Top 10 events to hire a close up magician for.

Top 10 events to hire a close up magician for.

Top 10 events to hire a close up magician for

  1. Birthday Party

A birthday party is one of the most popular times of the year to organise a celebration. Hiring a children’s entertainer for children’s birthday party is more suitable than a close up magician, if you have some of your bests friends getting together to celbrate your 40th, 50th or older, then hiring a mix and mingle magician is the perfect idea. Duncan performs his magic in small groups between guests. Often birthday parties are accompanied by nibbles and drinks and even a buffet. More often than not, there is no really loud music and birthday parties are full of friends and family who know one another. As a result interacting in small groups is perfect for a birthday party as the entertainment is not drowned out by the DJ thinking he is performing in Ibiza.

2. Anniversary

Whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or work anniversary, hiring Duncan as your close up magician is a perfect treat for your guests. He can mix and mingle providing some light-heated yet fun entertainment. Over the years you may have various parties, weddings or anniversary’s so hiring a close up mingle is a great idea to help make this one really special or memorable. Duncan can even customise some of his routines for your special day so that both you and your guests remember the magic of this special day long into the future.

3. Conference

Some conferences can be long, dull affairs. However, companies feel obliged to conduct them every year to present new products or innovation or communicate sales figures, training programmes or the direction they want to take the business in the forthcoming years. However, bosses are generally aware that conferences cannot be the most scintillating. Conferences are also usually held out of town at a conference centre, some distance for the attendees place of work. As a result, an overnight stay is required. As a result, drinks in the bar before bed is also usually a rite of passage for many conference attendees. As a result hiring a close up magician to mix and mingle between delegates is a great idea to add a bit of spice into the proceedings. It’s also the perfect way to hold the attention of some guests who may feel that a drinks reception at a work event is a just an extension to the conference and they would sooner be watching TV or unwinding with their family. Hiring a close up magician, creates an atmosphere of fun and rewards the delegates for attending.

4. Christmas parties

Each year in England, Christmas parties reward the employees with a free Christmas dinner, sometimes an open bar and more often than not an assortment of entertainment. Whilst a DJ is standard, if not obligatory – this usually only looks after the last part of the evening. To entertain and reward your employees at the drinks reception or over Christmas dinner, hiring a close up magician is a perfect way to bring some fun to the event. For a big company it is a great way to introduce employees who don’t know one another to each other. For a smaller company who have spent the last year chatting with one another, this is a great way to re-spark new conversations and create a buzz that would not normally be there.

5. Award Ceremonies

What better way to congratulate the award winners with some unique, fun and highly memorable close up magic. By hiring Duncan. you are guaranteed to be getting one of the top close up magicians in the industry and is perfect compliment to pay the award winners and make their day extra special. Duncan can also perform a stage show and is another great way to reward your prize winners with something truly unique and fun.

6. Bar Mitzvah

A bar Mitzvah is a Jewish coming of age ceremony for both Jewish boy and girls. These are often celebrated in style with plenty of fun. What better way to provide entertainment for all ages than hiring a close up magician. A mix and mingle entertainer like Duncan can circulate the room between guests (young and old) and demonstrate mind boggling feats of magic and mystery. There are very few forms of entertainment which can transcend both language and age and be as unobtrusive as a close up magician.

7. Trade show

As the planet grows, so do the number of businesses. More and more are vying for a place in an often already saturated marketplace. Hiring a close up magician to perform on or near your stand is a great way to increase sales. How? Well a close up magician, is often skilled at stopping groups in a gentle way demonstrating some magic and then ushering them over to the trade show stand or exhibition booth. A competent close up magician is able to turn these passer-by’s into sales leads and therefore, increasing your return on investment. Not only can a close up magician increase your sales leads but they can also but brand recognition and awareness to your product. Some can even custom magic to your company too.

8. Weddings

So we come to, perhaps, the most popular form of booking a close up magician takes – that of a wedding magician. A close up magician is extremely versatile and as such can create fun, laughter and wonder at almost any time or setting they are booked for. Popular times slots for hiring a close up magician include during the wedding breakfast, whilst the wedding photos are being taken, as the room is being turned around or for the evening guests as they arrive. For each, providing a close up magician for your wedding guests is a great way to keep the fun and entertainment flowing throughout the day. Not only that, but magic is perfect for all ages. With weddings often being such an eclectic mix of people, providing this form of entertainment for all is a great idea for a wedding.

9. Sporting events.

Hiring a magician for a race event, football match in the boxes, after dinner party for a rugby match, a golf dinner or the athletics is a great idea to bring a different form of entertainment to an otherwise very ‘sports heavy’ day. It’s the perfect way to break up the day and inject some extra fun, certainly for those guests who are attending as a +1 and don’t have any real interest in the sports event. Duncan has been hired for F1 events, rugby events, football events and more.

10. Summer fetes

Summer fetes bring out the crowds as the sunshine smiles down. Often at fetes there are raffles, kids games, face painting and more but no really entertainment for the older children or adults. Hiring a strolling magician like Duncan to perform close up magic is a great way to bring fun to those who are picnicking or just don’t have the money to play on the games or have their faces painted. Summer fetes are often run by schools and councils’ and Duncan has performed all over the Midlands bring smiles to the faces of families.

That concludes the breakdown of various events Duncan can be hired for but there are many other more unique events too. Funerals, baby showers, engagement parties, hen dos and more, have all secured Duncan’s services to make their events extra special too. Get in touch now, to see how you too, can do the same. Duncan performs as a Nottingham magician, Birmingham magician, Sheffield magician, Derby magician, Leicester magician and the whole of the UK.

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