New Years Eve Magician
New Years Eve Magician

New Years Eve Magician


New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to book a New Year’s Eve magician. Duncan William is a professional magician who’s been performing around the UK and internationally for the last 15 years.

His magic is pure and undeniable and is the perfect way to see in the new years. If you’re thinking about Out with the old and in with the new, then this certainly is new. Duncan combines incredible magic, which mixes sleight of hand with some never been seen before mind reading.

As a New Year’s Eve magician, Duncan performs his skills at restaurants or private parties and get togethers for celebrations. No audience is too small and no audience is too large. Duncan perform either close up in an intimate gathering, or his after dinner mind reading show for about 40, 45 minutes. 

So, why book a New Years Eve magician?

Well, not everybody wants to listen to really loud music on New Year’s Eve. Not everybody wants to see fireworks. There’s plenty of those around. Something to catch people’s attention and make the New Year’s Eve really memorable can be something as elegant, sophisticated and as fun as having a new museum New Year’s Eve magician like Duncan. So, why is Duncan a good choice? Well, with over 15 years experience, Duncan tailors his magic to your audience. It’s perfect for all ages, and is an elegant and sophisticated way to see the new year in. What’s even better with Duncan is that he can also include branded magic into his act.

What this means is if you are running a restaurant, and you’re wanting something elegant, alongside New Year’s Eve meals, then Duncan can combine the branding or logos of your restaurant to make the event even more memorable and to encourage people to come back time and time again. New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity to relaunch a restaurant and bring in the guests.

Lots of clients that Duncan works for often sell tickets for New Year’s Eve dinner, drinks, and magic around the tables. This added entertainment is far more sophisticated, elegant, and doesn’t interfere with people’s dinners than a DJ or something similar.

Entertainment Ideas for New Year's Eve at Restaurants

Well, you could have a caricaturist you could have a DJ, you could book in a children’s entertainer. You could offer meal deals or you could have a singer or you could have some backing musicians. However, many people would have heard music or seen live music. Not everybody would have had their caricature done. But note that not everybody can have their carricature done in an evening, often they are eating and there’s only a certain number of caricatures that a caricatures could do. Hiring a professional magician, however, ensures that everybody gets to experience something magical and memorable over the new year.

This is because Duncan can work his way round the whole of the audience and performing some magic and mind reading, which will be memorable long after New Year’s Eve celebrations finish. Alongside that Duncan has on occasion returned to the restaurants to entice those people back in again.

Duncan has enough material and a range of routines to be draw card for people to return to the restaurant and increase the profile. I’m sure people remember the food show people remember the background music. They imagine your audience talking about that magician who unlocked their mobile phone that magician who told them their first pet or their star sign or even that magician who changed five pounds into 20 pounds or made a deck of cards transform into glass right beneath their noses is far more memorable, and much more of a talking point. Word of mouth is so important in today’s age, where there’s so much noise. So, having something really quite memorable that people have rarely seen, and will probably never see again, is a great way to increase the profile of your restaurant.

New Year's Eve House Party Entertainment

Hiring a magician for your New Years Eve party at your house, this is also a great idea. Duncan can tailor his act for small groups, medium size and large groups of friends and family. If you want something on obtrusive, sophisticated, classy, but really good fun and hiring Duncan or another New Year’s Eve magician is a great idea.

Often, Duncan performs both his close up magic and mind reading to groups of people as they drink Prosecco or nibble on canopies and then finishes the evening off with a 40 minute show in front of everybody. Not everybody wants to let off fireworks or bring bands into their house. So, this is a perfect way to have something really memorable for your New Year’s Eve party. Duncan’s cabaret or after dinner show packs small, but plays big and involves everybody. What better way to bring everybody together to see in the new year. Often Duncan is hired either up to midnight, or till about 11:30. By then, everybody’s had a few drinks. They’re all a little bit tipsy and on occasion very drunk and it’s over to you to see the new year in with chairs and maybe fireworks.

So, if you’re looking to hire a professional magician to really make your New Year’s Eve celebrations, extra special, then get in contact with Duncan and see how you can customize his close up magic act. Always after dinner cabaret show to meet your requirements and ensure that you and your guests have an extremely memorable fun new year.

Watch Duncan's stage showreel below

Magician To See The New Year In

Hiring a magician to help you see the new year in is always an exciting proposition. With Duncan being one of the busiest UK magicians, it is well worth enquiring early to check his availability to secure his services.

Duncan can tailor his act to your requirements and it all starts with a quick call to see how he can help. So if you are interested in hiring a close up or after dinner magician for your New Years Eve party then get in touch with Duncan below:

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