Magician London. Duncan William is a popular close up magician in London and provides his services at wedding, private parties and events. He can be hired to perform as a close up magician in London or the Greater London area!

Duncan’s act is fresh, young, exciting, contemporary and most of all fun. Ultimately, Duncan guarantees to leave your guests laughing in amazement with an incredible close-up magic experience from one of the top London magicians.



Duncan is a professional, contemporary magician London who has been working throughout the capital for the last 15 years.

He can be hired for your wedding, private event, or corporate function. You can find some frequently asked questions here.

Duncan William offers a service that is professional, fun, sophisticated, and unique.

If you want to find out more, get in touch for a no-obligation quote.

Jan Reus

"Duncan created some bespoke magic for our brand new product launch and he went above and beyond. This was a perfectly customised service and our clients responded amazingly. We will certainly be using him again!"

Lilly Wilson – London

"Thank you for attending our networking event. You really breathed life into it and helped to break the ice between our delegates. Loads of them asked for your contact details so you should be getting much more work from both of us!"

Warren Jameson

"Astonishing magic throughout the evening. Duncan engaged with our delegates perfectly and they were massively impressed. His magic helped to broker new relationships with new clients too!"

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Duncan’s close-up magic performance can be called mix and mingle magic, strolling magic, or walkabout magic. This allows him to mix between guests in both a formal and informal setting. As a party magician in London,  several London businesses and companies choosing to hire him for their drinks’ receptions, this form of casual entertainment is extremely popular. His close-up magic act is a perfect form of wedding entertainment or for a private party, BBQ, or corporate event and can act as the perfect conversation lubricant and unique form of entertainment that will create a memorable and lasting image in the minds of your guests and enhance your day.

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Whether it is plucking thoughts from your mind, vanishing a deck of cards whilst your hands are tightly wrapped around them, you physically bending a 2 pence piece in your hands, or visually seeing a borrowed £5 note transform itself into a £50 note (which you get to keep) – Duncan’s magic brings the magic from the TV too in front of your very eyes.

This is magic at its finest! Get in touch now about hiring Duncan as your wedding magician in London.

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After dinner magician in London

Booking Duncan William as an after-dinner magician is the perfect alternative to a comedian, dance act, or another kind of show. 

Duncan’s after-dinner show is the perfect choice if you are wanting 40-45 minutes of fun, laughter, lots of audience participation, and a guarantee to leave your guests laughing in amazement. You can learn more about Duncan’s show and watch his showreel here:


Duncan is one of the most in-demand magicians in London. He is often booked up a couple of years in advance and as a result, can sometimes have extremely limited availability. If you want to check a date, get a quote, or find out more about Duncan’s services then get in touch now.


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Duncan William - London Magician

Frequently asked questions before hiring a magician:

If you are considering hiring Duncan for your wedding, private party, corporate, conference or special event, Duncan is more than happy to give you an up close and personal taster or trial to see that he is the right act or performer for your event. He can of course send you some videos and speak on the phone, but if the jury is still out, he’d be happy to give you an amazing online performance. Just give him a call to discuss.

The cost of hiring a quality, professional magician in London can vary dramatically. Some amateur magicians may perform for a very low fee yet some magicians in London with TV accolades to their name may perform for a fee in their thousands. The tricky part is identifying who to choose. First of all, it’s important to set your own budget. Whilst you may find a ‘cheap magician’, remember the adage: “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur”. Having worked as a full-time professional magician in London for the last 15 years I have numerous stories of how ‘cheaper magicians’ have canceled on their clients, or been rude or crude, or arrived drunk.

I suppose the same happens in many industries but I sometimes feel there is a lot more at stake with a wedding or party. These are often special occasions that will only happen once in a lifetime. Whether you are hiring a magician for your wedding or birthday or celebration – you only get one attempt to hire some great entertainment. If you hire an incompetent electrician, you can always hire a different one to sort out his errors. Unlike hiring a wedding magician, they are there for a couple of hours and you don’t get to choose another. As a result, it is worth getting some recommendations first before paring a deposit. So then, back to the cost of hiring a magician in London:

Some magicians, as I said, may perform for a very low fee because they are in-experienced. Many will have little experience performing at special events. As a result, their fee will be low. Other professional magicians will have vast levels of experience. Some may even have TV credits to their name. However, be warned, that often, just because a magician has won an award or been on TV does not make them worth the amount they are charging. For some clients and companies, it is important to have a household name. However, their budgets are often a lot higher, and can pay £35,000 for Dynamo. However, for most companies, businesses, brides, and grooms, their budget is more reserved.

Ask around. Find out what people paid for their entertainment and decide if it can fit into your budget and can you afford a bit more to get a London-based magician who will absolutely dazzle your guests and be warm and friendly too. Before I finish talking about fees and costs, it’s important to consider if there are any hidden extras. Some entertainers may add VAT to their quoted price, others may add travel costs. I, however, am extremely transparent with my pricing, and what I quote, is the amount you pay. My cost or fee will of course vary depending on the day of the week, night or day, whereabouts in London or Greater London the party or celebration is, and the length of time. Get in contact here to quote a quote and to check availability. I aim to reply within the hour.

It is always important to consider that the magician has the correct and suitable certification to be able to perform at your event. If your magician is performing unsupervised with children it is worth checking that have a full disclosure and barring service (DBS) check. If they are performing on stage and bringing their own PA system, some venues require that they have their electrical equipment PAT tested for electrical safety. Many venues also request a valid Public Liability Insurance or Risk Assessment to be undertaken on the venue. A full time professional magician will be able to give you these details as well as their own insurance too.

All professional magicians should have a cancellation policy. This will usually fall under their ‘payment terms’ and can be found with the contract they may issue with, on their website, or on their invoice. Most professional magicians take a small deposit of £50 or others take half of the full amount. Whatever their deposit terms are, it is worth considering what you may have to pay if you or they cancel the booking. These should be shared with you before making the booking. Contracts help protect both parties from cancellation and if the entertainer cancels, it is their responsibility to find a suitable replacement.

As I mentioned earlier – the price, fee, or cost of a magician can vary dramatically. Just because a magician has many TV credits to their name or classes them as ‘award-winning’ may not give the full picture of their level of competence. I would always encourage you to find online reviews or recommendations. You can find these on their website, on their Facebook page, or their Google business page. Also, do some investigation to check that these reviews are authentic as some businesses have been known to fabricate their reviews on their websites. There is, of course, nothing stronger than getting recommendations from friends. Always ask around in your social network or on social media for recommendations from others. You can be sure that one of your friends may have hired a magician in London or know someone who has. Just be sure to take a few recommendations of the same magician because people have different experiences.

In an age of social media and websites, it’s sometimes really beneficial to see your potential magician performing in action. Nowadays it’s easy to film some footage and upload it so there should be no excuse for not having access to a showreel. It’s a great way to see if that magician will be the right fit for your wedding, party, or event in London. Be careful though as it is also extremely easy to make even a bad performer look good with some creative editing. As a result, have a look at more than one of their videos as well as any independent uploads from guests at parties. Nothing beats meeting the potential magician, face to face. If possible, request a meet-up in a pub or have a skype call. It’s really important that the magician you hire not only performs some amazing magic but also has the correct personality for your event, party, or celebration.

Following in from what I mentioned above, it’s worth asking the question: Is their personality suitable for your event? Social media is a great way to communicate this. However, it is also worth taking it with a pinch of salt as both Instagram and Facebook often only show the best side of us. That said, it’s better than nothing and you will often find reviews and comment on these pages. You will be able to get more of a feel for the type of magician they are, what kind of events they have performed at in London, the recommendations from other people, and what kind of content do they post.

The Magic Circle is perhaps one of the most prestigious and well-known magic societies in the world. To join, you have to undertake an exam that showcases both your magical knowledge and your skill. You also have to pay an annual subscription fee. The Magic Circle is ultimately a magic club for both amateurs and professionals so is not always a certification of quality. Once you join, there are no additional exams but you are required to adhere to the rules set down by the club. Despite what some bookers may think, the magic circle members are not all of excellent quality. Some are hobbyists or amateur magicians and this provides a London club for them. (Near Euston Station) Penn and Teller, perhaps, the most recognizable and respected magicians in the world have not been accepted into this club despite multiple applications. There are several magic societies and clubs around the country but again, belonging to one of these does not automatically qualify its member’s ability. I would encourage you to still watch some videos or better meet up in person.

Some magicians require a ‘tech rider’. This is a list of technical requirements to allow them to do their job. For some, this may be quite lengthy and extensive but for most close-up magicians, their act should be self-contained and they should be able to perform magic to your guests straight out of their pockets. If you are hiring a magician to perform some after-dinner entertainment, however, their requirements maybe a little longer. Some may need a stage, lighting, technical assistant, head mic, lapel mic, a wireless mic, or more specific requirements related to their show. For me, my act is fairly self-contained and can even provide my sound system and AV equipment. If you are hiring a magician for your event in London or anywhere in the UK – it is always worth checking their technical requirements before agreeing to hire them as a magician. You don’t want the special occasion to arrive only to find out that their act will be severely hampered because the venue does not have the required tech equipment. More often than not, most events also have a DJ or mic set up already so borrowing that is no problem. That said it’s always worth checking.

After going through all the points above and investigating your options, you may feel that hiring a magician for your event is not the correct form of entertainment this time. However, there are many other quirky and mainstream entertainment acts in London you could investigate to fit the budget or theme of your party. Some of the traditional options include a band, DJ, or photo booth. But where is the fun in that?


Alternative acts may include a silhouettist. A silhouettist will carefully cut out your guest’s silhouette on a black card and give it to them as a keepsake. You may decide on a more traditional caricaturist or a digital caricaturist. The difference here is that one uses pens and the other uses an iPad or a tablet. Other forms of entertainment may be a fire dancer, juggler, a stilt walker, a glitter paint artist, a speed painter, or a dance troupe. Whatever you decide, it is worth considering the suggestions above so you are congratulated for hiring the correct form of entertainment for your event!

With London being so vast there are of course a huge amount of London wedding magicians and cabaret entertainers to choose some, and there are some excellent ones out there.

Duncan offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee which is emphasized in his professionalism, punctuality, reliability, and sheer ability to entertain, amaze and astonish.

But it’s not just close-up magic where Duncan excels as a party and event magician. Duncan William has also toured the UK with his critically acclaimed stage show. He has performed at Universities, festivals, events venues, and private clubs, not to mention as the main entertainment at weddings and Christmas parties. Duncan’s cabaret act can be tailored to any party or environment.

You can also watch an updated version of his stage show, cabaret show, or after-dinner show below. (Recently filmed in London’s West End).

Be it 5 minutes, 45 minutes of cabaret, or Duncan’s full 2-hour stage show, he can tailor it to the venue and audience size, and adapt it to your guests or audience. From the smallest of houses to the largest of halls or theatres, Duncan’s act has been receiving critical acclaim wherever he has played.

Recent engagements in London have included performing wedding magic in Bromley, Croydon, Ealing, Harrow, Hounslow, and Kingston and close-up magic and mind-reading in Ilford, Romford, Sutton, Uxbridge, Wood Green, the West End, and Knightsbridge.

“Having quit my ‘traditional job’ many years ago to peruse the life of a professional London magician, I have never looked back. My magic has taken me around the world and I have visited some incredible places both in the UK, in London, and internationally too. Outside of performing magic I love to travel. I often find myself performing magic to local people in some far-flung destination. My holidays end up being busman’s holidays. However, if it’s something you love to do, then why not. When I’m not performing professionally, you can find me jogging, playing football, working on the administrative side of the business, or watching a good thriller movie. Thriller movies, like magic, often have an exciting twist at the end. That’s what I try and do when I create a new piece of magic. That last sentence leads me on to my other passion. Creating magic – This is both a challenging but fun process. Sometimes I’ll take an established magic idea and put my spin on it. Other times I will create new handlings or sleights of hand. Recently, clients have been asking me to customize my magic for their events. This is always a really fun process. I get to understand more about their company and then try and integrate their brand, logo, or message into my magic. I often find myself creating bespoke magic pieces too, incorporating their product too. When I’m not supergluing, cutting, or playing around with electronics, you can find me gardening. Nothing clears the soul more than spending time in nature. In reality, there are also very few things that are as magical as nature itself. Whether it’s the blooming of a flower, the wonder of wildlife, or the roar of the ocean. Nature is both calming and inspirational.

Some of the venues I have performed at have been just as mind-blowing. I’ve had the luxury of performing at Blenheim Palace numerous times. This is perhaps the most beautiful stately home outside of London. In London, I’m invited to venues which I never knew existed and if I were not a magician or performer, would never have the opportunity to visit. With the venue, occasionally comes some food and I’ve had the joy of sampling some of the Capital’s culinary delights. In London, I’ll often be asked to perform a couple of hours of close-up magic and occasionally clients decide to book mine after dinner act. This act is something I am truly proud of and know that the client and their guests will experience something truly fun and mesmerizing. I often find myself performing magic in one of the several London exhibition centers too, as a trade show magician. Here I can customize my magic to generate sales leads for my client and increase brand awareness. This offers a perfect return on investment and my act gives both a wow factor to their stand but also makes their brand extra memorable. Perhaps the busiest time for me as a party and event magician is over Christmas. I often find myself performing as a close-up magician in London throughout the festive season. I can be booked as an after-dinner entertainer, or as a table magician to perform to guests as they eat.

As a wedding magician in London, you can hire me to perform for guests over the wedding photoperiod, during the wedding breakfast, as the room is being turned around, or for your evening guests. I always aim to be the most creative and innovative magician in London and ensure the guests are left spellbound. You can read some of my reviews from my performances in London here”.

If you’ve been searching for a magician in London, then give Duncan William a call straight away. He will give you a no obligation quote in 2 hours.

Local venues to hire a party and event Magician

Haymarket Hotel, 1, Suffolk Pl, London SW1Y 4HX

The Dorchester Hotel, 53, Park Lane, Mayfair, London W1K 1QA

The Shard, 32, London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG

Café de Paris, 3-4, Coventry St, London W1D 6BL

Duncan is a global performer and can be hired to perform his incredible wedding magic or close-up magic at venues all over London as well as internationally. Duncan’s more popular areas where he is hired as a wedding magician in London include:

Whitehall and Westminster – full of monuments, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, this is a perfect place for a party.

Piccadilly and St James’ – this is the upmarket part of London and place where Duncan regularly performs drinks receptions and corporate events.

Soho and Trafalgar Square – the bustling nightlife of Soho and Trafalgar Square always attracts lots of visitors and events. Whether it is a big movie launch at a cinema or a street party – Duncan can provide the wow factor for your event in London!

Covent Garden and Strand – This is one of London’s most lively areas with Covent Garden playing host to several incredible street performances and the iconic Apple store. 

Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia – a truly creative part of London where many artists and writers have taken up home. Duncan regularly performs at private house parties or after-dinner events.

Holborn and the Inns of Court – Duncan regularly performs at parties and events in London hosted by lawyers and journalists in this old commercial area of London.

The City – The main area of London for financial services. Duncan is often hired to perform his tech or digital magic here as well as his after-dinner entertainment or closeup magic.

South Bank – This is the entertainment and commercial district of London so Duncan is frequently hired to perform, wow, amaze, and dazzle guests and clients from around the world at a party or an event.

Smithfield and Spitalfields – Here you can find the only wholesale market in London and plenty of seventeenth-century houses. This is a lively part of London and perfect for a more quirky event or product launch party.

Southwark and Bankside – Famous for the Tate Modern and the Shakespeare Globe Theatre Duncan occasionally get hired in this area to perform restaurant magic in London.

Greenwich and Blackheath – A popular area of London, Duncan are often hired to perform at after-dinner drinks for clients or the celebration of the completion of a successful project. He can perform either his close-up magic in London or his after-dinner entertainment show.

South Kensington and Knightsbridge – This is one of the most exclusive and upmarket areas of London. As a result, it is here where Duncan is hired to entertain guests with sophisticated and elegant close-up magic and mind-reading.

Kensington and Holland Park – Here you can find many beautiful mansions and many foreign embassies too. This is a very secure area of London due to the number of embassies and Duncan has occasionally been hired to perform at exclusive embassy events in London too.

Regent’s Park and Marylebone – Regent’s Park is home to the largest concentration of Georgian mansions in London. These beautiful mansions often play host to some elegant banquets, dinners, and private parties. Get in contact with Duncan to see he can add an extra wow factor to your event with his contemporary and sophisticated private party magic in London.

Chelsea – You can’t walk too far in Chelsea in London without seeing a high-performance sports car. The boutique shops and restaurants are great for hosting launch parties and events or even Christmas parties and Duncan is regularly hired as a Christmas party magician in Chelsea.

London Address

Magic Duncan,
47, Whitehall, Westminster, London, SW1 2BX