Summer Party Magician For Outdoor Events
Summer Party Magician For Outdoor Events

Summer Party Magician For Outdoor Events


The temperatures are soaring and people are thinking of bringing their workmates, colleagues, friends and family members together. What better time of year to use all that outdoor space to host your own summer party to allow everyone to let their hair down without having to hire a venue for your party, worry about alcohol being spilled on your floor and having to limit your number of guests. Welcome to summer and the exciting prospect of hosting your own summer party outside.

Top 10 Things To Consider When Organising A Summer Party

Having been invited to perform as a summer party magician at outdoor events for the last decade, you could say I’ve seen everything from the good, bad and the ugly. From my experience of entertaining guests at summer parties, here are my top 10 things to consider when organizing a summer party.


The first big consideration is space. Do you have enough space, not only for the number of guests you are inviting but all the other extras. Often clients want to erect a gazebo or marquee to protect people from the sun or just in case of inclement weather. 

Either way, it’s important to choose a marquee that fits into the space that you have. Even more important than that is ensuring that the space is accessible by van as the marquee team will have to unload and pitch the tent accordingly. 

It’s also well worth considering that you also have enough space for other features of your outdoor summer party. This may be an ice cream van, a bouncy castle for the children, a food van, a barbeque or any manner of other forms of entertainment that often get overlooked when considering the size you are working with. 

Marquee, Gazebo, Or Nothing

When our bodies catch a bit of sun or we experience 2 consecutive days of sunshine we all suddenly think we are living in Spain or France and it will be weeks of the endless summer sun. Sadly in the UK, this is rarely the case. One day we can be treated to glorious sunshine and the next we are being pounded by wind and rain. If that’s the case, as it so often is, we need to consider providing shelter just in case the weather turns. A gazebo is a great option for keeping drink and food cool and dry but rarely offers enough cover from the wind and rain. 

If you fail to consider bad weather it’s well worth either having a marquee erected so your plans aren’t disrupted or you have considered an alternative indoor solution.


Food and drink are often the highlights for many a guest (until they have experienced the precocious talents of a summer party magician that is.) With a wide range of guests, it’s well worth considering a range of dietary requirements and at the very least vegetarian options. If you are hosting a BBQ it’s important to ensure you have someone who is comfortable and competent behind the grill and is happy to stay there for the duration of the party. 

It is often easier, more convenient and safer (to avoid food poisoning) to engage the services of outdoor caterers. This could come in the form of pre-made sandwiches, cakes and nibbles or an external catering company preparing pizzas, fish, and chips, or other food on site.

Another popular addition to a summer party, especially at outdoor events is an ice cream van. Usually, guests are given vouchers that they can trade for ice cream.  It’s always important to ensure there’s enough food but equally not a high level of waste as that’s not only a toll on the budget but environmentally unfriendly.


If you are organising a summer party for your organization or company, then inviting everyone or just your team or certain teams is early. To ensure maximum attendance, send the invitations out early and try to include RSVPS to help you cater and plan accordingly.

The same is true if you are organizing a summer party for your friends and family. However, it can be much more important to consider how many guests you intend to invite so that they can all fit in your chosen outdoor space. It’s also worth considering who has children and who doesn’t and whether it is worth organizing any entertainment for them too. 


Cocktails, beer, wine or shots – this is what a lot of people go mad for. Consider not only that you have sufficient but also that if you are hosting an outdoor summer party, how you will both keep the drinks cool and how you will serve them. Will they be self-service, can guests brink their own booze, or will you need a group of waiter or bar staff. If people are helping themselves, is there a way to monitor this. Sometimes the hosts monitor this but it often doesn’t allow them the chance to relax and mingle with the other guests.


Whether you are attending a wedding, private party, birthday celebration or in this case a summer party – the one thing that is always remembered above everything else is the entertainment. There are a wide range of entertainment options you can hire for your summer party, but being slightly biased I would say hiring a summer party magician for your outdoor event is your best option. I outline the top 10 reasons of many below but in a nutshell, a summer party magician is versatile, can perform standing in small groups, can perform both close-up or a show, is perfect for all ages, is often discreet yet sophisticated in their approach and deliver maximum impact without being overpowering.

Not only that they can truly customize their magic or entertainment to your event ensuring it is kept highly commercial with a universal appeal. Best of all, you can often find lots of reviews, recommendations and videos online too to help you make your decision even easier. 


What party is a party without music? This doesn’t have to be a DJ but background music can set the tone of the party and what better than hearing some soothing reggae vibes playing whilst guests sip on cocktails, much on canapes and are being left laughing in amazement by a summer party magician like Duncan.


If you want your outdoor event or summer party to really stand out it’s well worth deciding on your theme. This will helps shape the kind of decorations you use and the extent you use them too. These could be balloons, disposable cameras on tables to allow guests to take their own photos, or could be other more bespoke decorations. This can really set the mood and when combined with some great music and entertainment can easily cover any snags you may encounter along the way.


It’s incredibly common to experience a lack of parking when someone is hosting an outdoor summer party. When a field or back or an organization’s venue is often not a problem but the concern comes when a client is hosting a summer party in their own garden. 

Here is when the guests rise in numbers and exceed the number of parking spaces on the road or on their drive. In this instance, it’s well worth giving people local parking options. Even more than this, summer parties are often held in places that guests are unfamiliar with so it’s important to ensure that the postcode of the venue is correct when handing out directions to your guests.


A massive consideration. If you have a large number of guests, does it warrant hiring in a portaloo to ease the burden on your domestic toilets or to ensure guests don’t go wandering into your organization toilets which are often secured by a security fob. It’s well worth ordering these in advance to ensure you are not left short. Your marquee team may even have access to supply you with these alongside hiring the marquee.

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Summer Party Magician For Outdoor Events

Booking some great entertainment has to be one of the top things to consider for your summer party to make it really stand out. This is why hiring a summer party magician like Duncan William for your outdoor event is a great idea. Here are the top 10 reasons to hire a summer party magician for outdoor events:


Hiring a summer party magician like Duncan is perfect due to their versatility and flexibility. Duncan doesn’t need a table to perform and can roam between guests performing incredible magic and mind reading meaning he is extremely versatile and not restricted to one location.

Can perform standing

As mentioned before – whilst guests are sitting Duncan can perform standing and doesn’t need to base himself behind a table meaning his performance is perfect to circulate between guests and around tables and in and out of marquees. 

Can offer both a show and close up

Duncan is one of those rare performers who performs both close-up magic and a highly fun and interactive show. This is perfect if you wanted to get everyone together for a big finale show. You can watch his summer party cabaret showreel below. 

Perfect for all ages

Magic is a universal form of entertainment that appeals to all ages. Duncan always tailors his performance to the age and style of the event meaning that it retains it universal appeal. There’s nothing worse than a performer forming in a baseball cap when everyone else is in suits or vice versa. 

Discreet and sophisticated

Magic is not all about explosions, sparkles, smoke and mirrors. The kind of magic Duncan performs is high impact but retains a real elegance and class without the compromise of impact. It’s perfect if guests are having fun and were politely interrupted to enjoy some mind-blowing magic. 

Maximum Impact

Duncan’s magic at a summer party involves amazing card tricks, changing a deck of cards into a block of ice, turning £5 into £50 before your eyes, unlocking your mobile phone or telling you the name of your first kiss. Duncan’s magic focuses on high impact leaving your guests laughing in amazement.

Not Overpowering

Despite Duncan’s magic having a high impact, he has over 15 years of experience performing meaning you can be confident in his ability to know when to move to the next group without overpowering them or the room.

Easy to find reviews, recommendations and videos

Unlike a lot of other forms of entertainment, you can find a lot of videos, reviews, and recommendations from full-time professional magicians. If a magician doesn’t have many reviews or trailers or showreels it may be worth considering an alternative. You can access a lot of Duncan’s material through his Facebook page here: 

Customization Options

With over 15 years of experience, Duncan has been customizing his magic for private parties, summer parties and corporate events for years. Through his digital magic, he can integrate his magic and your brand, logo or giveaways into his magic. 


Duncan’s magic is not just for adults or children it’s for everyone. His magic is highly engaging and his experience guides him on the type of magic he performs to particular guests to maximize the impact. Whilst Duncan is not a children’s entertainer per se, his magic is perfect for younger audiences and his highly visual magic is loved by all ages and backgrounds. 


How To Choose A Summer Party Magician

Choosing a summer party magician for outdoor events like Duncan William has never been easier especially with the internet at your fingertips. First, browse through the web and watch some videos to see which magician will suit your summer party best. Then see if that magician has some reviews through Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor or another independent site to ensure the reviews can’t be manipulated. 

Following that, send a contact form inquiry or email to check availability, learn about prices and see what they can offer. Then follow it up with a call to really get a feel for your chosen magician. The booking process is different for all summer party magicians but generally, they take a small deposit with the balance payable on the day or a few days in advance. You can learn more about Duncan and schedule a call with him below:

The Top Secret To Consider When Planning A Summer Party


Inclement weather always rears it’s head when you have become complacent. Prepare for these eventualities by arranging indoor options such as a marquee, gazebo or even host part of the event indoors – maybe the food a drink can be served indoors. This is a great option especially if your outdoor summer party runs into the evening and it gets a little colder but equally to shield the food from the heat to prevent it from spoiling, keep the drinks cold, and to keep any creepy crawlies of the food too. 



If you are interested in bringing a fun and exciting summer party magician to your outdoor event, like Duncan, then get in touch using the button below to check his availability, customisation options, and prices and to see if he is the right fit for your outdoor event. 

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