Virtual Happy Hour
Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual Happy Hour

Are you organising a Virtual Happy Hour and looking for something unique, fun and interactive?

Virtual Happy Hours are becoming increasingly popular as businesses and companies look to connect their employees in a fun and interactive way to treat their team.

One of the most popular ideas is bringing in a professional Virtual magician like Duncan William. A virtual magician is not a hologram or digital representation of a magician but a performer who performs a custom show online or virtually. 

A virtual magician can act as the emcee to your virtual happy hour and also act as the perfect ice breaker for your guests then launching into an incredible interactive magic and mind reading show.

This is NOT just a boring magic show that you sit and watch……

This is a show that has been created, curated and engineered for online audiences making it perfect for virtual happy hour. 

Imagine having a few drinks, laughs and giggles with the rest of your team, friends, colleagues or delegates and then spending 35-40 minutes being part of an incredible virtual magic show that will leave you speechless. It’s made even more unbelievable by the fact that you actual join in with the magic. Some of the magic happens in between sips of alcohol in your hands.

No imagine this: Someone thinks of a playing card – someone else can stick with this or change and again and again until your guests settle on one card. They then choose one of your guests to find that EXACT card they have decided up is found inside that persons house on a shelf – and they can confess they don’t know what card it is before they look at it for the first time to show it MATCHES! 

You don’t need alcohol to make these kind of miracle happen!


So what exactly does the Virtual Happy Hour Show entail?

You can choose between a 35-40 minute show or Duncan’s 1 hour virtual happy hour show. The 1 hour show includes some exclusive routines for the virtual happy hour and to make it an even more unique, fun and team-focussed event he teaches everyone some really fun, cool magic.

The magic Duncan teaches is straight from his professional repertorie so your can be assured this will impress even the most hardened sceptics. They will also love to perform these pieces of wonder and amazement.

Both shows have been created to involve EVERYONE. This is not just a replication of his live act. Duncan used the pandemic to create a bespoke show for virtual happy hours to ensure that the magic involves all of your guests. This is easy for all ages and languages to understand and Duncan regularly performs to international audiences and a mixture of ages too. 

If you are thinking of sending packs of alcohol out to your virtual happy hour attendees then Duncan can also make recommendatiosn to send out other very cheap things as nice additions to compliment the show such as playing cards. Whilst these are not necessary they do offer a nice addition to a virtual happy hour pack.

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How to hire Duncan for your Virtual Happy Hour.

You can contact Duncan through his contact form using the button below, sending him and email to magic @ or calling him directly using the phone number on the home page. Whichever contact method you choose, Duncan aims to reply to everyone within 2 hours. 

Duncan is very open about his pricing and there are no extras unless you opted for some bespoke options. 

Duncan can offer branded playing cards, custom magic trcks in keeping with your brand for your virtual happy hour and more customisation options. Get in touch with Duncan to find out more. 

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