Hire An Amazing Mind Reader For Your Event

Hire An Amazing Mind Reader For Your Event

Why should you hire a mind reader for your event? A mind reader is is a unique entertainer that can bring something truly unique and special to your event and make it stand out from other events that may have seen other forms of mix and mingle entertainment like a magician or caricaturist .

According to many event planners they always on the look out for some unique entertainment to make their event stand out. Hiring a mind reader is a great way to do just that. Duncan William is one such mind reader. His performance is light hearted and fun and doesn’t delve into the dark secrets of people’s minds that some event planners may think they do. This is similar to magic but using psychology and showmanship to create something truly unique.

Examples of mind readers include Derren Brown who is more commonly referred to as a psychological illusionist. You will see if you ever watch any of his shows that they are 100% fun and interactive.

Duncan’s mind reading performance is similar. Whilst he is not a tarot card reader, clairvoyant or fortune teller his mix and mingle walk around act does feature more personal routines. Examples include Duncan telling someone the name of their first pet or unlocking their mobile phone with their PIN number. Duncan’s mind reading routines also include getting people to choose certain objects or behaving in a certain way. This is certainly not hypnosis but is fun, interactive, engaging and 100% unique. No two shows or performances are the same.

People also ask: What is a mind reader?

A: A mind reader is a person who can tell what the other person is thinking. In the case of a mind reader for entertainment at parties a mind reader is someone who performs in small groups or on a stage picking up on thoughts and telling people secret information. There is nothing such thing as ‘real’ mind reading as if there was you could avert disasters and be a massive benefit to the world. The kind of mind reading Duncan performs is simulated. It will leave you questioning whether he genuinely can read your mind!

People also ask: What does a mind reader do?

People often confuse the role of a mind reader with a clairvoyant, fortune teller, medium, oracle, prophet, psychic, sage or seer. However a mind reader is someone who performs in the entertainment field and does that – entertains. They make predictions, tell people what they are thinking in a fun, way and weaves it all together with lots of laughs.

As a mind reader Duncan can perform a mind reading stage show in front of everyone or mix and mingle between guests performing close up mind reading.

People also ask: When is the best time to hire Duncan as a mind reader?

Duncan can be hired to perform mind reading at weddings, birthday parties for adults, private events, corporate events, conferences and celebrations. He is commonly hired to entertain guests during the drinks reception or between the tables over dinner. Duncan does not need a table to perform so can move between tables and guests without any restrictions. There is no set up required for his close up mind reading show. 

People also ask: Who is a famous mind reader?

Derren Brown is perhaps the most famous mind reader in recent years. He has performed his mind reading act combined with magic, psychology and suggestion on TV, on stage and written a number of books. Famous American mind readers include Uri Geller, Kreskin and UK mind reader David Berglas. Again, these were all entertainers with a background in magic. They all, much like Duncan mix and match magic with psychological illusions to give the impression of real mind reading much to the delight of the audience.

People also ask: What is a mentalist?

A mentalist is another word for a mind reader and the word mentalist has been popularised by the long running TV show. It lead magic and mind reading consultant was the lesser known British mind reader – Luke Jermay. The show was created by Bruno Heller in which a well-known ‘psychic’ declares himself as a fake or phoney and then goes on to help the FBI in California using his skill set.

How can Duncan’s mind reading skills make your party, corporate event or celebration be one to remember?

Duncan’s mind reading is perfect for mixing and mingling between guests at a drinks reception before everyone goes in to dine. It’s a great way to break the ice between guests and have lots of fun unlocking their mobile phones or telling them their back PIN. You hear audible gasps and laughs as Duncan effortlessly makes his way between guests to create a real talking point for the rest of the evening.

To find out more or to check availability please get in touch with Duncan who will be happy to offer you a free virtual mind reading demonstration to see if he is the right fit for your event.

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