Magic Consultant For TV, Movies and Theatre
Magic consultant for TV, Movies and Theatre

Magic Consultant For TV, Movies and Theatre

What is a Magic Consultant?

Magic consultant for TV, Movies and Theatre. A magic consultant is an advisor to writer’s producers, sometimes authors, or people working in theatre productions to advise them on how to accomplish certain magical feats of wonder to elevate their show book, or performance.

So what does the process look like?

Well, as a professional magician, mind reader, and digital magician, Duncan believes that every good magic consultancy starts with a conversation. This is to see if he is a good fit for you and it’s actually achievable. There are some consultants out there who will try and tailor the outcome to their limited sometimes requirements and abilities. But Duncan believes that if he can’t achieve your goal, he will be honest enough to say so. But it all starts with a conversation. And essentially, that involves questions, to help him understand more about what you need, and how he can achieve it.

Then we move into the conceptualization phase, Duncan will share some of his thoughts and ideas of what is possible and what isn’t possible and work with you all the way to the completion of your goal to help you turn your vision into reality.

Magic Consultancy is a Process.

Duncan sees any form of his magic consultancy for TV, theatre or movies as a process. It’s very dependent on a 2-way collaboration, not only from himself and you, but your wider team of stage hands, producers, authors, writers. Alongside that he works with his own team that he engages with, on consultancy projects like these.

Magic consultancy isn’t just about the magic.

It’s about the show the context, and everything that sits around it. Yes, the magic is a massive part of it, but it needs to fit within your expectations, within the writing, within the production and within the filming. Duncan has a huge background in the theatre arts, writing, staging, and the magic scene, and has been in magic consultant, both on screen, off screen and in the theater. He’s got a library of resources behind him and over a decade of experience not only performing on stage, but also close up and also consulting. He draws all of this experience and passes it on to you. Not only that, he knows where to go and who to ask to help, develop your magical endeavors.

You can watch a sample of this below.

Watch Duncan's And Example Of Duncan's Own Theatre Show He Produced, Wrote And Starred In Below.

So Why Hire Duncan As Your Magic Consultant?

With over 15 years’ experience in front of the camera and behind the camera, not only as a performance performer, but also as an experienced consultant, you can be assured that Duncan will find every method and every angle possible to help you meet your needs. And turn your dreams into a reality. So if you’re looking for a consultant for a commercial, product launch, some theatre, film or radio, Duncan could be hired to help consult on some of these projects. In the past, he’s even been hired by best men at a wedding to create something truly unique, and also wealthy people to create a real stunt or something special at their event. He uses magic and illusion to enhance the visual experience and all of his performances are unique and tailored to you.

If you’re looking to hire a magic consultant for a commercial, this may be vanishing something or appearing something or using the technology that you have at your disposal and combining it with sleight of hand, sleight of mind or some greater illusions.

The same if you’re having a product launch, Duncan knows how to appear and vanish large objects, but also offer other creative magic methods and techniques to achieve your goal.

Duncan Is Perfect Consulting For Requirements In Front Of Or Behind The Camera.

In a theatre, you don’t have the opportunity to use cameras. That said, Duncan has spent most of his life without having a camera in his face and just live, raw eyeballs watching his every move and sleight of hand and therefore knows first hand what it means to misdirect an audience both close up and with over 1000 eyeballs looking at you.

For film, Duncan has a vast amount of experience working with actors and producers to help them achieve the impossible and even spent time consulting some radio presenters and also some guests who have been invited to speak on radio if you’re looking to work with a professional magician with over 15 years’ experience, who’s a genuine consultant, and not just a magician who says that consultant and do not hesitate to get in touch with Duncan.

For a quick discovery call to see what you want, if it can be achieved, if there’s any flex in your ideas, and to start the collaborative process with a few concepts and ideas to help bring your idea to reality.

Watch Duncan’s close up showreel below for a taster of the class you can experience.

Watch Duncan's Close Up Showreel Below:

So Why Should You Use A Magic Consultant?

As a magic consultant, Duncan’s goal was not to make him look good but to make your performer look great, your film or TV show looked fantastic or your product be showcased its best of its ability. All he asks is that you call or email with an open mind and ready to start the process of creation. Find out more click the link below to schedule a call or check Duncan’s availability. Sometimes zoom calls well, so that he can showcase some prototypes. But it can equally be beneficial to meet in person to really get a feel of the stage, of the set, or of the concept you’re looking to execute.

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