Psychic Show

Psychic Show


Have you ever been to a Psychic Show and left feeling deflated because the psychic has not been accurate. Worse still, you leave trying to put pieces together and read into what they have been saying or suggesting.

When you visit a psychic, most people pay so you are already invested in that interaction so there is an element of you that wants to believe. However if you were to go to a psychic show and ask them a specific question, from my experience, they will say “it doesn’t work like that, I feel like you are challenging me and putting up a block”. At least that is from my experience of meeting hundreds of psychics through my time working as a mystery performer and mind reader. 

As a result, I have created a 45 minute Psychic Show where I give you the answers to real questions and reveal facts about you that no one else could possibly know. These are specifc and not open to interpretation and can be verified by you. 

I use a different set of skills or a more advanced level of intuition leave you and your guests in amazement. I deliver 100% accuracy on your thoughts and requests. I’m not a psychic but this will leave you believing I am truly supernatural. 

The beauty of my psychic show is that it doesn’t focus on death and unhappiness but is a fun, engaging and completely interactive show. Another main difference between my show and other psychic shows you may see is that I don’t find one, or two people and spend my night working with them as they are ‘open’ or the spirits are present. Instead, if you want to take part you can do, dependent on numbers. In fact there is a large part of the show where everyone gets to ask a question and ask some facts to test Duncan with. 

There is also a real variety to the show too. Different presentations and styles will ensure this is compelling and exciting throughout. The show lasts 40-45 minutes (sometimes more dependent on the number of guests) and is perfect for hen parties, celebrations, birthday parties, away days, Christmas parties and more. 


Who is the psychic show suitable for?

Duncan’s interactive show is an adult show. There is nothing dark or upsetting but it is not a ‘magic show‘. As a result it is not really suitable for children as this is a very personal and interactive experience that it is unlikely children will engage in. I usually say the show is suitable for young adults from 17 years old and upwards. The show itself is perfect for hen parties, private parties, birthday parties, celebrations, family gatherings or Christmas parties if you are looking for something different. 

Do I need to bring anything to the show?

The most important thing you bring to the show is an open mind and even a mild interest to participate is great. Whilst if you don’t want to take part I don’t require it, the show is much better with audience participation. If people come up or help out with some of the psychic routines I don’t make anyone feel silly or embarassed and am always respectful and sensitive of the information I share with the audience.

If you want, you are more than welcome to bring a small object with you that can belong to yourself or someone else and we can use that as a conduit as part of some of the routines to deliver highly accurate psychic readings. 

How much is the show?

The shows price varies based on a number of differnet factors. This could be the location. I’m a full time professional perfromer so if you are based overseas then the fee may reflect that. Equally so, the price will vary dependent on the length. Alongside the show, which usually lasts for 45 minutes, I also offer a 60 minute show and more often than not am asked to spend a longer period at the end of the show performing one on one psychic style readings.

Psychic Show

Are you really psychic?

The accuracy of the readings and information about you I share is 100x more accurate than people who promote themseleves as psychic. The abilities I have and use, don’t fall into any particular category but if you are wanting something where you get big reactions, highly accurate information being shared and a fun night for you and your friends then this is what I do. If you book someone who claims they are psychic you are never quite sure how accurate they will be or if it will work with you. I am different. I tend not to put myself into the same category as a psychic as their intuition or ‘psychic abilities’ may let them down on the day and you are left feeling very short changed. 

What kind of things can I expect from the show?

Whilst I don’t want to give away a lot of the suprises of the show. Some of the things you will experience include revealing you first and last name, your first partner, your pet, a secret fact about you that you have not told anyone else, your exact date of birth, the name of people who have passed on and details about them such as the above, revealing what you ate for lunch, words you are simply thinking about and so so much more. This is all wrapped up in fun, laughter and entertainment.

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