Virtual Baby Shower Entertainment

Virtual Baby Shower Entertainment

Virtual Baby Shower Entertainment Ideas and Games.

As a professional virtual magician I have been hired for a wide range of parties, events and celebrations. More recently I have seen an upsurge in clients hiring me for their Virtual Baby Shower. 

I was first introduced the phrase of ‘lockdown baby’ a few months ago when I was asked if I was available to perform my online magic show for a baby shower. A lockdown baby is exactly as it sounds – a baby born whilst the UK was in a government state of lockdown. Whilst I had been performing online magic shows as a virtual magician there had been a whole host of other ‘entertainment’ happening behind bedroom doors. 

The first lockdown came into force on the 26th March 2020 and lasted until mid June 2020. The next period of lockdown came on 5th November 2020 with restrictions only being lifted on the time of writing 29th March 2021. It was during these times that once all the odd jobs, decorating and learning new skills had been exhausted then the lockdown baby boom began.

Even without the lockdown baby boom, there were of course still a number of other expectant mothers wanting to celebrate their forthcoming birth with their friends and family. However, with the country still adhering to social distancing regulations, expectant moths and their friends have begun to look at virtual baby shower entertainment ideas and games

So what exactly is a baby shower?

A baby shower is traditionally a party or get together of friends and family where they give gifts to the expectant money. Usually the baby shower extends to entertainment and fun and a few drinks and food and it celebrates the forthcoming delivery or expected birth of a child of the woman who the party centralises round.

Why hire a virtual magician for your baby shower?

Exchanging gifts virtually at a virtual baby shower is not really possible but some mothers do spend the time opening their gifts they had been sent earlier in front of their friends. In a way this is similar to the popular ‘unboxing craze’. That said it’s a bit hollow. Bringing in some entertainment is a great option to inject some life and fun into the virtual baby shower.

Duncan has been performing his online magic shows for virtual baby showers for the past year and half and is experienced at hosting all kinds of events. The show he performs is approximately 35-40 minutes in length and is  both really good fun and offers some really moments of mystery, wonder and intrigue.  You can learn more about his virtual magic show and hiring him as a virtual magician here:

Duncan can even customised some routines for the expectant mother. It’s perfect for groups of up to 100 and more but is the most fun when there are numbers of guests ranging between 5 and 25.


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Can you recommend some other virtual baby shower entertainment ideas?

Since the start of the pandemic there has been a huge amount of online and virtual entertainment ideas for virtual baby showers. Some of the most popular include the online magic show mentioned above and equally the cocktail making masterclass. In fact workshops and masterclasses have proved very popular for ladies wanting to have a fun and interactive baby shower with their girly friends. 

If the pregnant mother-t-be is avoiding alcohol, a chocolate truffle making masterclass is equally fun and exciting. Other virtual baby shower entertainment ideas include a wine tasting masterclass, virtual horse racing, a virtual casino or gambling night or online karaoke. 

All these options allow everyone to really let their hair down in the comfort of their own home in-keeping with social distancing restrictions too.

To learn more about hiring Duncan to perform at you or your friends’ virtual baby shower you can get in contact with him here

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