How To Do Magic
How To Do Magic

How To Do Magic


One question I get asked above all other questions other than ‘Are you a real Wizard?’ is “How did you do that?”. This is usually a knee-jerk comment from many people and yet 50% have an absolute obsession with knowing how it’s done with the other 50% just saying they want to know how my magic is done but in their hearts – are more than happy enjoying it for what it is. 

I suppose we all have a naturally tendency to want to know how things work but the real beauty of magic is not knowing how it works but rekindling that infantile state of astonishment where your knowledge of the world disappears for a fraction of a second where the grip of impossibility takes hold. Once we linger in this moment of astonishment, which for many is over too soon, our logical, curious minds kick back in and the cebrebral part linked to our voice kicks out the often ubiquitous ” How did you do that?”

The beauty of magic, is not in the knowing but in the experience. The experience of not knowing. The impossibility and the astonishment. There are so few things left in the world that give us that pure, undeniable sense of wonder that magic can bring. So for me to share my ‘secrets’ would achieve nothing more than quench your appetite for knowledge and at the same time destroy that beautiful memory of wonder. 


So How Do I Do Magic?

So you were possibly looking for the secrets on how to do magic and we’ll come back to that in a bit but I’m hoping you didn’t stumble across thsi page wanting to know how I do my magic. Every magician is different and every magician uses a different array of sleight of hand, sleight of mind, mental chicanery, gimmicks, illusions and other psychological nuances to create moments of wonder. 

But for most, this would take years of practice and even if you were to learn the secrets, many wouldn’t be able to stomach the perfectionism required. Magic and certainly sleight of hand is not measured in millimeters but fractions of a millimeter. Illusion has to be no different from reality until you get to that point of wonder.

So again, if I shared how I do my magic, this will probably fascinate you, intrigue you and at best inspire you to learn more but it won’t fulfill you. The not knowing part of my magic is the most fulfilling part. 

So if I am not going to share how I do my magic, what am I going to share. I want to give you some insights into how you can do magic.

So How Do You Do Magic?

At gigs, I occasionally meet a fascinating, socially normal individual who has a genuine intrigue to learn more for themselves or for their child to learn magic. It’s beautiful to meet someone who used to do magic but gave it up as the pressures of life and adhering to a more traditional job took over. Often they are inspired by what they see and want to rekindle their love of magic. 

As a result, I often point them to some books they may enjoy, DVDs or gimmicked decks of cards or gimmicks themselves. 

It’s the same for when I meet a  mother who tells me she has a son (or occasionally a daughter) who loves magic – again I recommend a few magic sets, books and DVDs.



I occassionally offer my magic workshops to children and adults. The pace, routines and types of magic I teach is different for each group and their previous experience. 

One thing that is the same is the magic I teach is always of a very high standard and magic that, may not get into my professional repertoire would certainly amaze and entertain and probably feature heavily in other professional magicians’ repertoire. 

I take the course at the student’s pace. You could buy just a one-off session or several sessions. These are often conducted via Zoom from the comfort of your own home and occasionally face to face. I’m really flexible and can fit your schedule and needs.


It’s a good question and I can honstely say you would get more out of magic by having a mentor but with the amount of online and tangible resources at your fingertips you can still become a very good magician by working your way through that. Here are some of the top books, DVDs and gimmicks you should try and get your hands on if you wanted to learn how to do magic and be well on your way to become a magician who knows exactly how to do magic. 

Royal Road To Card Magic

This is the go-to book for learning basic sleight of hand. Has great pictures to help you perfect the mechanics and the moves of card tricks. 

Bobos Coin Magic

This is the go-to book for learning and studying coin magic. This has hundreds of illustrated pictures and is perfect for a beginner to an advanced coin magician.

Ultimate self-working card tricks DVD

If you are more suited to watching sleight of hand magic then I would recommend this DVD of how to do magic. A lot of the routines in this DVD set are visual and amazing and best of all, they are self-working so you don’t need to learn any complicated sleights.

Svengali Deck

If you want to buy a gimmicked deck that requires no sleight of hand but is highly visual then consider a svengali deck. The method is not mine to give away but can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

13 Steps To Mentalism By Corinda

If you are more interested in mentalism or mind reading then this is the go-to book for this form of magic. It is the foundation for all serious practitioners of mentalism and I’d highly recommend it.

Bicycle Playing Cards

People often ask me what kind of cards I use. In the UK the most common cards are plastic or Linen finished Waddington’s playing cards. However, due to their finish, they can become very sticky in humid situations. Far better are bicycle playing cards. Whilst they too, are linen covered they have an air finish which means the cards glide a lot easier over one another and are less susceptible to becoming sticky in hot environments. 

Digital Force Bag App

If you are looking to become a tech, digital or iPad magician then I’d recommend buying the Digital Force Bag app. This can be found in the apple store and is a great method for forcing one item out of 100 items on your phone.

Sharpie Markers

If you want to get cards signed, then a sharpie marker is the only choice really. You can also get gimmicked sharpie markers that have the names of playing cards printed on the side making them more than just a tool to help you do magic.

Invisible Deck

If you want an amazing way how to do magic with a deck of gimmicked cards – then consider an invisible deck. This is a great deck that allows you to predict what card someone is simply thinking of. 

Maximum Entertainment By Ken Weber

Finally magic tricks and gimmicks can only get you so far. However, if you really want to learn how to do magic like a professional, you should also consider learning how to perform and how to squeeze more entertainment out of your performance. This book by Ken Weber is superb and is a great book for anyone looking to further their performance side of amgic. 



If you want to learn how to do magic in person, then Duncan does offer in-person workshops and online. Equally so, you can hire him to perform as a magician for your wedding, private party or event. You can find out more by scheduling a no-obligation call here:

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