Networking Events Magician Entertainment
Networking events magician entertainment

Networking Events Magician Entertainment

How To Add Some Magic Into Your Networking Events

Duncan William is a professional networking event magician. Networking events come in various forms, including conferences,  seminars, trade shows, meetups, and general social gatherings. They combine structured activities like thought-provoking panel discussions, occassionally keynote speeches, and sometimes workshops with informal or formal networking opportunities, allowing participants to mingle effortlessly, exchange business cards, and engage  conversations leading to furthering their mutual business interests.

What Exactly Is A Networking Event?

At their core, networking events are curated to facilitate the natural growth of personal and business relationships and the forging of connections that could hold potential for unlocking professional business opportunities. These opportunities may come in the form of potential job leads, transformative business partnerships, invaluable mentorship, or potential clients. Networking events can be tailored to cater to specific industries, focusing on professionals within a particular field, or they can embrace a broader approach by attracting individuals representing diverse industries, thereby fostering an atmosphere of collaboration and the cultivation of ideas.

What Benefits Can A Networking Event Bring?

Participating in networking events offers attendees a wide range of benefits that extend well beyond the immediate gathering. By immersing themselves in these networking events, attendees have the privilege of meeting new, like-minded individuals, gaining insights into industry trends, learning from fellow seasoned experts, and effectively showcasing their unique expertise, skills or compelling business offerings. Not only that, but, networking events provide a platform for individuals to advance their careers, stimulate business growth, and embark on a transformative journey of personal development, all facilitated through the vibrant exchange of ideas and experiences.

In summary, networking events provide an unparalleled opportunity for business professionals to expand their professional horizons, foster meaningful connections, and explore exciting possibilities within their respective industries. By actively engaging in these transformative gatherings, professionals can elevate their knowledge, cultivate indispensable alliances, and unlock the gateway to a world brimming with infinite potential.

So What's The Problem With Networking Events?

The biggest problem of networking events like these is that people are often still in ‘work-mode’ and therefore act very formal. Especially in England where we are known as being quite shy and having a stiff upper lip, before any alcohol flows, we are reluctant to engage in conversation with others. Of course, a few drinks can help, but this often takes a while to kick in. After all you have thrown together a group of professionals, acting professionally in an environment where there is a high change that they may not know anybody outside of the couple of people they have come with.

A Networking Event Magician Is The Solution!

By incorporating magic into a networking event, a magician like Duncan can captivate the attendees, create memorable experiences, and stimulate interaction and conversation among participants. This is sometimes referred to as mix and mingling and ice breaking magician. It adds an element of entertainment and excitement that breaks the ice, enhances engagement, and ultimately contributes to a more enjoyable and successful networking experience for everyone involved where the clients will rave about the event and bring more clients in next time, growing your event more and more. 

A networking magician like Duncan can contribute to making a networking event better by injecting some fun magical entertainment and making it more fun that just ‘boring work talk’ encouraging others to bring their colleagues and make the event even more successful each time you hots it.

Here are a few ways a networking magician can enhance a networking event with their unique blend of wonder and magic guaranteed to leave your guests laughing in amazement:


Icebreaker Performances: As mentioned before a networking magician like Duncan can kick-off the event with captivating and interactive close up magic performances that serve as icebreakers. This helps attendees to relax, feel more at ease and lubricates the  conversations and networking among participants.

Table Magic: Some magicians are referred to table magicians. Duncan rarely refers to him as a table magician as there are often few tables at cocktail or networking parties to support their performances. Duncan’s magic is 100% interactive and he can roam effortlessly between groups bringing groups together and leave them laughing in amazement. This creates a unique and memorable experience for guests, fostering a positive and and lively atmosphere.

Customized Magic: Duncan is an expert at customising his magic to his clients. This can include integrating some of his unique magic into digital magic. He can use your brand and language to create a real synergy between his magic and your brand, product logo or name of networking event making the performances relevant and engaging for the attendees.

Magic Workshops: Occasionally Duncan is hired to perform his magic workshops at networking events. Here he delivers magic workshops or masterclasses during the networking event making it a really fun and immersive experience. Attendees can learn simple magic tricks and use them as conversation starters, providing a unique networking opportunity.

Stage Performances: Duncan is sometimes asked to perform his acclaimed stage show in front of delegates. The beauty of Duncan’s networking magic stage performance is that it is modular so can be broken down into 5 minute WOW! pieces that can be customised and wow the audience. This offers a great unifying piece and is perfect for product launches and end of year celebrations or other variations of networking events to ensure your guests are left laughing and gasping!

Watch an example of Duncan’s close up magic below:

Watch Duncan's Networking Magic Showreel Below:

Watch Duncan's Networking Stage Show Magic Showreel Below:

What Kind of Networking Events Is A Networking Magician Perfect For:

Networking events attract a wide range of companies representing various industries, each with the goal of creating meaningful connections to elevate their businesses or for personal growth. Here are a few examples of the types of companies commonly known to host networking events:

Professional Associations: Industry-specific professional associations regularly organise networking events to bring together professionals within their respective fields. These intimate networking events create the perfect opportunities for members to forge connections, exchange knowledge, and cultivate business and personal relationships.

Business Organizations: Chambers of Commerce, business councils, and trade organizations frequently host networking events and they are more often than not exclusively tailored for their members. The primary objectives are similar to other events by cultivating business connections, promoting collaborative ventures, and enhancing the growth of local enterprises through shared synergies.

Event Management Companies: Event and entertainment companies love to showcase their skills and expertise by hosting networking events as part of their comprehensive suite of services. These are often meticulously planned a crafted occasions as they reflect the quality of what they can offer prospective clients. The generally cater to specific industries and sometimes forge into new markets, serving as catalysts for professionals to forge connections, foster engagement, and cultivate a mindset for success.

Technology Start-ups and Incubators: Exciting start-up companies often leverage the universal power of networking events by hosting events that are specifically designed to bring together a mix of creative and forward thinking minds such as entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts, and potential partners. These networking events are often the most enjoyable for a networking magician to perform at  as the clients often have open minds and not afraid to share their emotions of wonder and surprise. These events can prove extremely beneficial to all attendees and often create fertile grounds for securing crucial funding for their businesses.

Professional Development and Training Providers: Organizations that offer professional development programs or training courses support their learning and development programs by including and offering networking events to their members and attendees. Events such as these give participants the opportunity to forge relationships with industry experts and fellow learners, advancing their growth through shared experiences and expansive networks.

Corporate Organizations: Corporate entities, that range from large corporations to multinational companies, often invest large amounts of money in hosting networking events for some of their most distinguished clients, donors stakeholders, and industry partners. These events serve as powerful platforms for nurturing relationships, showcasing innovative products or services, and fostering ongoing education and enrichment. These also provide the opportunity to secure more sponsorship or financial input.

Non-profit Organizations: Non-profits embrace collaboration by organizing networking events that unite donors, supporters, and community members. At the same time these special networking events nurture connections, a give attendees a platform to share knowledge and updates on the organization’s endeavours and industries latest trends.

Entrepreneurship and Startup Communities: Throughout the UK, there are a number of  entrepreneurship hubs, start-up communities, and collaborative co-working spaces that help build networking events that fuel the growth of startups and entrepreneurs. These events serve as the perfect platform to build networking and mentorship relationships and at the same time give all attendees the opportunity to exchange knowledge, thoughts and ideas.

Watch Duncan's Close Up Digital Showreel Below:


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