How to find the best magician for your event
How to find the best magician for your event

How to find the best magician for your event

How To Find The Best Magician For Your Event?

The role of a professional magician is to entertain and amaze at your wedding, private party, conference or celebration. They’re often responsible for creating moments of wonder, breaking the ice between guests and bringing groups together and setting the tone for a really fun, eventful day or celebration.

The role of a magician is to compliment the day, or not to ever palette to inject elements of fun laughter for all ages. And have something that is highly memorable for guests to remember long after the event has finished. We’d on to learn a bit more about the different kinds of magicians and how to find the best magician for your wedding, private party or event and how to make sure your choice of magician is a perfect match for what you want, and what your you think your guests may want. In this page, we will look at the different types of magicians how to find the best magician for your wedding, private party or event and making the perfect magician a perfect match for your event.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Magician?

Let’s start with different kinds of magicians. So, weddings usually require some form of entertainment. A magician is perfect for a wedding either over the wedding breakfast, as the room is being turned around in the evening. For the evening guests, or whilst the photographs are being taken. A professional magician is responsible not just for performing magic tricks, but also for bringing some light hearted entertainment between groups. 

And if it’s a wedding, bringing people together who may not know one another. Some magicians can also combine special blended magic to really tie into your conference, if you’re having fun. Creating the right atmosphere. A professional magician is not necessarily somebody who pulls rabbits out of a hat. Professional magicians bring groups together and perform a range of magic tricks, including cards, coins, and in some cases digital magic or mind reading.

Professional magicians are guaranteed to leave your audience feeling amazing talking about what they’ve seen and inviting their friends or family to come and watch some of the close up magic as well. And almost always guaranteed to leave your guests laughing in amazement and talking about your wedding private party or event long after you take the last taxi or carriages home. The role of a close up magician the role of a close up magician is to perform close up magic in front of people right under their noses.

This could be over small drinks tables, but more often than not, they have barely the ability to roam and move between the guests meaning that they don’t need tables and are not static in one place. This is perfect if you have drinks, receptions, or networking events, or people are waiting for their photos to be taking and having some canopies and drinks outside or inside.

Close-up digital magicians could incorporate some specific branding into that act, such as logos or pulling out specific giveaways from iPads or iPhones or performing close up magic with yours or their mobile phone.

The Second Type Of Magician:

The second type of magician is a stage, cabaret or after-dinner magician. These kinds of magicians perform in front of everybody at once. This is different to a close up act. Because everybody be watching. These are often highly interactive, fun and engaging where people come up on stage and take part in the magic. A professional magician will not make people feel silly or embarrassed, but will provide entertainment for the whole audience. 

A typical after dinner cabaret or stage show lasts approximately 40 to 45 minutes. And dependent on numbers can require apparel mic and AV equipment to support the sound. How to find the best magician for your event. The importance of finding the best magician for your event, certainly worth taking time to look into some videos or views from word of mouth.

Watch Duncan's Close Up Magic Performance Below:

How to Search For A Suitable Magician For Your Event:

When you’re searching for a professional magician, be specific. Decide on the kind of magician that you want. But they’re going to be old or young, contemporary or traditional and think about the theme of your event if you’re hosting a conference. If you’re getting married, consider the kind of wedding is this a rustic theme is this a sophisticated theme is this as a carnival theme is indoors outdoors, as it got digital feel.

Similarly, some people are simply looking for a virtual magician which has become popular in recent years. Just because somebody is easily found on social media doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a fantastic professional magician. It should only be a way of guiding you as to the range of magicians there are available.

You could search on Google, you could search on social media. But whatever search you do, make a complete search look into their social media, their reviews, and what people have to say about word of mouth. One of the best places to start when looking for engaging the services of a professional magician is asking people who you know, like and trust and if they’ve used a professional magician in the past, and if they’ve seen them perform and who they would like to see perform at your wedding or your event.

This can be a great way to find a professional magician because you know that you’ll be in good hands. An entertainment agency. Good entertainment agency.

See If Duncan's After-Dinner Act Is Suitable For Your Event - Below:

Enlist the Help Of An Entertainment Agency

Agency consultants have a wide range of magicians and other performers on their books. And hopefully they’ll take time to understand your needs and your requirements and suggest some professional magicians appropriately. A word of warning about entertainment agencies, they’ve often never seen the magician’s perform, and often choosing them based on the markup they can make. Of course, they want to not only secure the booking, but they want to maximize the revenue for themselves as well. So be a little bit careful. As a result, you can pay higher fees for these magicians on entertainment bureaus books, because the entertainment agency does increase that price. 

However, if the magician does fall ill for sick or dropout of your event, they’re obliged to apply to offer your replacement. So some people feel more secure using an entertainment agency delving deeper once you have a range of potential magicians, mind readers, digital magicians, and cabaret performers or after dinner magicians watch some of their videos to see them in action.

See if their style matches with what you’re wanting for your event.

Are they funny?

Are they serious?

Are they performing magic?

Are they getting the reactions they want?

Try and watch some complete performances if they have some, and have they delivered on their promises that their reviews say that they have. Some magicians also offer quick meetups to show you their skills, and even can connect online, virtually as well. Set up video calls, or phone calls with prospective magicians.

If you have a couple of professional preferred magicians in mind, you could short list a few of them and set up a call just to get a feel for what they sound like. And if they can meet your requirements, you could even set up a zoom call with them. And they could maybe show you a few tricks or two.

Make Sure Any Act Is In-Keeping With Your Event Theme

Finally, making sure the magic performance is a perfect match for your event. There’s a number of elements you should consider when hiring a magician to ensure that they fit perfectly for your wedding, private party or event provide a thorough overview of your event. One of the main roles of a professional magician is to provide moments of wonder at your event. So they have to understand where they fit into the agenda and how they fit in to the rest of the day. Whether it is performing a small piece of magic after some awards, or is it throughout the meal, or do they have to break whilst the CEO has to say something or speeches that are wedding are being conducted. 

If sometimes helps them if you were to guide them who they should and shouldn’t be choosing if it’s a stage performance, which table the most important people are sat at the you want them to perform to who you should avoid, and who you should definitely before magic to ensure that you provide any magician with a thermal brief of the event so that they you can maximize your return on investment. For them. They may have specific you may have specific outcomes for the magician of Mind reader, so do make it note for them. 

If you are looking for customized magic, then on occasion, professional magicians and more so digital or iPad magicians can customize their magic tricks and effects for your event. This could include branding, branded playing cards, branded iPhone or iPad cases. This could include integrating specific magic tricks into the iPhone or iPad and pulling out giveaways vouchers or little toys. They can also include some potential patter into their tricks as well to really add synergy and harmony to the brand or to your special day. Impactful magic as the day goes on at a wedding or a conference. Wedding attendees, participants or delegates are generally warm up. One of the roles of a professional magician is to help get them warmed up sooner, help them loosen up and they shouldn’t just be relying on a little bit of alcohol. This requires some impactful magic to really get the audience talking. 

There should be some funny humor, a little bit of light hearted entertainment. Most importantly, an ability to impact the audience with some moments of wonder and perform things that they’ve never seen before and will probably never seen again making the right choice of magician it’s important that the magician you choose fits with your agenda and complements your theme. If you have a golf style magician performing at your sophisticated wedding, this can jar and it can jar everybody else as well.

If you hire a magician with crude jokes, or your sophisticated corporate event, again this could not resonate as well as if you chose more carefully. Consider making the right choice of professional magician by reviewing some of the things that has been mentioned above.

Consider Hiring Duncan For Your Event

You can also look further over this website as Duncan provides a range of other resources to help you choose the correct professional magician to work with at your event, and gives you some extra guidance and indicators on how to work with a professional close up magician. My wish is that you find the right magician for your event. And if I can help you in any way I can please do not hesitate in getting in touch through the contact form above. 

Thank you and if you are looking for a professional magician, and after dinner magician a close up magician, a digital magician. Please do have a look over some of my videos. Check out some of my reviews on Google. And feel free to get in touch to discuss whether I could potentially be a right fit for your wedding, private party, conference or event. I look forward to hearing from you.

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