Zoom Party Ideas – For Private Events and Parties

Zoom Party Ideas – For Private Events and Parties

Are you looking for some fun, interactive, Zoom party ideas that can really make your event special?

Zoom party ideas can range from wine making, magic shows, horse racing, performances, arts and crafts and more.

Here, professional virtual magician, Duncan William has collated some really fun and interactive suggestions for your Zoom event. Some of the acts and ideas below he has either worked with before, or has heard good things about. He doesn’t endorse them all but are there to give you some food for thought and hopefully whet your appetite!


Zoom Magic Show | Interactive Fun

This is probably a bit biased but a Zoom magic show is the perfect party idea for your Christmas party, private event or celebration. It’s family friendly, can accompany it with some drinks, is engaging, interactive and most importantly FUN!

Duncan performs a highly engaging, interactive show that has garnered fantastic reviews from clients and participants around the world. The show lasts between 35-40 minutes and is customised to an online audience. This means it’s not just Duncan’s live show being performed in front of a web cam. This is a professionally produced and written show using state of the art technology to create an immersive performance like no other. 

Some of the magic happens in your hands and you can be assured that you will be left gasping and laughing. You can watch a taster of this show below and find out more on Duncan’s Online Magic Show page.

Virtual Horse Racing | Gambling

Virtual Horse racing is what is says on the tin. Horse racing and betting on horse all done virtually. This has proved hugely popular over the recent lockdowns and periods of social distancing. You can move from room to room with some virtual money and place bets on horses. This is all conducted over Zoom and an external company sorts out all of the tech for you. Generally speaking you get a unique password and login details for Zoom and away you go. You can see your friends, colleagues and family members and interact either verbally or in the chat box dependent on the service you choose. 

Virtual horse racing was very popular over Christmas but is not quite as interactive as some of the other Zoom party ideas on here, but will still get the adrenaline pumping!

Virtual Horse Racing on Zoom

Virtual Cocktail Making Class | Alcohol

The virtual cocktail making masterclass is something for the adults. Your host is either a professional cocktail maker or more commonly a couple of drag queens to inject some fun and laughter into proceedings. If you book a virtual cocktail making class the company you choose will send you a selection of sachets of alcohol (enough to get you tipsy) which should arrive a few days before you start. This gives you enough time to chill the sachets, freeze the ice and get your glad rags on ready for the fun. 

These always get good feedback, but alcohol can make many things much more fun. It might be a better bet to buy your own alcohol, print out some cocktails and spend your money on a interactive show, horse racing or something that you couldn’t do yourself as easily. That said, the masterclasses do give you an insight into the world of cocktails and the fun you can have making them too.

Virtual Mind Reading Show | Unique

Whilst Duncan promotes his show as a magic show – he also includes some really fun mind reading demonstrations in there too. Being able to do this over Zoom emphasises that nothing magical or sneaky is going on. Alongside his Zoom magic show, Duncan’s Virtual mind reading show is highly interactive and lots of fun. There is nothing silly or embarrassing and more fun that a virtual psychic. This show has been customised to audiences on Zoom and is suitable for all ages above 7 years of age.

If you are having a private party with family members or a corporate event where the odd child may be in attendance then they can enjoy the show as well. To find out more and watch Duncan’s showreel please follow this button here.

Virtual Wine Tasting | Sophisticated

Everyone wants to show off about their knowledge of wine yet has never had the opportunity to learn more. The virtual wine tasting sessions on Zoom are really interactive and sophisticated. Once you book a virtual wine tasting event, you and your fellow attendees will receive 3 or more wine samples for your tasting. The more samples you request, the more expensive the session is. 

On the day you are invited onto the Zoom link and a professional wine tater / sommelier will talk you through the sophisticated art of wine tasting. He will teach you how to read the labels, find a wine that your palette prefers and takes a deep dive into the wines around the world and how to pair wine with your food. This is an educational but equally fun evening. It’s highly interactive  and you can be sure of getting a little tipsy if you forget to spit your samples out. 

Choose the best Zoom party idea for your audience, friends and delegates.

As you can see, there is a wide range of zoom party ideas to meet all needs or all parties and events. The last couple of years have seem companies pivoting into full virtual party organising and they can advise you even further some ideas they recommend. There are of course considerations to be made as to the number of guests you are having, the age range of your audience, how long you want the zoom party to be or what budget you have. The ideas above should cater for most needs but to find out more contact your an online virtual event speciality. To find loads more amazing virtual entertainment ideas – visit here.

If however, you were interested in hiring Duncan’s Zoom magic show or Virtual mind reading show, then you can get in touch using the contact button below:

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