What is Magic?
What is magic

What is Magic?


Magic is simply the wonder of the world around us. It could be communicated through any medium including birth, death, life, nature, art, a deck of cards and even the environment.

Anything and everything can be magic if you appreciate the sequence of events happening within any piece of life. Magic in the entertainment form is simply a magnified version of this wonder that already exists in everything already.

Under The Hood To Help Us Answer the Question: What is Magic?

With all of that in mind, to understand what magic is, it’s important to consider when we were first able to identify magic as magic. When we are born, even though we can identify the world unfurling before our very eyes as magic we cannot recognise it as magic because we have nothing to compare it too. As we get older and we understand more about the way the world works and we have a base level of understanding can we compare this understanding with the impossibility of what we then perceive as magic. 

Another word for magic could be ‘astonishment’. When we reach a place of unbridled joy and astonishment we could redefine what is happening, what we see or what we experience as magic. A magician can help facilitate this by taking our previously known understanding of how playing cards work and then craft a piece of magic out of them, causing us to requestion our knowledge to which we will invariably draw a blank with the only explanation being left as ‘magic’. 

Labelling something as magic can be a name we give to something when all our possible explanations and ideas of how something works is exhausted. The same as if somebody tells you about you or your family member that no-on else know – we label this as psychic ability as there is no other explanation to describe the impossibility of this fact left on the table.

Can Everybody Experience Magic?

In my line of work as a professional magician my job is simple – to entertain audiences and most of all bring a feeling of wonder, astonishment and magic into their lives albeit briefly. 

That said, I do occassionally meet people who don’t believe in magic – or at least say they don’t. We are all born with magic inside of us. As the world unfurls infront of our infantile eyes, there is no doubt in that fact.

But sadly, over time this magic gets taught of of us, spanked out of us and educated out of us – any sliver of wondered pushed to the far recesses of our mind whilst those that did the spanking, educating and teaching feel satisfied that they have been able to help someone else let the magic and wonder of life wither inside of them the same as their parents, teachers, educators and role models did for them.

The statement of I don’t believe in magic comes up now and again, and for those reading this and are interested in behavioral science is voiced equally between men and women. 

Unfortunately, for those who believe in magic, no explanation is necessary and for those who don’t believe in magic, non will suffice. A beautiful quote that perfectly encapsulates how people react who don’t believe in magic. 

So in answer to the question posed at the start of this paragraph, I genuinely believe that everybody and anybody can experience magic – they just have to be open to it.


How Can A Professional Magician Help You To Feel Magic Or Magical?

We all want quick fixes, short cuts and hacks and instant results in a world of consumerism, speed and instant delivery, instant food, instant satisfaction and more. Often hacks and tricks don’t work but one hack, or shortcut is hiring a professional magician to transport you back to a world of infantile astonishment to allow you to experience the magic again. 

Using playing cards, money, coins, mind reading and more, a professional magician can make you requestion what you have just seen, remove all possible explanations leave you to label as what you have just seen as magic and help you define what is magic in your own mind. Wrap this all up in entertainment and fun and you have the perfect cocktail to make you laugh, gasp, and be left open-mouthed in astonishment and appreciation of the magic. You can learn more about magic and entertainment here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_(illusion)

How Can You Experience More Magic In Your Life?


If you want to be better at anything you need to do different things and change your perceptions on life. If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. So if you have always had little of few experience of magic in your life then you need to change your perspective and how you perceive life and the world around you. By allowing yourself to become more curious and open to a life you will naturally allow more magic into your life. How do I know this? 

Well, what are the main psychological differences between adults and children? One of the most obvious is their insatiable curiosity? The are constantly asking why and how. 

Be open to the possibilities of magic and be comfortable with not knowing or understanding something and not only will you flourish as a human being and become more confident but you will allow the beauty of life and magic of life come into your in all it’s forms. At some point in your life, hopefully now, you have asked the question ‘What is Magic?’ This is your first step in allowing more magic into your life and answering the question of what is magic?



If you are interested in experiencing more magic at your party, event or celebration and bringing that wonder and astonishment into your and your guest’s lives then get in touch with Duncan William who has been a professional magician for over 15 years.

He may even be able to give you a little demonstration to allow you to rekindle that infantile state of astonishment to leave you craving more. If you do call, message or email – be curious and be open. Make this your first step. Call now.

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