Small Wedding Entertainment
Small wedding entertainment

Small Wedding Entertainment

What is considered a small wedding?

Let’s talk small wedding entertainment ideas. If you are used to a big Asian wedding, then a more traditional British wedding may seem small. Asian weddings can reach up to the thousands whereas a typical British wedding features between 50 and 170 guests. A small wedding is usually classed as a smaller number of guests present; typically around 40 or less.

The specific count can vary depending on cultural traditions and of course financial considerations, not to mention the size of everyone’s family. Small, or large weddings simply come down to perspective. Generally, a small wedding brings together and smaller, more intimate gathering of close family members and friends and as such don’t reach out into work colleagues or cousins etc. As a result these kind of smaller weddings take place in much more intimate venues which possibly don’t typically cater for more traditional sized weddings. This can add some real uniqueness to the day. Of course this can be one of the most special days in the life of the bride and groom to be, so whether large or small the main consideration should be on your wants and needs and everyone else’s perhaps being secondary.

How do you entertain guests at a small wedding?

When it comes to entertaining guests at a small wedding, there are a number of different options you could consider to make the day amazing. Here are a few suggestions:

Bespoke or personalised entertainment: Large weddings need entertainment that offers a one-size-fits-all kind of vibe. This could be a band, a DJ, giant Jenga or something that appeals to everyone. When you have a small wedding you can hire some small wedding entertainment that really takes advantage of the smaller group. Hiring a professional magician like Duncan offers some incredible bespoke tailored performances that are classy yet personalised to your guests. They are not overpowering like a band or a DJ are and can ensure that despite the intimate size, your wedding is remembered long after everyone takes the carriages home. This will fuel and lubricate in conversations, and make your guests feel extra special.

Interactive activities: It’s important to consider creative ways to make your small wedding interactive. This needs to be more than just a fancy Sunday lunch or family get together. Involving some interactive entertainment is perfect for breaking the ice between guests who don’t know one another and elevating the memorability of your weddings. You could try and include some lawn games, a mini-photo booth, have a a DIY cocktail bar or DIY pizza booth where guests can create their own drinks or pizza but sometimes guests just want to relax. You could even you could have a build-your-own taco bar with a selection of toppings and fillings or even a dessert station where guests can create their own desserts or sweet treats.

Enter a professional wedding magician like Duncan – he can perform to all the group with his cabaret show (lasting about 40 minutes) or his close up magic which is highly interactive, fun and engaging.

Duncan’s show is 100% interactive and is perfect when you are looking for something truly unique and interactive for your small wedding entertainment. Duncan can perform all over the UK and internationally as a wedding magician Nottingham, Magician London, Birmingham, Sheffield etc

You can watch a sample of this below.

Watch Duncan's Small Wedding Entertainment Cabaret Showreel Below:

Small Wedding Entertainment Ideas Continued:

His act can range from 5 minutes up to 45 minutes and packs small yet plays big so no extra consideration with space needs to made really. This can then be complimented with up close table magic, perfect for ages, and all families and friends.

Consider Surprise elements: Magic of course is unique, surprising and memorable. Even if you decide to choose a different style of entertainment for your small wedding – consider incorporating a surprise element to add an extra element of excitement. It could be a surprise performance  by a talented friend or family member or a guest that the family haven’t seen for a long time. A couple of singing waiters can be a possible choice although they can be overpowering for a small wedding. With some creativity you could weave some surprise elements into the day as you have few guests to co-ordinate to be in the same place at the same time.

The important thing to remember when considering entertainment for your small wedding is to tailor the entertainment to the intimate size and atmosphere of a wedding, ensuring that everyone involved, engaged, and connected throughout your special day and the entertainment is not a cookie-cutter style DJ which becomes too overpowering for everyone. Each small wedding entertainment will be different dependent on the size and your preferences.

How Do You Have a Small But Classy Wedding?

It sometimes easier to create a small but classy wedding as there are less moving parts to consider.

The first consideration is to choose a venue that epitomises the class and sophistication you are after.  You could chooser and out of the way boutique hotel or restaurant, a historic mansion which hire out some of their rooms for private functions, or private gardens which rarely if ever hire their grounds out for a wedding. With the right charm and explanation of your day – some stately homeowners in the UK may be open to you hosting your wedding on their land. This adds to the uniqueness and intimacy of the day.

The second consideration is to build your special day around the food and gourmet dining experience: With smaller numbers you may have the ability, if you have the budget to treat your guests to an a private chef who could offer a carefully curated gourmet menu. You could reach out to  local chefs or private caterers who will incorporate flavours that showcase your personal preferences and make the dining experience an event in itself too.

You should prioritize quality in every aspect of your special day. Whereas large weddings may be able to gloss over lower quality at the need to cater for larger numbers – having an increased attention to detail for smaller weddings ensure that they remain classy: It’s worth paying that little bit more for elegant table settings adorned with tasteful décor, and bespoke floral decorations.

Other ways to elevate the elegance is by having the right form of small wedding entertainment. A string quartet, a digital magician, close up magician, table magician or wedding magician like Duncan can add to the classy, sophisticated nature of your wedding.

Watch Duncan’s close up showreel below for a taster of the class you can experience.

Watch Duncan's Small Wedding Entertainment Showreel Below:

What's The Advantage of Having a Small Wedding?

Having a small wedding comes with a number of advantages over larger weddings.

The first, and potentially the most important for some is the cost. Generally, smaller weddings are more budget-friendly but can rise if you are looking to add more high end elements that wouldn’t normally feature in larger weddings. With fewer guests to accommodate you might choose to spend more on the food, table decorations or venue.

A smaller wedding also provides the opportunity to have a more intimate Atmosphere: A small wedding allows for a truly intimate and personal atmosphere without a loud band or noisy DJ drowning out everyone’s conversations. With a smaller guest list, you have the opportunity to spend quality time with each guest and create lasting memories together. As a result your wedding not only offers the romance of a wedding but becomes a true reflection of your closest relationships.

A smaller wedding also gives you more creative freedom: Having a small wedding grants you greater creative freedom and flexibility. You can consider more unique and perhaps unconventional venues that may not be suitable for larger gatherings. Whether it’s an intimate garden ceremony, or an exclusive restaurant, or a private residence which you hire exclusively for your special day, having a smaller wedding becomes a lot more memorable for those in attendance and you have the freedom to choose a venue, the food and the decoration that fits more with your wants and desires than everyone else’s.

Finally, fewer numbers means less stress. Planning a small wedding is often less stressful compared to organizing a larger wedding. With a more manageable guest list, you can focus on the details that matter most to you. The planning process becomes less overwhelming, allowing you to enjoy the journey and instead of worrying about how other people with feel or behave.

What Are Some Places Where You Can Enjoy A Small Wedding In The UK?

There’s a whole host of unique and intimate wedding venues in the UK that are perfect for hosting small and intimate weddings. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Country Houses and Estates: The UK has a whole host of country houses and estates that provide a intimate wedding options. However a lot of these a reserved for larger weddings and may prioritise those ahead of your simply for profit.

You could explore boutique hotels: Boutique hotels are becoming more and more popular in the UK however they share the venue with hotel guests and are not always exclusive. They do however, offer a cozy and elegant atmosphere ideal for small weddings if you can secure the date. Again they often prioritise larger weddings.

Botanical or Private Gardens can be a beautiful option for small weddings: These occasionally offer their grounds out to private event companies and small weddings but can be tricky to secure and require more insurance to ensure their grounds don’t get damaged by drunk revellers.

Duncan provides intimate, fun and engaging close up and cabaret small wedding entertainment for brides, grooms and their guests around the UK.

Hire An Incredible Small Wedding Entertainment Edition To Your Day:

If you are considering what kind of small wedding entertainment to choose or wanted some small wedding entertainment ideas then get in touch with Duncan and he can help you see what works best for you and how to make your special day amazing!

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