Socially Distanced Wedding Games
Social Distancing Wedding Games

Socially Distanced Wedding Games

Are you looking for some interactive socially distanced wedding games ideas?

In 2021 the world has started opening up after periods of lockdown. As the world opens up, so do the opportunities for brides and grooms to celebrate their wedding after no doubt, months of delay and rearranged dates. 

For some brides and grooms they may have already got married officially so, now, with the restrcitions lifted have the opportunity to celebrate with their friends and family. 

Of course, celebrations mean, fun, laughter, drink, food and games. However, despite all of this and brides and grooms excited to celebrate in style,  the pandemic still rages. 

As a result, precautions, considerations and thoughts need to be given to socially distanced wedding games and entertainment.

Usually, it would be an easy job to hire a DJ and let everyone make their own entertainment, but now, with people still required to adhere to social distancing rules and regulations, consideration needs to be given to alternative forms of wedding entertainment.

A socially distanced wedding show

So you could order in a giant jenga, a big game of connect 4, sacks for people to have sack races and other littel add-ons like this. However, for most brides they want this to be the wedding they have always dreamed of. For most brides a giant connect four game won’t make their wedding memorable, stand out or be remembered for the right reasons years down the line.

However, what will make their BIG day stand out is something, interactive, fun, enagaging, involves everyone and is highly memorable that most people will remember. If you can sprinkle in some laughs and gasps, then you have the perfect socially distanced wedding games. 

BUT – Is there such a thing?

Games are often things you can arrange yourself, often on a budget and often don’t have the same class and inclusiveness as something more interactive and special. 

INTRODUCING Duncan’s socially distanced wedding show:


So What Exactly Is the Socially Distanced Wedding Show? 

The showreel you have just watched was filmed in a theatre. Now it is rare that you are getting married at a theatre. Nor will your guests be that closely sat together. Duncan’s socially distanced wedding entertainment is a scaled down version of this show.

The show is there to complement your big day not take over your day. It’s highly interactive with pleanty of laughter, fun, and perfect for all ages. There is nothing blue or taboo in the show so completely family friendly. That said, it is an adult show as opposed to a kids show so would be suitable for ages 7 and upwards, only because children of a younger age may not understand the magic (as the world is till magic to them).

Socially distanced wedding reception entertainment

Socially Distanced Wedding Reception Entertainment

Duncan’s socially distanced wedding reception entertainment has be proving extremely popular for wedding parties. He has adapted his close up magic set to perform at tables to ensure social distancing rules are adhered to. He also performs the show as detailed above. He does all in line with not only government regulations on social distancing but also the evenue specific regulations such as wearing a mask, taking a lateral flow test or performing in a socially distanced manner. 

If you are looking for an alternative to socially distanced wedding games then hiring Duncan perform socme incredible socially distanced entertainment may be the perfect solution.


How can I book Duncan’s Socially Distanced Weddings Games Alternative?

As the world opens up and regulations are relaxed, frantic brides are clambering to secure wedding entertainment that will ensure their wedding day is not just remembered for a giant connect four or large jenga. As a result, after a year of Zoom entertainment Duncan is now in high demand for his live performances. In particular couples are seeing the huge value that Duncan’s socially distanced wedding games alternative show is bringing to their special day. 

If you are interested in finding out more and how this wedding show can be adapted to your day and your timing then give Duncan a call or get in touch using the button below. Duncan can also offer a free demo over Zoom to ensure that his show is the perfect fit for your special day. 

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