Part 2. 2019 year of magic reviewed.

Part 2. 2019 year of magic reviewed.

The first half of the year was focussed on completing a challenge I had set myself. That to host, and put on a full theatre show. I chose one of the largest independent theatres in Nottingham, the Bonnington Theatre and then set about creating a 2 hour show. Often when I am hired for my after-dinner show – it is often 40-45 minutes in length and with a particular kind of performance and style of routines for a corporate audience. A theatre show requires a lot more theatrics and I was equally afforded the luxury of being able to do what I want. As a result this was a brilliant creative exercise for me. I had a 175 seat theatre I was determined to sell out so wanted to promote and push the show as hard as possible. In the end we sold it out which was brilliant. I invested in some brand new routines purely for the theatre and stage shows and rehearsed them. The first time I came to perform some of them, including the closer to my show was on the night! I had to look at staging, backdrops, music, lighting, sound, advertising and my good friend very kindly offered to compere too.

So this was all happening up until the night of the theatre show – 10th May 2019. The place had sold out and thanks to my audience, the theatre secured its highest ever bar takings! I’d like to use this blog to thank everyone who came and helped to promote the show be it directly or indirectly and hope everyone enjoyed it. You can watch my brand new showreel taken from that night here: THEATRE SHOWREEL. To hire me as a magician Nottingham, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Other beautiful venues I visited included the Park Plaza in London where I worked alongside a speed painter. This was another fun gig performing some of my latest magic to an American company who were hosting a conference.

Later in May I performed at the Haymarket Hotel – a beautiful venue and the actual drinks reception was around a swimming pool. Whilst this may sound like an unusual place to perform magic it was actually really beautiful. The pool was lit with up-lights and down-lights, flowers floated in the pool and I was performing strolling magic between guests whilst they ate canapes and drank bubbly. This ended up being a really fun event as the accountants and bankers moved away from talk about money and wealth and relaxed into the enjoyment of the night. Performing magic and certainly mind reading at a drinks reception like this is a perfect way to break the ice and steer people away from the constant ‘whir’ of work and productivity they have their minds.

Another event in London later that week was at a place called Sizona. This is a really unusual event space where the downstairs is somebody’s bedroom. Upstairs was where I was performing. I’d created some custom magic and mind reading for a brand launch. Hosted by some really friendly and approachable people, the event, whilst small had invited bloggers, Instagram influencers and other media names. With such a creative product and set of people this was a really enjoyable event as everyone was keen to see the magic, have their minds read and let out gasps of disbelief!

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