Magic – Complementary and Alternative Therapy
Magic Alternative Therapy

Magic – Complementary and Alternative Therapy

Learning, studying and performing magic is fast becoming a leading alternative therapy for children.

Over the past decade we have seen a sharp increase in children experiencing mental health conditions, ADHD or hyperactivity disorder. Increasingly parents, teachers, and educators have been look at alternative and complementary therapies to support these needs.

There is now more and more resources, studies and evidence to support the teaching of magic to help children with behavioural or mental health difficulties and Studying magic is now recognised as a valid alternative and beneficial complementary therapy.

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A Peer Reviewed Study

With a background in teaching, and coaching and working in primary schools with children, Duncan William is ushering in a new era of alternative therapy where children are at the forefont of support.

Adults and children have different needs, and respond differently to different forms of therapy so it makes sense to offer different services to different groups.

Having been working with children for the past 10 years in an educational environment teaching them magic Duncan has been seeing huge results with children who are experiencing difficulties with concentration, ADHD, confidence, focus, dexterity, speaking, voice projection, hyperactivity and more.


Alternative therapies are just that:

You may question the profound impact magic can have on a childs life to help them overcome difficulties that so many adults may have written off as behavioural issues. Maybe 30 years ago people used to question the credibility of acupuncture now many people swaer by the profound and healing effects of magic. 

There are of course a wide range of other alternative therapies and these include:



Ayurvedic medicine

Bowen technique








Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

Western herbal medicine


So how does learning magic work as an alternative or complementary medicine?

For a lot of parents or teachers they seek medical advice for children with mental health conditions such as hyperactivity or ADHD. The result is the child being prescribed medication which has a knock on effect with other parts of their health and the young children are never really able to manage their own mental health. This reliance on prescribed drugs leads other mental health conditions.

However, there is a huge body of evidence to show that alternative therapies such as changing a child’s diet all encoruaging them to spend more time away from the computer and in nature has much greater long term, benefical effects.

Learning magic is an interactive experience that requires a large amount of concentraction and practice but the end result and the emotional reward of being able to perform confidently and amaze other people gives the brain a shot of dopamine.

Dopamine controls many functions, including behavior, emotion, and cognition and as a result this helps to balance a child’s mood and mental instabilities. Dopamine, one receive in the form of reward of making incremental imporvements to performing a piece of magic also communicates with the front part of your brain, which is associated with pleasure and reward. In turn this helps motivate children to work even more toward achieving a reward.



So how can Duncan help?

Duncan has been supporting teachers and health professionals with the delivery of magic lessons for children with children who are experiencing difficulties with concentration, ADHD, confidence, focus, dexterity, speaking, voice projection, hyperactivity and more for the last 10 years.

His teaching is run as a course or a programme and is tailored to the requirement of the student. Parents have noticed massive results within days. As more professional therapists discover the ptency of teaching children magic, the more in demand it is become. 

Each sessions or combination of sessions is tailored to each student so if you are interested in finding out more, then get in touch with Duncan below.

Duncan has spent many years as a teacher in primary and secondary schools, is DBS checked and has been performing magic professionally for the last 10 years. See how Duncan can make a difference with his magic lessons as an alternative therapy or complementary therapy.

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