Make your event in Manchester amazing by hiring Duncan William

Duncan William is a professional magician in Manchester. If you are organizing a birthday party for yourself or as a surprise for someone else, a wedding, or a corporate event then hiring a magician in Manchester may have come to mind. Duncan has been performing as a professional magician in Manchester for over a decade. He has graced the TV several times, been featured in the news, on the radio, and has a client list ranging from sports stars and celebrities and recognized brands. To every performance, he brings style, professionalism, and experience in abundance.


As well as having a warm, friendly and approachable personality Duncan’s professional magic is guaranteed to get your guests talking. Forget your preconceived ideas of a magician. This is contemporary magic at its finest. Duncan performs magic with playing cards, borrowed forks and glasses, money, coins and businesses cards.

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Magician Manchester
Close up magician - Duncan William

Watch Duncan William Performing Below:

What you can expect from hiring Duncan as your entertainer:

Everything you see Duncan perform is highly visual and perfect for all ages. If you are wanting to sprinkle some magic onto your event or wedding and keep it sophisticated and fun then do not hesitate in getting touch with Duncan.

Magic is a perfect form of entertainment to break the ice between guests who don’t really know one another and has a universal appeal to all ages. Have a watch of the video below to see the kind of wonder Duncan can bring to your event as a wedding magician, party magician or after dinner magician.

Stuart Lever

"Hi Duncan, sorry this review is a bit late but wanted to say thank you for making our wedding so memorable. All of our guests had loads of compliments about you and we wished we had booked you for a few hours longer!"

Sally MacKenzie

"Thank you for having such a positive contribution to our work party. Some of the tricks you did blew me away and I had people coming up to me all night telling me about the amazing things you had been doing."

Debbie Draycott

"Thank you, Duncan, for attending our event. The directors and our team members were mesmerised by your act and many of them wanted to pass on their thanks to making our event so special. We will certainly be hiring you again!"




After dinner magician in Manchester

After dinner magician Manchester

Whether you are hosting a gala, ball, charity event, conference, or corporate event, then Duncan can supply you with some incredible entertainment to really leave your guests talking. His stage show, or after dinner show is approximately 40-45 minutes in length (but could equally be tailored to any length you require. It’s an interactive show (but only if you want to) and is full of fun and magic mysteries. This is a professionally produced show which Duncan has performed to several recognizable brands and companies such as Coca-Cola, Procter, and Gamble, Audi, Ford, Huawei, and more. 

Close up magician in Manchester

Corporate magician in Manchester

Duncan is known around all of social media and in the entertainment industry as having some incredible playing card skills. His sleight of hand is regarded as the finest in the country and he combines this with a contemporary approach to make him one of the most sought after magicians in Manchester.

A consummate professional since 2005, he has established his reputation as one of the UK’s leading close up magicians providing incredible entertainment for all events.

Duncan performs miracles in your hands where you get to experience the magic happening under your very own nose.

Wedding Magician in Manchester

Wedding magician Manchester

If you have attended as many weddings as Duncan has, you will quickly realise that the best weddings spend the most on entertainment. These are the things that people really remember over the flowers of the size of the cake. The reason for this is that most entertainment is interactive in some degree or another.

However, nothing quite rivals the interactive nature of wedding magic which happens in your guests hands. Duncan’s magic retains the same elegance and sophistication as your wedding without it being stuffy or fussy.

Duncan is one of the most in demand magicians in Manchester. He is often booked up a couple of years in advance and as a result can sometimes have extremely limited availability. If you want to check a date, get a quote or find out more about Duncan’s services then get in touch now.

Magician Manchester FAQs

How much does a Manchester magician cost?

The cost can range between £350 and £1,000. However, this price range is dependent on the number of hours you hire your magician for as well as the type of performance they offer. For a longer performance or after-dinner show in front of everyone, expect to pay more. Performances which require high levels of production will need more setting up time and is a more niche field. 

How do I book a Manchester magician?

Each magician has a different booking process but Duncan tries to make it as smooth and as streamlined as possible. Once you have chosen your date and time and Duncan has checked his availability then Duncan will send you a booking form or checking off form. This will be accompanied by a contract and a request for a deposit. Once this deposit has been paid, you can consider the date secured and Duncan will call you to confirm.

Why choose Duncan as your Manchester magician?

Duncan has been a professional magician for over 15 years. He comes with a wealth of experience and a number of accolades to accompany a plethora of independent reviews. His clients read like a who’s who of recognizable brands. He has performed internationally and in front of thousands of audiences members in theatres. With this experience come professionalism and a truly warm and friendly personality with a desire to compliment your event and make it the best it can be.

How long should I hire Duncan to perform at my event?

Duncan is extremely flexible when it comes to performing at your event and understands that it is indeed, your event and not his. He will happily adpat to perform for as long or as short as you require him to.

For most events, Duncan is hired for 2 hours. This is usually sufficient time for him to entertain all of your guests at a drinks or wedding reception or conference. Occasionally, Duncan is hired for longer periods of time if there are more guests or if the clients require him to also perform his after dinner show as well. Contact Duncan and he will understand your needs and offer suggestions as to how long he recommends you to secure his services for.

What tricks does a Manchester magician perform?

A professional Manchester magician will ensure that your audience is getting the best experience from his magical services. Often Manchester magicians perform highly commerical routines such as changing a £5 note into a £50 note, pushing a glass bottle through the table or making a deck of cards turn into glass in your hands. Other magicians, favour more mind reading and some can tell you the type of star sign you are or tell you what object you are simply thinking of. 

What events work best for hiring a Manchester magician?

Magicians are hired for all range of events in and around Manchester. The most popular engagement for a Manchester magician is a wedding. Magicians in Manchester are also hired for private parties, corporate events, conferences, team building days, celebrations, award ceremonies, birthday parties, anniversaries and more obscure parties such as hen parties and baby showers. Many Manchester magicians are extremely flexible and can adapt their sets and repertoires to your chosen event. Listing all of the venues Duncan has performed at in Manchester would take too long but some of his recent venues include The Castlefield Rooms, Elliot House, Manchester Hall, Didsbury House Hotel and The Midland Hotel.

Can I hire Duncan as a Birthday and private party magician in Manchester?

You only become 30, 40, 50 60 years old once. What better way to celebrate that milestone than hiring a birthday party magician. Whilst Duncan is not a children’s magician – his party magician is perfect for all ages. It is not just birthday parties that Duncan performs at. He is also hired as a magician for private parties. This may be a celebration or family party. Duncan’s magic is perfect as he mixes and mingles between guests. When you have a private party the combination of close-up magic and an after-dinner entertainment show often works really well. This way you can enjoy an intimate performance of close-up magic as well as something for all of your guests to join in with.

If you want to bring something special to your private party that won’t detract from the party but compliment it without it being overpowering like a band then give Duncan a call to help you understand how he can tailor his act for you.

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