Top 5 Magic Movies – Reviewed

Top 5 Magic Movies – Reviewed

WARNING: Contains Mild Spoilers

The movies that we know, love, and remember throughout our lives, all take a special place in our hearts. In the movie industry, there are not as many magic movies as we would like and therefore we aren’t able to get the similar experience that we would feel from a magic show, but in movie format. However, with the magic movies that have been released in the previous years I have taken a look at them and put together my ‘Top 5 Magic Movies’ list, which I feel are the best out there.

Note that the average ratings that we use are based on the IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and Roger Ebert, movie database websites.

#5 The Illusionist
Release Date – 18th of August, 2006
Average Rating – 79%

Some would rank this movie higher than I have, although my reasoning for placing it as 5th is down to how to the input of romance of the movie. While the movie itself is great and was adapted from the novel ‘Eisenheim the Illusionist’, the path of romance for this movie directed away from the magic.

#4 The Prestige
Release Date – 20th of October, 2006
Average Rating – 76%

The movie focuses on 2 19th-century magicians who are no longer together after a previous illusion went terribly wrong. This movie follows them as they battle it out to prove who the best magician among them is. While other magic movies focus on humour and the positive sides of magic, this movie focuses on it from a more dramatic and negative angle.

#3 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Release Date – 15th of March, 2013
Average Rating – 57%

‘The Incredibly Burt Wonderstone’ brings a comedic value to the magic scene. The movie follows 2 retired magicians who are no longer friends, and brings them back together to reach the top of the magic industry once again. The comedic side of this movie is what makes it what it is, and without the comedic side of things the movie would not make my top 5.

#2 The Harry Potter Series
Release Date – 14th of November, 2001 -> 15th of July, 2011
Average Rating – 76%

While most people would disagree with me placing ‘The Harry Potter’ series as 2nd on my list, as most people would put this as their 1st, and while I love this series just as much as everyone else, I would still place it second to best. The only reason for me placing this series as 2nd is due to how ‘Now You See Me’ is simply an unbeatable movie. The Harry Potter Movie series takes the storyline directly from the book and has it performed exactly as we, the readers and viewers, would imagine.

#1 Now You See Me
Release Date – 31st of May, 2013
Average Rating – 57%

Regardless of the ratings, I believe that ‘Now You See Me’ is the best magic movie out there. Why? This movie takes not only magic, but action and crime, into a movie and gets the most out of them. Magic alone leaves its audience in shock, but this movie brings its fair share of comedic value and action. Think about a movie which has focused on a bank heist. A bank heist alone is a thrilling topic. Now think about a movie based on magic. Magic leaves its audiences on the edge of their seat. Combining both of these values would give you the movie, ‘Now You See Me’. While it has been criticized for its lack of suspense, the magical aspect of the bank heist brings true amazement to the viewers.

When we are watching movies, we tend to watch them while sitting on a seat. For this movie, you will only need the edge.

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