Magic and Mind Reading Theater Show

Magic and Mind Reading Theater Show

Magic and Mind Reading Theater Show

So, after many years as a professional magician and mind reader and after many requests, I’m making it happen. On 10th May 2019 I will be producing, writing, directing and starring in my own 1 man mind reading show.

This combines a mixture of routines, tricks, stunts and mind reading routines that I have performed at weddings, parties, and corporate events over the last 15 years. I am also contributing some BRAND NEW, never seen before material to make this a wholly unique experience for all who attend.


My show will mix the aforementioned magic, suggestion, psychology and misdirection as well as pseudo psychic abilities without actually being psychic. The show itself, has been customized and curated to ensure maximum fun is had and the audience are left with wonder in their hearts and amazement clearly etched on their faces.

I have set the prices at a very reasonable £10 per person and £8 as a concessionary price. The theater is nearly 175 in capacity and has beautiful tiered complete with bar and all the facilities you need.

So, what can we expect for the show?

Well the first half will be a demonstration of mind reading and psychological stunts demonstration how is it can be to influence people to make certain decisions or take certain actions. This will build and build to a climatic end of the first half making each element more challenging and unbelievable. This first half will be littered with demonstration of pseudo psychic ability. The second half, whilst will still offer more compelling mind reading routines, all more difficult from the last, it will have a heavier slant toward the psychic. Whilst not being psychic this will showcase the refined and honed abilities I have developed over the 15 or so years of my career to deliver unique and personal readings to members of the audience.

Whilst at no point will this be psychic, it will hopefully demonstrate that using a different skill set to a medium or psychic can indeed render more accurate and compelling results.

Whilst I have had a limited foray into the world of public theater, this is a natural progression for me and the act I demonstrate here, if received positively, may see itself in another theater around the country at some point.

Whilst breaking into LIVE stage performances is becoming increasingly difficult for an independent artist who has not delved into the murky world of televised talent shows, it offers the opportunity to showcase my abilities to a small yet select group of people.

Whilst I feel that the golden era of magic is slowly ebbing out due to less magic on TV, the reverb left by popular street magic shows such as DYNAMO or David Blaine can still be felt. Whilst Britain’s Got Talent has certainly contributed to increasing the profile of magic further, successful artists have indeed leveraged this exposure for their own professional growth. Artists such as Jamie Raven, Marc Spellmann, Issey Simpson have gone on to become successful performers in their own right, with the talent show affording them the platform to demonstrate to the world their skill sets and abilities. Whilst the contrived nature of these shows can leave a sour taste in your mouth, they are undoubtedly popular, certainly going no-where and also offer a perfect opportunity for niche performers such as magicians or mind readers to showcase their skills.

Whilst I digress, if you are looking for something unique, fun and entertaining without the high price of the O2 or major stadiums, then Duncan’s act may be the perfect piece of Friday Night entertainment for you.

Combining original material ideas, concepts and scripts, this show will hopefully be a springboard into new pastures, new audiences and new concepts and ideas. For more information about where you can buy tickets, please feel free to get in touch on 07934 856 696 or email me on

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