, low risk to offending your guests, low risk at not arriving on time. So consider these thinking about hiring a magician find a wedding.

So how much does a wedding magician cost?

It’s difficult to say how much a wedding magician costs because there are a number of variables involved. But as you can see, if you choose a paid professional magician by reviewing and researching your entertainer and it’s likely you can find one.

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