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Professional trade show magician - Duncan William

Trade Show Magician. Featuring your stand at a trade show can cost thousands of pounds, so it’s important to ensure you achieve an excellent return on investment. Duncan William has been a professional trade show magician for over 10 years, and his tailored, bespoke act uses a proven success system that can increase your sales leads, return on investment and ultimately profit.

Duncan delivers presentations weaved with magic that engage with your target audience to deliver your marketing message and ultimately generate solid sales leads, for your salesmen to convert into sales and ultimately increase your return on investment.
Below are few facts and questions demonstrating how Duncan can make a tangible difference to your sales, lead generation and overall trade show delivery!



How long does Duncan work for?

Duncan works for as long as is needed to meet the requirements of your exhibition stand. He works from the moment your stand opens till the moment it closes and rarely takes a lunch break as lunch breaks are missed opportunities for generating sales. He is committed to delivering and exceeding your expectations and is there to support you through your full trade show experience. He will spend time before the event working to absorb the company information and will tailor an act accordingly. He will also spend time after the show delivering you a debrief report which you can use to improve and hone future exhibition events.

Are there any other staff required?

Duncan can also bring with him ‘crowd gatherers’. These are people who circulate around the trade show to let people know a show is about to start and direct them to your stand. Duncan’s role is to generate sales leads and as such you will need staff to convert these leads. He will give the sales team a demonstration of the show and explain how it works and how to maximise this lead generation. He is not there to entertain staff, but as a business professional to generate sales leads

How are the presentations devised and delivered?

Initially Duncan will organise a meeting with you and your team to understand the business’ values, brand, unique selling points, and mission statements. This, combined with other marketing material will allow Duncan the opportunity to create several different presentational ideas. These will be emailed over for you to decide. From that, he will arrange another face to face or Skype meeting where Duncan will demonstrate the act / presentation and devise or tailor the scripting. This will include incorporating key messages and USP’s.


What are the benefits of a trade show magician on a trade show stand?

Duncan William is a live presenter. He is a professional entertainer with many years’ experience in presenting to business customers, delivering sales pitches and as a magician / performer. This makes him interactive and engaging unlike videos or graphics.

Duncan is not a pre-built mechanised machine – but can adapt to the crowd and working environment to deliver the most memorable experience to potential clients and generate more sales leads as a result.

Duncan’s act is 100% customisable. Unlike video or graphics or other gimmicks, working with Duncan has a lot less limitations and a lot more possibilities. Duncan can interact on a human level and is already building client and customer relationships even before your salesmen start.

Does Duncan need any technical requirements?

Duncan is fully self-contained. He has his own headsets, microphones, PA system and stand / table (which can be customised with your logos) If the style is more ‘booth style’ Duncan will talk to the stand designer to discuss the stand requirements such as the dimensions of the pod.

So you have arrived at your exhibition stand. People are walking past. How do you stop them and entice them onto your stand?

You have less than 5 seconds to grab their attention, and entice them onto your stand, or else they will just keep walking. You need to stand out from the crowd. You want something classy and refined. Something that is memorable.

Essentially, you want someone or something that is going to get customers onto your stand to help generate leads

Duncan is a professional magician and ‘psychological illusionist’ and trade show veteran. He is not a gimmick. He doesn’t have rabbits, bow ties, fancy card flourishes and smoke.

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Duncan’s act, when tailored for a trade show performance has a few things in mind.

Gather people onto your stand.

Using a rehearsed and entertaining script, deliver your company’s unique selling points.

Leave a memorable message in the minds of these prospective clients. (Can be combined with unique, branded give-aways)
Generate leads for your sales team to forge business relationships and close sales.

When it comes to lead generating – booking a magician is a sure-fire recipe to success; unique, individual, creative, fun and contemporary.

What sort of presentations are on offer?

Duncan offers two types of presentations – both high engaging and both fantastic ways to generate leads to convert into sales.

Aisle style – Working at the edge of the trade show stand Duncan performs a rolling show throughout the day ensuring a steady stream of traffic to your stand as an attention grabber.

Booth style – This would be offering a full show on the hour every hour offering extra structure to the day.

Isn’t magic just a bit of fun for birthday parties and weddings?

Duncan has a background in sales and business and as such, has applied this professional approach to his magic. He takes his craft very seriously, as much as you take the lead generation of your business seriously. He delivers his magic as a product which screams excellence and quality. He builds into his magic your product, which no doubt you also want to scream excellence and quality.

His act is both entertaining and engaging and offers the opportunity for potential clients to see something memorable, professional, unique, and of an unparalleled standard.


You are a magician – what do you know about our business?

Before any trade show, Duncan speaks with clients, sales team, staff and directors to get an insight into the business. He will absorb your marketing material and build this into the performance. Into his act he will incorporate your key messages, unique selling points and other key information you want communicating.

So what about actual branding?

Duncan works closely with suppliers of magic tricks and props and can organise magic related giveaways branded or embossed with your company logo and name. Tricks such as 3 card Monte (with the playing cards embossed with your logo) wand with name on it other beautifully produced items such as a clear box (again with your logo on it) impossible to open unless you know the secret. Inside you can put your business card, another piece of memorabilia or simply some sweets. All are deigned to leave a lasting, memorable impression, complement the magician and can even be performed by Duncan William in his act and tailored to your company.

To discuss more about how Duncan can tailor his act to suit your company requirements or to book him as a trade show magician in Birmingham, London, Nottingham, or internationally please feel free to get in touch via his trade show magician contact form. Duncan can also offer you and your team a free demonstration, put forward some proposals and suggestions as to how he can build your brand or USP’s into his routine and discuss what would work best to generate the most amount of sales leads at your trade show.

Get in touch with Duncan no if you are interested in an online demonstration of some of his skills. There’s no commitment to book but is great to have a taster first hand.