Why Some People Don’t Believe In Magic
Why some people don't believe in magic

Why Some People Don’t Believe In Magic

Why Everybody Should Believe In Magic

Sometimes, I attend parties and events and ask people if they want to see some magic. Unfortunately and sadly, Magic is not for everybody. And sometimes, I’m met with rejection. Sometimes, people say we are just talking. Others are upfront and say I don’t believe in Magic. Nothing is sadder in life than not believing in Magic—there are two types of Magic in this world. There’s the Magic in the form of entertainment. The sleight of hand, skill, vanishing, mentalism, close-up card magic, coin magic, or Magic shrouded in illusion. As magicians, we have to give it a name. We call it Magic. An old adage says, ” For those who believe in Magic, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t believe in Magic, none will suffice.

For Those Who Don't Believe In Magic

For those who don’t believe in Magic, no matter what I perform or how miraculous it is, it’s still rendered to sleight of hand slash, a trick slash, or something not magic. And while they have a point that I am performing sleight of hand or sleight of mind, it’s elevated to something far greater than that. The Magic I perform regularly moves people to tears in an emotional way. It regularly leaves people with their mouths wide open, astonished by what they’ve seen. Magic indeed does that. It takes us back to that infantile astonishment where the world is unfurling—our very eyes. The world for children is magic. Everything is new and exciting. And unfortunately, this Magic is increasingly being eroded in today’s age. Why? Because we can Google things.

With a simple few words, we know how everything works—at least on a superficial level. Sure, you can render Magic in entertainment. It is just like sleight of hand. Equally so, you could render electrical work, just wires, or the building of a cathedral, just bricks and mortar. But as we all know, there’s so much more to it than that. Simply Googling something won’t find the intricacies of the wonder created into that piece.

So why am I so passionate about people believing in Magic?

So why am I so passionate about people believing in Magic? Magic and purpose are linked, arm in arm. Indeed, Magic allows us to escape reality for just a moment. To create wonder, all of a sudden, all of the knowledge of how the world works breaks down, and we’re left with this open plane of astonishment. Very quickly, these bricks of how the world works build back up, and we start thinking, how does that work? But for that moment, or indeed for longer for some people, it allows us to escape into a parallel world. This escapism fuels our imagination. And this Magic can go even further. 

Magic can be found in the pages of a good novel or a fantasy book of dragons, knights, witches, and talking animals. This allows us to step outside the box of our car, TV, life, and house box into a different realm. To find fantasy. And offer us the opportunity to discover the world. We want to see new perspectives, explore new possibilities, and engage with our creative and imaginative senses. It allows us to revisit that childlike sense of wonder and astonishment. As a result, Magic will enable us to momentarily step away from the stresses and strains of our lives, relationships, and troubles.

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There are different types of Magic

Magic for other people. The first traditional form of Magic comes in the form of spells. We often think of Magic when we’re little as witches and wizards. Spells or charms. And this can be rituals performed by a magician in a wizard hat or a cloak. And these chants can make people think that magic is magic. But Magic is linked to the occult. As a result, some people I perform to within certain cultures are fearful that Magic is dangerous. It’s related to spells and is terrible.

Magic can also be linked to shamans, mystics, or mediums.

And even in modern magic, the word abracadabra can be created, translated as I create as I speak.

Magic can also be associated with medicine. In Chinese medicine, for example, garlic or onions can be used as antibiotics. Certainly, in Ayurvedic medicine, these two can be used to improve our health.

Magic can also be used in voodoo dolls or wax images. In which you stick needles in to harm other people. Plants or objects such as these, such as magic mushrooms, also have hallucinogenic properties as well, which are also regarded as Magic.

There are also links between Magic and religion. Certainly, Christianity debunks Magic and encourages its followers to avoid engaging in or indulging in It.

As a result, magic can be linked to superstition and seen as manipulating spiritual powers.

However, the magic entertainers perform is literally sleight of hand or sleight of mind. There are also associations between Magic and science and, indeed, technology. As the world becomes increasingly technologically advanced, the crossover between Magic and technology is becoming increasingly stronger.

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Magic As Entertainment

But let’s get into Magic as a form of entertainment. Your experiences of Magic may be through movies such as The Illusionist or The Prestige. The Illusionist is the most popular movie about Magic. Equally so, you may have seen Now You See Me and the subsequent movies associated with that trilogy. Essentially, magicians use sleight of hand and misdirection to influence and persuade what the audience sees and what they don’t see. They do that using different styles.

The first is by making an object or person appear and then reappear. This can be done with a substitution trunk. Or, if you’ve seen The Prestige, where the lead actor walks through a door and then appears in another door, this is number one: the ‘vanish’. You may have seen coins vanish or disappear, sponge balls vanish or disappear, and this is often associated with reappearing.

This can be linked to number two, which is the ‘transformation’. This is the morphing or the changing of one object into another. This could be changing a coin into a card. Or a watch into a tea bag. Or vice versa. This can be closely linked to switching two items from one place to another. For example, placing the ace of spades in one hand and a two of spades in another. And the two cards switch places magically. This is known as a transposition. That trick, in particular, is called a two-card transposition. Here we are talking about cards. The other element of Magic is ‘restoration’. A torn and restored card is one of the most popular concepts in card magic. This is restoring something to its previous state. Such as tearing the corner. Or pulling the card into four pieces and then restoring it.

One Trick To Explain Magic

Tearing cards can also be in the form of ‘penetration’. Penetration could be putting swords in a box or through a person. It’s passing objects or items through something or someone, and then they are not being injured or harmed.

Whilst we are talking about people – you can also make people float. This is called ‘levitation’. The levitation was popularized in David Blaine’s recent and first TV special, in which she floated above the ground in front of other people.

This is different from what it appears to be, leading us to the next part: appearance. Alongside disappearance, you have appearance. ‘Appearance’ is making something appear from out of nowhere. Finally, for the mind readers, we do, of course, have a ‘prediction’. A prediction is.

Predicting what will happen in the future, either what somebody will say or what they will do.

It is a combination of all these, combining them into a magical performance.

Inside a magical composition, an ordinary object—be it a coin, a deck of cards, or a piece of paper—often asks you to examine it. I am checking that it is all above board. The second part of the act is called the turn. And this is where you take this seemingly ordinary object and transform it into something extraordinary.

Some people want to know how it works. Others are happy to let the Magic breathe. The third part of this trilogy. It is called prestige.

This is where we bring it back to its original self. So, for example, you take a playing card and examine it. That is the pledge. The turn is tearing a piece off the card. And the prestige is bringing the pieces back together again. One of the latest and most exciting forms of magic is called digital magic and is taking the world by storm. 

Hire Duncan To Inject Magic Into Your Event

Magic is a fabulous art form. And whether you see it in the form of entertainment or you see it in the form of the world unfurling before us, magic is within all of us. Magic is something we are born with. As children and sadly for some, It dies as we age. If you can keep it alive for as long as possible, and allow your children and your children’s children to find the Magic, Curiosity, and wonder inside of them, the world will be a more beautiful place for all. So if you’re looking to bring some magic to your event, please do not hesitate to contact Duncan using the contact form at the bottom of the page or give him a call to find out more.

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