Top 10 Mistakes Magicians Make When Performing
Top 10 Mistakes Magicians Make When Performing

Top 10 Mistakes Magicians Make When Performing

Let's Start With The Different Types Of Magicians

In this article, I want to detail the top 10 Mistakes magicians make when performing. So, there are amateur magicians, hobbyists, and professional magicians, and having performed magic for over 15 years, I’ve worked alongside several other magicians. I’ve also coached and mentored magicians too. From my 15 years as a professional magician, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. 

The more time I spend working as a professional magician in the UK or internationally, the more I learn how to overcome, mitigate, or avoid mistakes together. So, for those magicians reading this, here are the top 10 Mistakes magicians make when performing. Number one, they choose the wrong kind of magic for the audience. Now, there are many different types of magic; you can perform mind reading, close-up magic, cabaret magic, and stage magic, and each has a distinct style applied to it.

Mistake Number 1

Of course, you also have different ages and types of audiences. Some audience members can have learning difficulties; some of them can be children, some of them can be adults, and some of them can be of the older generation. So, it’s worth tailoring your magic to the correct audience. A highly complicated mind-reading routine may be challenging with somebody with mental health difficulties. 

Equally so. A highly visual card trick is not particularly good for someone with eyesight difficulties. So, choose the correct magic for the right audience. I would also encourage people to have various performance pieces that they can adopt and tailor to the audience accordingly. If you choose the right magic or piece of magic for the audience, you’ll have a better impact on them; they will enjoy it more, and you will enjoy their reactions as well.

Mistake Number 2 of the Top 10 Mistakes Magicians Make When Performing

The second mistake that magicians make is to follow the correct dress code. It’s always worth asking a booker or potential Booker what kind of event it is turning up to a black-tie event in jeans and a T-shirt because you see yourself as a hip-street magician is only sometimes appropriate for the booking. Remember, you are an accompaniment to the evening entertainment, the event itself, and not the event. As a result, I encourage everybody to consider what they wear and be open-minded and equally humble to adapt their dress or outfit to the event. It would help if you were a fantastic, stylish street magician. 

But this is only sometimes appropriate. Equally, you may always fancy yourself as a suave, elegant close-up magician with a bow tie and dinner jacket, but this obviously wouldn’t sit well on a festival field. Consider what the weather will be like if you’re performing outside, and dress as if you’re performing in somebody’s house, an event venue, or somewhere far more prestigious. Be prepared to tailor your outfit to the event.

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Mistakes Number 3 and 4

The third and fourth mistakes that magicians make is they need to learn how to approach a group of people to perform magic. I often bowl in there with a lot of confidence. Having confidence as a magician is, of course, important. However, overconfidence is a floor interrupt; interrupting people is the worst part of being a magician. It would help if you had elegance about you and did it with sophistication and quietness, which may distract their conversation at the right time when there is a pause but does not make them feel uncomfortable. They have to finish their discussion and focus on You.

Approaching a group is always nerve-racking for a magician for fear of rejection, but it’s equally essential to be able to do the job that you’ve been paid to do. The fourth mistake that magicians make is they need to smile.

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The Fifth Mistake made buy magicians

Smiling is the most important thing. As an entertainer, you are there to entertain and encourage fun within the party. I laugh well, smiling. It suggests that you are not a fun entertainer, just going there to perform magic and be under paycheck. Smiling is important. So, many magicians I meet fail to smile because they want to live up to that image of being a call, hit magician. 

But it’s equally important to smile, to convey warmth and friendliness, and to encourage others to be more open to your magic and potential interruption. The fifth mistake magicians make is performing a long, convoluted top magic routine. Sure, long card tricks with a story are great for competition events or showing your friends in the pub or a jam session. However, having a long, drawn-out process can take time and effort for many party guests.

Mistakes Number 6 and 7

More often than not, magic should be quick, in your face, highly commercial, exciting, and fun, and should take little of their time but whet their appetite for them to ask to see more. Short or long, elegant routine has its time and place. It could be on a stage in front of an audience, or it could be, as I said, in a competition act. But remember, at most parties or events, you’ve got noise, clattering of drinks, maybe food, and people are often catching up with their friends. 

So, remember that you only have a short time to impact them. The sixth mistake that magicians make is that they need to schedule their time correctly. They might be hired for an event and booked to perform for all guests. They may fail to go around all the guests for failing to attend or schedule their time. 

They may spend too long on particular groups, or equally say if there’s a small group, a small number of guests spend too long with each group. It’s important to consider how many tables there are if there are other magicians you are working alongside and with and schedule your time not only for yourself but alongside your other performing magicians and also the other entertainment that may or may not be happening. The seventh biggest mistake that magicians make is that they need to arrive at the venue earlier. Finding parking can be tricky, so schedule extra time to navigate potential traffic.

Mistakes 8, 9 and 10

Mistakes 8, 9 and 10 fall into the similar category. The magician focusses too much on their own needs the kind of magic they like to perform as opposed to tailoring it to the audience.

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